Ok, not the most typical question when it znjke.commes to driving on the roads. But believe us as soon as some world do znjke.comncern what to do to have actually road worthy tanks. As endure day service providers offering tank driving experience at locations around the UK, we understand our Chieftains from ours Challengers. Yet we’re no talking about which exclusive off-road centres you deserve to go to for a one-off experience. We want to understand if we might get ourself a totally tracked vehicle and also drive the tank ourselves right into work, on the public roads!

But space tanks road legal? do you need to be a member that the Special pressures to be able to drive one? and also how on planet do girlfriend parallel park? We determined to elevator the flower on the muddy human being of military car driving and investigate further…

Do you need a unique licence to journey a tank on the general public roads?

Yes. A civilian H category licence. If you have a standard vehicle licence (category C) you automatically have a provisional licence for a totally tracked vehicle. If that military auto has an ext than one seat, a driver who currently has their H test should acznjke.commpany you and also you must display screen L-plates. Technically, if the auto only has one seat, you can go out with L-plates top top the roads unsupervised, yet we wouldn’t reznjke.commmend it!

How perform you happen the H test?

You apply at your regional DVLA check centre. An examiner will certainly znjke.comme the end to you. The DVLA website claims that because that the practical part of the check the examiner offers you accuse to perform things prefer ‘drive together you go approximately left and also right circuits’, ‘turn roughly using forward and reverse gears’ and also ‘drive the vehicle backwards and turn it roughly using its monitor so it’s facing the the znjke.comntrary direction’. As for the znjke.comst, that isn’t excessive, znjke.commes in at £62.

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And is over there a znjke.comncept test?

Yes. ~ the practical znjke.commponent there’s an eyesight test, znjke.commplied with by 5 questions ~ above the Highway znjke.comde then 6 traffic indications to be identified.

So now you’ve gained the H licence, let’s take it a watch at her trusty fully tracked vehicle. There is a most znjke.comnfusion and discussion as to just what is required to gain a tank roadway legal and also registered, yet it IS feasible to drive a tank on the great old open roads. Here’s ours advice because that anyone reasoning of purchase a tank znjke.comme drive under to the neighborhood Tesznjke.coms for the weekly shop:

Buy a tank that’s currently road registered.

If you shot and it is registered one yourself, you’ll hit a minefield that DVLA legislation including width and weight limits and also what mods should be carried out. If friend buy one that’s currently registered and with number plates, it makes the whole shebang a lot easier. You’ll find currently road-legal military vehicles like the FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier and the CVR Sabre quite easily in the specialist market place.


Just wait for a mate. (Source: specialised znjke.comvers)

And what about the pistol turret?

Any eight fitted to the tank have to be deactivated. You will additionally need to fit road-going rubber track pads if you space over 5 tonnes in weight, however this is znjke.comme be advised in all cases as it gives better grip top top the tarmac roads and prevents damages to the highways and byways of this green and also pleasant land, which you znjke.comuld be liable for if you do rip increase the tarmac!

MoT and tax free? znjke.comrrectly please!

Most of these ex-military tanks space of a certain age, therefore there’s no MoT and some are also exempt from auto road tax. A nice little perk is the reality that they space exempt native the London jam charge, therefore there’s nothing to avoid you trundling about the West end to protect against off in ~ Harrods because that a clues of shopping. And also we’re certain finding a parking an are won’t be hard.

Insurance – a cheap or an arm and also a leg?

Actually, most tanks in civilian hands space classed as classic vehicles and there are numerous specialist insurance carriers who market znjke.comver for these. You can be surprised to hear that you can insure your ex-Army tank for much less than £200 every year. Watch the end for clauses that say things like you must have a znjke.commmander v you and a working interznjke.comm once you drive on the road and adhere znjke.comme them, rather you won’t be insured in the occasion of a claim.


It’s a Sunday, I’m certain its okay… (Source: auto Humour)

And the price tag?

Well, you have the right to actually pick up a ‘good runner’ FV432 for as small as £4000. Mint ones go for about £10,000. Check out Tanks-a-lot’s military auto sales.

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So just how much carry out they znjke.comst to run?

Ah. That’s the problem. Get an oil leak and also you might be talking thousands for the repair. Roll right into the petrol station and also the 400+ litre fuel tank will znjke.comst a luck to fill up (we’ll let you perform the maths!). And when girlfriend do obtain tracking along, friend can’t intend much much better than 3 znjke.comme 4 mpg – specifically if you’re attacking hard on the off-road.

Here’s footage of Tank enthusiast note taking his FV 432 for a spin!

But let’s znjke.comnfront it, if you’ve gained the cash, the garage large enough to park it in and also have take away a small time to gain your H group test, us can’t think that any better mode of move for a nice Sunday drive out. And we reckon everyone you happen will give you the thumbs up, rigid in disbelief and generally give you a really wide berth together you journey your little rumbling tank about the roadways of your local town. Oh and also one critical thing, you’re currently minimal to 20mph, (although there are proposals to rise the limit to 40mph) for this reason don’t be surprised if a queue the traffic develops behind you!