Mandatory mask wearing has actually been a controversial subject for many months approximately the country. Part states have actually issued a scan mandate if others, like Tennessee, have actually refrained leaving it to separation, personal, instance municipalities come decide and also enforce. This can make it tricky for anyone traveling around the state to recognize whether they risk being arrested simply for crossing an invisible boundary line the holds citizen to various rules.

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The only thing that’s details is that the regulation isn’t clear for anyone traveling in or through Tennessee, make it tough to know if you’re breaking the law. Being charged v a misdemeanor might not seem like a huge deal to everyone however depending upon her employment, any type of arrest might mean a termination. It can be also worse for someone who has currently had a brush v the criminal righteousness system and risks a probation violation if that or she so lot as jay-walks.

Does Tennessee have a mask mandate?

The short version is the no, over there is no state-wide Covid-19 mask mandate because that Tennessee. that said, there are jurisdictions approximately the state where you can be arrested if caught with your mask down. As of November 18, 2020, the following counties execute require masks to it is in worn in publicly places:


One of the biggest questions has been whether these mandates are even enforceable, i beg your pardon is something a criminal defense attorney may have the ability to argue ~ above a case-by-case basis. While branch Lee walk not problem a mask mandate, he did concern an executive, management Order limiting windy gatherings come 10 people. Violation of an emergency executive Order is a course A misdemeanor.

What happens if ns charged v a misdemeanor?

For a class A misdemeanor, you can serve as much as 11 months and also 29 job and/or salary a fine of as much as $2,500.For a course B misdemeanor, you might be encountering up to 6 months in jail and/or a well of as much as $500.For a course C misdemeanor, you could be incarcerated for up to 30 job and/or fined as much as $50.00.

You may qualify because that an expungement

If girlfriend are just arrested for violation of a neighborhood mask mandate, or because that violating the Governor’s execute order related to gatherings, it deserve to still present up on her arrest record even if you’re no charged. If your case is disposed of, you may want come investigate even if it is you qualify because that an expungement come clean the slate for future background checks, particularly if you are a teenager who hasn’t yet gotten in the task market. Typically, the very first step in determining eligibility is based on whether your crime is thought about exempt. If does not appear on the exemption list, and you otherwise fulfill the criteria, you can apply.

Expungement is a legal process that enables an arrest to it is in erased native your record as if it never ever happened. That method educational institutions and also employers will certainly never have to learn around the arrest, which deserve to have a substantial influence on the path your future takes.

While you deserve to get specific expungements completed cost-free of charge, it’s come your advantage to have actually a criminal defense lawyer take treatment of it to ensure the is done properly and timely. Errors throughout the process can mean your document is never actually cleared, and that is not something you want to discover by being denied college join or an employed opportunity.

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Most legislation enforcement officers are not looking come arrest everyone for chaste mask violations; however, world who space frequently recorded breaking the legislation or that are creating a severe risk to rather may discover that’s specifically what happens. If you uncover yourself in trouble for gift on the wrong next of the county heat without a mask, we may have the ability to help. Speak to the aggressive criminal defense attorneys in ~ the law Offices that Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates at 615-977-9370 come schedule your totally free case evaluation today, or us invite you to reach out to us with our contact form. We have offices in Franklin, Columbia, and Brentwood because that the convenience of our clients across Tennessee.