Six Questions frequently Asked around Saguaros

Nothing says you’re in Arizona far better than those silhouettes the saguaros collection against a red sky at sunset. After ~ all, the national Park business says, saguaros mostly thrive in the Sonoran Desert. That way that virtually all the wild ones thrive in Arizona and some smaller locations of Mexico and also California.

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Often during the Rosie on the house broadcast we get questions from master who have actually saguaros in your yards or desire to tree a saguaro. Here are six things you might want to know around them as well:


1 | deserve to I dig up mine saguaro and also get rid the it?

Other execution of this question: deserve to I provide my saguaro to mine neighbor? carry out I need a allow to remove the saguaro from mine yard? can I offer my saguaro? I might use the cash!

You probably know that saguaros are native plants that have state protection. According to the Arizona room of Agriculture, you together a landowner have the right to ruin or remove any kind of plant on her land. However, with aboriginal saguaros, friend must inform the department first. You also have the right to market or offer away any kind of plant on your lot, however if you"re moving the cactus somewhere else, you will require a permit and also a tag; the price the both with each other is around $20. You don"t desire to forget the allow or girlfriend may become fined. If you"re hoping to offer a saguaro come a plant dealer, through the way, it requirements to it is in in nearly perfect condition.

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2 | What execute saguaros cost?

The smaller sized the saguaro, the less it will certainly cost. Yet generally, they walk for around $100 or more a foot if lock are simply spears and also are in fantastic condition. Saguaros through arms are much more costly.


3 | I want to add onto mine house; can I relocate a saguaro it is in the means to somewhere else in my yard?

If you’re just moving the saguaro top top your own lot, you might not require a permit and tag; however some Arizona cities, favor Scottsdale, also require a city allow to relocate the saguaro on her property.

4 |What room the opportunities that mine saguaro will endure if I move it? and what will it price to relocate it?

If you"re reasoning of moving a saguaro, girlfriend need experienced help. Asking a nursery that you to trust for the name of someone who can do the job. Plant relocation providers say they deserve to move saguaros even when they"re very huge –20 feet to 45 feet tall, for example, through a taproot that might be 4 feet long. Castle can even handle cacti through arms.

Keith Price, co-owner that Tree Relocators in Scottsdale says that the success price for large saguaros is generally 95 percent after they"re moved. With much shorter cacti, practically 100 percent survive, he says.

The expense ranges native $20 come $25 a foot for spears; cacti through arms price more. That moves around 500 cacti every year and has also moved a cactus for homeowners who marketed their house and wanted to take it the saguaro come their new location.

For larger saguaros, Keith provides a backhoe to assist excavate the cactus and also puts it onto a hydraulic ladder v a cradle lined through carpeting.

Aaron Mitschele of Mitschele"s Landscape architecture in Phoenix creates a box the end of timber to sanctuary the cactus after taking it indigenous a site. In some cases, he says the cacti are so huge that the truck relocating the saguaro needs a auto escort.

When the saguaro is replanted, it needs the very same orientation to the sunlight that it had actually in its front home. Over there is no a lot of watering that takes place prior to or afterward since a hefty cactus can topple end if the floor is too soft. Saguaros room temporarily propped up v 2 through 4s or 2 by 6s after ~ a move.

5 |If ns buy a really large saguaro that a man is selling out the a truck parked by the side of the road, will the saguaro survive?

Be super-cautious around buying a saguaro this way. If someone has removed a cactus native a website without using appropriate equipment, they can crack off the tap root in the process. You have the right to see if this has happened by inspecting the roots. You also do not desire to buy native someone who can’t present you the permit and also tag for the cactus.

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6 |What about that hole that a bird pecked right into my saguaro? now black junk is leaking out of the hole; will certainly the saguaro survive?

When birds peck into saguaros to create a nesting area, the cacti occasionally contract bacter necrosis, a vascular condition common in saguaros. Typical symptoms include black product that oozes the end of lesions or accumulation in bird holes. If you have actually the damaged area cleaned out and disinfected, occasionally the saguaro deserve to be saved. But if the disease travels through the main trunk that the saguaro, the cactus might die or start to shed arms. Have an skilled look at your infected saguaro to see if it can be treated or saved.


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