You recognize there are gun legislations that manage which guns you deserve to own, how you can lug them, and also where you deserve to take them with open and concealed carry. However, walk you understand Florida’s law versus concealed tools can use to your knives? There space some situations in i beg your pardon you might be charged v a crime if you are carrying a large or certain form of knife.

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Florida’s Concealed bring Law

Under Florida statute 790.01, anyone who carries a hidden weapon without a license on his or her person commits a an initial degree misdemeanor. A covert weapon is carried on a person’s body in such a means as come be concealed from vision from other people and also includes:

Dirk, i m sorry is a type of short dagger,Metallic knuckles,Billie, i beg your pardon is any form of club,Tear gas gun,Chemical weapon, orAny various other deadly weapon, consisting of knives.

A an initial degree misdemeanor is punishable by as much as 1 year in jail and a $10,000 fine.

What Knives space Legal come Own?

Almost every knives are legal to own, even knives the are large or disguised as other items. This includes:

Pocket knife;Multi-tool through a knife;Balisong or “butterfly” knives;Belt knives;Cane knives;Bowie knifes;Throwing stars; andThrowing knives.

Illegal velvet in Florida

The only kind of knife that Florida regulates the sale and ownership that is ballistic knives. This is a form of knife that has actually a detachable blade that can be shoot a far-reaching distance when a trigger, lever, or move is activated. The is different from a pocket or flip knives since the blade deserve to become completely unattached indigenous the hilt or base. Under Florida law, it is illegal come manufacture, display, sell, own, or possess any kind of ballistic or self-propelled knife. Any person found with a ballistic knife will certainly be charged v a first degree misdemeanor.

Lawfully carrying Knifes

While virtually all knives space legal come own and also carry in the open, lock cannot every be brought as a covert weapon. Velvet for occupational like box cutters and also multi-tools deserve to be lugged in her pocket or clothing. Generally, if the knife has a blade shorter than 4 inches it will be fine. However, if girlfriend conceal lug a knife that is significantly huge or qualifies together a dirk, you may be charged v a crime.

Check your Municipal Code

Some counties in Florida control weapons choose knifes slightly in different ways from state law. If you room not certain of your rights, inspect your local municipal code.

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Contact a Kissimmee Criminal Defense Attorney for Help

If you have actually been arrested and also charged through carrying a covert weapon because of a knife, call the skilled criminal defense attorneys that Salazar & Kelly law Group, P.A. In ~ 407-483-0500. We recognize that Florida’s law concerning knives deserve to be vague and confusing. We will aid you confront these charges in court and prove your innocence.