Carnival Cruise Line's refund policies are dependent on the length of cruise, the type of fare you purchase, and also the time frame in which girlfriend make changes or cancellations to her booking.

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Cruises through special pricing have stricter refund policies, and when refunds are enabled on specials, they are typically in the form of Future Cruise Credits (FCC), no in monetary refunds.

Current refund plans for cruises cancelled by Carnival encompass an magnified option the adds onboard credit in exchange for selecting an FCC over a refund. And while that information is available online together cancellations happen, each guest should also receive straight communication regarding those options at the moment of the cancellation.

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COVID-19 particular refunds: Carnival has not finalized its policies relating come COVID-19, but the current ticket contract offers for opportunity of denial of boarding for any kind of guest who is not fit to travel and under those circumstances, no refund is given.

Pricing guarantees: Carnival uses a shortest price guarantee on cruise fares for the very first 48 hours after you make a booking. The 110 percent difference between the price you paid and also the lower price you discover is refunded come you in the kind of onboard credit.

When you cancel the cruise: complete refunds are issued because that cancellations do 76 or much more nights before sailing for quick cruises up to 5 days and 91 or more nights before the sail date on much longer sailings. Within those dates, cancellation fees will use according to the timeframes found below.

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When Carnival cancels the cruise: complete refunds space available, as are alternatives to accept future cruise credit with added onboard credit, based upon the length of cruise. Pre-purchased Wi-Fi and beverage packages room refunded in full to the method of payment used.