So i znjke.comempted to upgrade from a share phone come a clever phone yesterday and It annoys me the the human being at the AT&T keep refuse to let you purchase one there is no signing up because that a Data Plan.The thing is, I work-related at one office v an net connection, and I spend many my time at residence where I also have an internet connection. I deserve to just affix to mine wireless net when ns wish come download apps and also games, i really do not need the capacity to examine my email throughout the 20 minute journey to and also from work.Please, anyone know how I deserve to possibly to convince AT&T to not pressure this unneeded setup on me so ns can lastly have a clever phone? give thanks to you!

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FuchikomaSorry come hear around your issue!Unfortunately, a smartphone calls for a data plan. This policy has actually been impact for a few years now and also every carrier has actually this in place.

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Using wifi is definitely a great way to conserve money on your plan.