However, we’ve already wrote a detailed guide about traveling v hairsprays and hairdryers in carry on and also checked baggage. Yet still over there is a plethora out there and numerous new hair assets are coming and also will be launched almost every month, and so countless questions originates from passengers if they have the right to take your hair product kits inside confirm baggage.

According to TSA you are allowed to take containers much more than 3.4 oz(100ml) that hair assets inside your confirm baggage, but for bring on (if your product space liquids or gels) they need to adhere come TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule. And also to save your flight stress complimentary You can skip the TSA 3-1-1 rule by packing your Hair products and also liquids in general in your confirm baggage.

Here is a overview on how to travel and also pack your hair style commodities in your checked luggage in a smooth and also stress complimentary way.

CHI Infra The Essentials Kit v Infra Shampoo/ Amazon Courtesy

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