Xfinity stream is an online media streaming application which enables you come stream on-demand videos, top-rated movies and also TV series. The Xfinity present is accessible both together an application and as a website for much more than 20 devices including Android, iOS, MAC, Windows, Roku, Amazon devices and much more. This application is easily accessible on clever TVs as well. If you don’t own a clever TV, climate you can still currently Xfinity stream on TVs through HDMI port making use of Google Chromecast. Let us discuss how to Chromecast Xfinity Stream come TV in this post.

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Xfinity Stream and Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a device which allows users to cast media files from a an equipment to the TV. By making use of Google Chromecast, you deserve to turn your TV into a clever TV. You deserve to either actors contents native the maker or display screen mirror the maker to cast the whole screen. Xfinity stream is no a compatible Chromecast app and also hence, friend have screen mirror her phone or usage Chrome browser on desktop computer to clock Xfinity contents on her TV.

How to Chromecast Xfinity Stream to TV?

You deserve to use two techniques to actors Xfinity Stream come TV:

Screen mirroring AndroidCast making use of Chrome browser

How to Chromecast Xfinity Stream making use of Android Phone?

Basic RequirementsGoogle ChromecastAndroid SmartphoneWifi connectivityA TV through HDMI port

Before proceeding, connect Chromecast to the HDMI harbor of her TV and plug-in strength supply to the Chromecast. Inspect whether the Chromecast and your phone are linked to the exact same WiFi network.

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1: open up “Settings” on her Android phone.

2: click on “Connected Devices”.


The whole phone screen will appear on your TV.

7: currently open Xfinity Streams on your phone and also start streaming any video which will certainly get actors on the TV.

Latest Update: Live streaming videos from non-compatible chromecast apps room blocked from screen mirroring ~ above Chromecast. You can find part live streams not getting cast on Chromecast.

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How to cast using Chrome web browser on Desktop?

Basic RequirementsGoogle ChromecastA DesktopWifi connectivityA TV through HDMI portProcedure

1: open on the Chrome internet browser of your desktop.