California and Arizona are bordering states. However there is a an excellent difference between them. Over there are differences in weather, climate, culture, and the expense of living. Arizona additionally offers countless outdoor activities, bars and clubs. Its urban are some of the best places to live in. Business cost, real estate cost, and also rent room all lower. Yes, there room pros & defect of living in both the states. However, in current years, a large section the the populace is relocating to Arizona indigenous the Pacific state. This is a moving to Arizona checklist for those who room thinking of moving to AZ.


Many CA residents have actually recently determined to relocate to one more state. However, interestingly, the as whole California population keeps growing. This is because, many of the new arrivals room from various other countries. In 2016, foreign migration brought around 332,000 civilization to the state. Follow to the U.S. Census bureau report because that 2017, 142,932 much more locals left California for an additional state. There has been a 11% outflow since 2015. Unfortunately, this number proceeds to grow. Where carry out all the human being go? The answer is simple: to the bordering states. The an initial state come relocate to is take away by Texas the is followed by Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and also Nevada. Arizona takes the silver medal for a popularity amongst people who escape indigenous the sunniest state. Census bureau reports that Arizona boosted the number of residents by end 107,000 in 2017, and its acquire is among the highest possible in the country. Also, the state take it the first prize because that inbound move in 2017 have attracted 60% of moving people. One more unbelievable statistics claims that end 30,000 world every year have moved indigenous California come Arizona because that the past 3 years. In 2017 only, this number has reached 64,756 people. What is likewise interesting, the biggest variety of Californians who relocated to Arizona in between 2007 and also 2017 to be aged in between 18 and 25.

Arizona vs California

Arizona California
GDP every Capita 51,061$ 79,315$
Unemployment Rate 8.0% 9.3%
Groceries 30.7% an ext in California
Transportation Costs 16.1% an ext in California
Housing A 1-bedroom apartment will cost 36.8% much more in CA
Childcare 74.4% higher in California
Clothing Costs 14% greater in CA

So, the rental price, expense of living, the monthly expenditure, every little thing will cost much more in California. The every capita GDP is considerably greater in the state, however the AZ citizens are still most likely to save more money each month since of the lower prices.

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Why carry out so many human being feel like relocating from California come Arizona? You will certainly be surprised to find out some of the benefits of together relocation.

1. Expense of living

California is 29.3% more expensive 보다 Arizona. If to to compare the average cost of life in Phoenix, Arizona, and also Los Angeles, California, you will find that CA is far more costlier 보다 AZ. California’s housing expense is 36.8% costlier. The rent price is also way higher. Groceries will expense 30.7% more, transport 16.1%, clothing 14%, and also childcare will certainly be costlier by 74.4%. So girlfriend can absolutely expect a lot much more monthly expense of living if friend live in California, which is one key reason why together a large population that CA is relocating to Arizona. Top top the various other hand, over there is just a little difference in the typical monthly income in between these two says – $4,757 because that Arizona and also $5,196 for California.

2. Taxes

Tax rates in both these claims differ greatly. Occupants of the seaside state have to pay virtually twice an ext of the state income tax. Arizona individual income tax rate is 4.54%, if Californians should pay 9.3%. State sale taxation is likewise lower in Arizona being 6.60% in comparison v 7.25% in California. The very same goes for building tax too: $1,043 vs $1,449.

3. Median residence price

The average home price in the capital city of Arizona Phoenix is $279,650. A residence of the exact same size in Los Angeles, California will cost $670,200. Over there is additionally a significant difference in the price every square meter if you want to buy an apartment. A square meter the the flat in the facility will cost you $2,145 in Phoenix and also $6,966 in LA.


4. A selection of the end activities

Arizona has a varied landscape. With great weather, you deserve to enjoy the state’s plains, deserts, canyons, mountains, and also the countless outdoor tasks there. The state is just one of the ideal places because that hiking in the US. There are countless other points to do. There is hill biking, rafting, off-riding, floating, hot-air ballooning, steed riding, and also even skydiving. There are plenty of golf courses in Phoenix together well.

5. Reduced insurance and also drivers patent cost

If you come in AZ with a driver"s license acquired in one more state, you should acquire the local document and attain a car registration for the vehicle. If you desire to obtain a brand-new driver"s license, it will not price you much. The many expensive one prices $25 and is offered to people aged in between 16 and also 39. The older friend are, the cheaper it will be - as much as $10. Car insurance is also much cheaper in Arizona than in California. The very same car and driver insurance allowance in CA costs $1,500 and in AZ - $475.

