The cereal aisle is about to it is in miraculous once again, due to the fact that General Mills’ happy Charms is bringing ago its simply Magical Marshmallows, best Products can exclusively announce. If you’ve ever before wished you might have a key of grain filled with only the finest part, step best this way.

You may remember that general Mills released a crate of marshmallows-only grain in 2015. The brand brought it back in 2017 and also 2019. Then, in 2020, it unveiled a new bag of simply Magical Marshmallows. The bag is what’s coming ago this year, however, we have newly draft pouches to look front to.

Before we gain to the designs, let’s talk around the most crucial thing: The marshmallows. In every bag, you’ll uncover eight different shapes: Hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, blue moons, unicorns, rainbows, and red balloons. Friend won’t need to wait long to fill up your bowl, since the happy Charms just Magical Marshmallows will certainly be back on shelves in late August 2021. Every bag has a suggested retail price the $3.99 and also will be accessible for a minimal time, a PR rep confirmed.

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Now let’s obtain to those new designs! There are eight 4-ounce bags, every featuring a various one that the famed charms top top the front. General Mills likewise says they have magical powers. The heart Charm permits you to lug things come life, the Star Charm gives you the power to fly, the Horseshoe Charm gives you the power to speed up time, the Clover Charm bring the strength of good fortune, the Blue Moon Charm offers the power of invisibility, the Unicorn Charm gives you the power to teleport, the Rainbow Charm provides you the strength to add color to your world, and also the Red Balloon Charm provides you the strength to make things float.

We don’t know around you, however we’re plan on making use of the simply Magical Marshmallows cereal in more than simply our breakfast. Why not mix them into a cookie batter or check out what they would certainly taste prefer in a mug of warm chocolate? Your creative thinking is the just limit!


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