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Diverticulitis is a problem that affects the cradle tract. The an infection of the diverticula. This are small pockets that construct in the lining the the intestine.

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Diverticula construct when weak point out in the intestinal wall give means under pressure, leading to sections come bulge out. The visibility of diverticula is referred to as diverticulosis. It’s once they end up being inflamed or infected the it is considered diverticulitis.

Diverticulosis is an ext common in larger adults. Around 58 percent of world over period 60 have actually diverticulosis, according to the nationwide Institute the Diabetes and also Digestive and Kidney diseases (NIDDK). Diverticulitis is not as common: much less than 5 percent of civilization with diverticulosis will construct diverticulitis.

Diverticulitis may cause health troubles or complications, including:

nauseafeversevere abdominal muscle painbloody bowel movementsan abscess, or an inflamed pocket of tissue
Foods to avoid with diverticulitis

Doctors supplied to introduce a low fiber, clear liquid diet throughout diverticulitis flare-ups.

However, some experts no longer believe that you need to avoid certain foods as soon as you have diverticulosis or diverticulitis.

That said, management of diverticulitis counts on the person. Some civilization may discover that avoiding certain food helps.

Some physicians still recommend a clear fluid diet throughout mild flare-ups. When symptoms improve, they might recommend relocating on come a low fiber diet until symptoms disappear, then structure up come a high fiber diet.

The following sections look at the study behind various foods you might want to prevent with diverticulosis or diverticulitis.

High FODMAP foods

Following a short FODMAP diet has actually benefits for some people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It might also assist some world with diverticulitis.

FODMAPs are species of carbohydrate. It means fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols.

Some researchers indicate that a short FODMAP diet might prevent high pressure in the colon, which, in theory, could help people protect against or exactly diverticulitis.

In this diet, human being avoid foods items that are high in FODMAPS. This includes foods such as:

certain fruits, such together apples, pears, and plumsdairy foods, such together milk, yogurt, and ice creamfermented foods, such together sauerkraut or kimchibeanslegumesfoods high in infectious diseases world fashion fatssoycabbageBrussels sproutsonions and garlic

You can uncover 15 recipe ideas, including low FODMAP meals, for world with diverticulitis here.

Red and also processed meat

According to a 2018 research study article, eat a diet high in red and processed meats can increase your risk of occurring diverticulitis. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, and also whole grains may decrease the risk.

Foods high in sugar and fat

The conventional Western diet is frequently high in fat and also sugar and also low in fiber. Because of this, the may rise a person’s danger of occurring diverticulitis.

A 2017 examine involving an ext than 46,000 masculine participants says that avoiding the adhering to foods may help prevent diverticulitis or alleviate its symptoms:

red meatrefined grainsfull fat dairyfried foodSummary

According to part research, preventing red meat and also foods high in FODMAPs, sugar, and fat can help prevent diverticulitis flare-ups.

The impact of fiber top top diverticulitis have the right to vary from human to person. In the past, doctors recommended that world with diverticulitis monitor a low fiber diet or a clear fluid diet. Today, part doctors have actually moved far from this advice.

Dietary fiber deserve to reduce the symptoms of diverticular disease and improve bowel function, according to research study from 2018. Researchers proclaimed this is due to the fact that fiber deserve to improve colon health by allowing better gut movement and also stool bulk.

Some studies imply that short fiber diet can even increase the danger of diverticulitis, along with high meat intake, short physical activity, and smoking.

High fiber foods items include:

beans and also legumes, such together navy beans, chickpeas, lentils, and also kidney beanswhole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, oats, amaranth, spelt, and bulgurvegetablesfruits

Explore high fiber recipes suitable for civilization with diverticulitis here.

While some researchers have connected a high fiber diet to a reduced risk that diverticulitis, this might not be advantageous for someone experiencing diverticulitis flare-ups.

Fiber adds mass to the stool and may boost colon contractions, which deserve to be painful throughout a flare-up. Your doctor can recommend avoiding fiber during an acute flare.

Each human is different. It’s always a good idea to consult a clinical professional prior to making huge diet changes.

When adding fiber to your diet, be certain to drink lot of of water to prevent constipation.


When you not having actually a diverticulitis flare-up, a high fiber diet have the right to reduce the threat of flares and aid keep the gut healthy.

In part cases, her doctor might suggest particular dietary changes to make diverticulitis easier to tolerate and less likely to worsen over time.

If you’re having an acute attack of diverticulitis, your doctor may imply either a low fiber diet or a clear liquid diet to help relieve your symptoms.

Once symptoms improve, they may recommend sticking with a low fiber diet until symptoms disappear, then building up come a high fiber diet to stop future flares.

Low fiber foods

Low fiber foodstuffs to think about eating if you have actually symptoms of diverticulitis include:

dry, short fiber cerealsprocessed fruits, such together applesauce or crate peachescooked animal proteins, such as fish, poultry, or eggsolive oil or various other oilsyellow squash, zucchini, or pumpkin without skin or seedscooked spinach, beets, carrots, or asparaguspotatoes through no skinfruit and also vegetable juices

Clear liquid diet

A clear liquid diet is a an ext restrictive strategy to relieving diverticulitis symptoms. Your doctor might prescribe it because that a short duration of time.

A clear fluid diet usually is composed of:

waterice chipssoup broth or stockgelatin, such as Jell-Otea or coffee without any creams, flavors, or sweetenersclear electrolyte drinks

Other dietary considerations

Whether you’re on a clear liquid diet or not, it’s valuable to drink lot of of water every day. This helps save you hydrated and also supports your gastrointestinal health.

Learn more about exactly how much water you should drink here.

Be sure to talk through your doctor prior to making any dramatic dietary changes.

If you’re adhering to a clear fluid diet, after ~ your condition improves, her doctor might recommend slowly adding low fiber foods back into her diet, structure up come a high fiber diet.


During a diverticulitis flare, a low fiber or clear fluid diet can assist ease symptom for part people.

Even though doctors may recommend preventing high fiber foods throughout a flare, the NIDDK recommends regularly consuming a high fiber diet to reduce the threat of acute diverticulitis.

Since fiber can soften your body’s rubbish material, softer stool passes with your intestines and colon much more quickly and easily.

This to reduce the press in her digestive system, i beg your pardon helps avoid the development of diverticula.

For civilization without diverticular issues, eating a diet that’s well-off in fiber helps promote a healthy digestive system.

According to a 2016 study, gut bacteria pat a function in diverticular disease. Though much more research is needed, future researches are most likely to support modulating gut bacteria with a high fiber diet and also probiotic supplementation.


Research says that eat a high fiber diet can aid prevent diverticulitis flares.

In general, if you have diverticulosis yet you’re not having an episode of diverticulitis, a diet high in fiber will aid prevent future flare-ups.

Depending on the severity of one acute diverticulitis flare-up, a diet low in fiber or a clear fluid diet may be useful to reduce symptoms.

If you have diverticulitis, talk with your doctor around your food needs and also food restrictions. It’s necessary to discuss how food might heal or aggravate her condition.

If girlfriend need added guidance, ask your physician to to express you come a dietitian. Look for out a healthcare expert who has actually experience functioning with people who have actually diverticulitis if you can.

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In addition, stay in interaction with her doctor about your condition. If diverticulitis may remain dormant for lengthy periods of time, save in mind the it’s a chronic condition.