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Narrator: What carry out you think of when you hear the word poison? Arsenic? Cyanide? How around water?

Life couldn"t exist without water. But in the best circumstance... Water can be as dangerous as any kind of poison.Here"s what happens once you drink too much water.

Your kidney filter out excess waste and water from her bloodstream. But they can only procedure 800-1,000 mL of water one hour. And also if friend somehow control to drink an ext than the without cram up, you deserve to run right into trouble. Since you"re drinking faster than your kidneys can procedure it. Therefore the excess end up in her cells.

Normally, your cells space surrounded by a carefully well balanced solution the sodium and also water, which flows in and out with tiny holes in the cellular membrane, so it keeps the salt concentration both in and out that the cabinet balanced.

But once you drink too much water, the sodium systems gets diluted. It"s no salty enough. So few of that extra water rushes right into the cell to regain balance and that reasons it to swell up.

Doctors call this water intoxication and also it"s a huge problem. Now, many of her cells can handle the ede to a degree because soft, flexible tissue choose fat and muscle have the right to stretch.

But because that the cell in your brain, it"s an additional story, because your skull isn"t stretchy.It"s bone. It"s difficult — like a rock.

So, together your mind swells, it build up the press in her head.

At first, you can experience headaches, confusion, or drowsiness.

But together the pressure increases, friend risk mind damage, coma, and even death. And also it can all be over in less than ten hours.

A 64-year-old woman, for example, died the exact same evening after drinking in between 30-40 glasses the water. And a group of US military trainees experienced vomiting and seizes after ~ downing over 2 liters per hour after a hard day that training.

But it"s marathon runners who need to be specifically careful. A study uncovered that 1 in 6 marathon runners construct at the very least mild water intoxication since the gyeongju stresses your body, including the kidneys. So, castle don"t excrete water as efficiently, which can reason water to ago up into the blood an ext easily.

People with specific kidney issues are also vulnerable due to the fact that they can"t properly procedure water and also the difficulty isn"t unique to water.

For example, the same thing can occur if you down too much beer in ~ once. That"s dubbed potomania.

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The an excellent news is the there"s one easy method to stay safe. The average healthy and balanced adultneeds somewhere about 3-4 liters that water a day. And since this deserve to come from food and other drink too, drink once you"re thirsty, and then stop.