The best way to recognize if your backyard is huge enough because that a swimming pool is to call a pool builder near you for an onsite evaluation. Countless of Thursday Pools’ independent dealers will carry out a complimentary evaluation and also estimate. 

When the pool builder arrives, it will certainly be useful if you have actually a copy of her surveyor report or plot setup available. This arrangement will display your lot specifications and also property lines, in addition to your house and any other structures, and it will certainly ensure you acquire the many accurate estimate. That said, right here are some common factors the may affect the size of the swimming swimming pool your yard can accommodate:

Property heat setbacks. Many states, counties and also cities have regulations outlining how close her swimming pool can be to your residential or commercial property line, particularly if your yard wraps approximately to the prior of her house. Septic system or secret utilities.

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front to selecting the size and depth of your pool, you’ll require to have actually your local utility providers come out and also mark the places of every septic systems and also underground utilities in your yard. It’s possible to uncover that your yard is large enough because that the pool you’re considering, yet the depth the the swimming pool won’t occupational with underground energy placements. If it is the case, friend might think about a uniform-depth pool. Public agency easements. It’s possible that you have easements top top your building from federal government agencies or windy utilities that you’re not aware of. If these easements have actually not been properly documented in her title, you may not discover out around them till you use for a permit to develop your pool. Potential windy easements include: storm drains, sewer mains and natural gas lines. Neighboring property easements. It’s possible that a neighboring property has an easement top top a part of her backyard, therefore you need to consult v your ar assessor to determine if your swimming pool size and placement would potentially be topic to easement issues. Zoning regulations and also lot coverage rules. Many cities, counties and also states have zoning ordinances that require a details percentage of her yard to be environment-friendly space. You’ll need to inspect with your regional zoning office because that the rule in your area. If you have actually one, her homeowner’s association may likewise have rules regarding lot coverage, so be sure to examine those out as well. Retaining walls, trees, and also other natural and also man-made structures. The position of trees and also existing fencing, and also the placing of her home, garage, outbuildings, and any retaining wall surfaces on her land may additionally factor into the size of the swimming pool you can get into your yard. 

Depending on whereby you live, you must be able to apply for variances to keep your pool project on track, and also your swimming pool project may only conference a few (or none) of this factors. We merely want come alert friend of potential worries upfront for this reason you have the right to be much better prepared and also avoid any type of surprise expenses down the line. Again, your pool builder is the experienced here. That or she will most likely have experience taking care of just around every potential obstacle over the years, and also will be able to aid you find work-arounds.

Here space a few great Thursday Pools fiberglass pool designs for tiny backyards: 

Sea Turtle



Pearl is a sweet little gem that a freeform swimming pool that’s perfect for soaking up part sun and cooling off. The 12” deep tan ledge accommodates 2 ledge loungers, and the wrap-around benches give you lots of places to relax and socialize. The swimming area provides enough room to splash around and also play. 

Wading Pool

If space is important limited, friend might be able to tuck a tiny wading pool into your backyard, and still reap all the benefits of the fiberglass pool lifestyle. Wading pools are great for tiny ones finding out to safely gain the water, and also they’ll still administer a great backdrop because that parties and also entertaining. 

It’s time to take it the plunge! which pool will certainly YOU choose? execute your research and also get the info you need to do an notified decision before you buy, and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of low-maintenance, fiberglass swimming pool enjoyment. 

About Thursday Pools 

All Thursday Pools fiberglass pools are developed to fulfill strict ISO 9001 criter for top quality of construction and also materials and ISO 14001 criter for ecological stewardship. Ours pools room backed by two industry-leading warranties and also are crafted through true passion and also teamwork.

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At Thursday Pools, we aspire to construct the finest fiberglass pools in the world and also to help each customer produce their dream backyard swimming pool oasis and build a life time of memories v their family and also friends. 

Thursday Pools fiberglass pools are easily accessible throughout the U.S., in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, southern Carolina, north Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Florida and Utah. 

Our one-piece, inground fiberglass swimming pool shell manufacturing facility is based the end of Fortville, Indiana.

Find out if there’s a Thursday Pools dealer close to you, and get a free estimate on a brand-new fiberglass swimming pool today. 

Groundbreaking Innovations 

We space the creators of the world’s an initial beach entry fiberglass pool. Ours innovations, commitment come quality, and beautiful designs set us personal from various other pool manufacturers. Watch our to exclude, designs for the elegant Beach Entry and the Sandal coast Entry, climate get top top the waitlist for the world’s first Sunken living Area Fiberglass Pool!