6. Great education

Public schools of Arizona are situated in 666 college districts. In comparison through the state neighbors, over there is the biggest variety of students - more than 1 million. In ~ the exact same time, parents spend below the the smallest amount of money top top their school kids as well - about $7,200. There are many continual schools, yet you can likewise send your kid to call magnet and charter schools. greater education is represented by 85 colleges and universities. The quality of higher education is ever before high. The is confirmed by the truth that Arizona took the 2nd place in the test scores on the ACT college entrance exam and number of bachelor’s levels in organic sciences and also engineering.


7. Tasty food

There is a colorful restaurant step in Arizona together well. That differs considerably from a traditional US one and also has a Spanish and Mexican influence. That does not like burritos, chimichangas, margaritas, and tacos? over there is a famous street food consisting of Sonoran warm dog, environment-friendly corn tamales, pico de gallo etc.

8. Non-congested roadways in metro area

Many urban in California have actually a major traffic problem. Relocation to Arizona will solve this problem. Take the state’s resources Phoenix, for example. You can reach the downtown in Phoenix from even the most distant parts that the city in one hour. And also that as well in the sirloin hour. That’s rather unbelievable because that a huge city. As soon as you to compare the pros & flaw of the website traffic condition, CA doesn’t was standing a chance. There space ample parking locations too in Phoenix.

9. Flourishing arts

Not just Phoenix is one art-and-culture environment of Arizona, in fact, yet arts are also highly occurred all approximately the whole state. There many yearly events organized and also a range of organizations, groups, and social centers functioning in this sphere.


Despite multiple services that indeed outweigh drawbacks, there room things to know prior to moving come Arizona neighborhood.

1. Unbearable summer heat and haboob

It is organic that occupants of California have acquired used to heat and also sunny weather, however it is no felt so lot as in Arizona. The absence of sea breeze and also heated desert ground do this warm really unbearable, if a consistent sunshine renders aging faster. The temperature in summer is around 111°F and sometimes it is feasible to feel exactly how asphalt melts under her feet. Apart from the heat, Arizona is likewise famous for its suddenly winds, rainstorms, and haboob (dust storm). Moreover, that is almost impossible to predict how the weather can readjust in number of minutes only.


2. Small cross-cultural event alternative

AZ is a multicultural state v the domination of the hispanic population. More than 30% of the local populace are Latinos and also Hispanics, so it influences all the spheres that life including society and traditions.

3. Wildlife

As a large area the the state is spanned with a desert in the south, mountains and also forests in the north, flora and also fauna are quite diverse. However, there space animals and also plants which friend wouldn’t prefer to fulfill face-to-face too. Be prepared to come throughout scorpions, rattlesnakes, tarantulas, gila monsters, centipedes, killer bees, and also different plants v thorns or spines.

4. The crime rate is comparable to the US median one

The crime price in Arizona is close to the typical crime rate about the state. In 2017, because that example, there were 100 burglaries, 9 rapes, 1 murder, 395 thefts, and also other crimes. Unfortunately, gun laws in the state are at the least restrictive level roughly the country, for this reason open carry weapon is not a surprised here.

5. Lack of water

Unfortunately, a an extremely hot climate and a lack of rivers make this state unsuitable for farming anything. Absence of water leads to the inability to take up gardening, as the biggest part of water is cleaned because that drinking.

Tips for moving to California from Arizona

Californians moving to Arizona constantly feel nervous about this experience. Changing your home, job, school deserve to be a challenge for every household member, particularly if you gain into one absolutely various culture. However, you deserve to minimize the stresses and make moving an effortless procedure if you follow several simple tips.

1. Move in summer to save money

You might wonder just how summer move deserve to save you money, as it is a optimal season in California. In fact, in AZ, things room absolutely various as summer is an off-season there. The reason for that is the unbearable warmth that may reach 120°F. Many civilization refuse even to leaving their residence in such weather, so neighborhood moving companies will be much less loaded v work and offer discounts. Winter is often an ext expensive time to move since of the come of seasonal workers.

2. Pick highways to acquire there

Arizona has actually an extensive variety of publicly transport, however if you arrangement to move from California, it will certainly be much more comfortable to travel by bus or car. Lightrail is a popular method of transport for commuting within the state, so friend will must drive the automobile along the highway. Interstate 8 starts in mountain Diego, CA and is connected with a highway referred to as Interstate 10 that connects Phoenix and Tucson. One more highway friend can select is interstate 40 the connects CA and new Mexico, but runs with Arizona.

3. Be mindful with parking

Despite the reality that there are many parking places approximately the state, parking rules are really strict. Constantly look in ~ signs and avoid parking ~ above days and also times with some restrictions. In another case, your expedition will start with a new fine.

4. Make a visit come the city or city you want to move to

Arizona is a rather varied state v a huge difference between north and south. Never select a city or city to live looking just at the revises the locals and also photos. The is very important to arrive in the city and feel the atmosphere. Just such a visit will help you to know if friend feel prefer at home here and it must be your final destination.

5. Uncover a trustworthy moving company

Of course, the is necessary to be skilled assistance to plan an federal government moving. Organizing every little thing yourself friend will have to overpay, together usually, full-service companies encompass several necessary services right into the perform for a fairly reasonable cost. Favor companies that specialization in state-to-state moving in between these states and also have currently gained trust and recognition of other clients.

6. Take only important things by sorting them the end in advance

Before you begin packing every the items because that a relocation, type them out carefully. You can have come pay for the distribution of points that will be certain useless in the new place of living. That is why a thorough analysis of the points will aid you to save on relocating as well.


Where to relocate to in Arizona

AZ is a large state with countless interesting places, so that is essential to select a city or town where you will feel prefer at home. The course, the decision is not easy, as you can discover many great things about Arizona and also its cities, yet still, there are some factors not to relocate to Arizona too. The is why you should look through the list of the very popular places to live in AZ and also their an easy features to make the only right choice.

1. Phoenix

With the population of 1.3 million people, Phoenix is crucial transportation, financial and communications hub. Being comparable to LA, there is a substantial metropolitan area and also the city economic climate is based upon services, tourism, and technology. It is a capital of manufacturing jobs and telecommunication industry.

2. Flagstaff

With the population over 70 thousand people, Flagstaff is recognized as “City of seven wonders” and famous for its proximity to the canyon. The key spheres local citizens are work in space tourism, government, transportation, and also education.

3. Prescott

The current populace of Prescot does not exceed 41 thousand people. The cost of life is Lower below in comparison v US typical one, but the city is located at the elevation of end 5,000. The most usual industries space a sleeve trade, wellness care, accommodation and also food services etc.

4. Tucson

Another big city in Arizona is Tucson together there are over 500 thousand civilization living there. The is a rather cheap place to live that is 12% lower than an average one roughly the US. The most renowned industries space aircraft building, copper mining, arts and also tourism, manufacturing, and also high-tech.

5. Scottsdale

Scottsdale is a home to nearly 250 thousand world today. This place is dubbed “The West"s most Western Town” and its economy is mostly based upon tourism - virtually 40% of populace work in this field. You can likewise find numerous high-technology firms and highly arisen aviation round there. Moreover, the city is well-known for its shops and art districts too.

6. Sedona

A small town of Sedona has end up being a house to over 10 thousand people. The 2nd name that the town is Red absent Country, maybe since of the quite high key level. The most developed industries here are construction, administrative and also waste management services, a retail trade and also manufacturing.

7. Yuma

With the population number of over 94 thousand people, the city offers a an ext affordable price of living the is 13% reduced than everywhere the US. The most renowned industries of the town are retail trade, healthcare, windy administration, and construction.

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relocating costs

If you have made a last decision that AZ is the destination where you would prefer to live in, that is time come forget about anxiety and find a reliable and trustworthy assistant. We would be happy come organize and also coordinate her relocation in ~ the skilled level to eliminate any kind of stresses associated with moving and make the process smooth and exciting.Being a long-distance and local moving firm we sell residential and commercial movers for a rather affordable cost.

From to Moving average Price, $
Sacramento Phoenix 6 000
San Francisco Phoenix 6 000
Los Angeles Phoenix 4 000
San Diego Phoenix 3 000

*Moving expenses for 1bdrm apartment. Includes: truck + gas, mileage, etc. 2 expert movers + tools. Blankets. Wardrobe Boxes. Assembly/Reassembly. Tax&Insurance.

useful resources for your relocation

Learn around Arizona government, advice on moving and find other beneficial links in ~ Information on count is accessible at Gain information on exactly how to change your existing driver’s patent or gain a new one at Discover what areas to visit in Arizona in ~ Read about Arizona cities at