Tips to save your bundle of happiness fed and happy


When it concerns taking her baby top top a plane, her comfort is her priority. Maintaining that small tummy fed method a relaxed, peaceful flight for everyone. Friend might currently know that the TSA imposes rule on liquids you can take top top a plane, and also baby food have the right to seem come be no a liquid or a solid.

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Rest reassured, you can bring processed infant food in cans, jars and pouches onto a plane, and also your tiny one won"t walk hungry. Like baby formula, chest milk and also juice, baby food is an exception to the liquids rule.

TSA baby food guidelines

The TSA doesn"t thing to parental bringing a reasonable quantity of their baby"s favorite meals v them as soon as flying, offering they call the agent at defense screening. What"s a reasonable amount? around as lot as you expect your infant to eat during the flight. If you recognize you can"t buy your baby"s continuous food at her destination and you"d like to pack an ext than she have the right to finish during your journey, put the extra in your checked baggage.

When you arrive at the screening point, display your infant food pouches or jars come the TSA agent. Infant food obtain extra screening. The agent can want to open the containers or x-ray them to check the contents. If you don"t want your infant food to be checked or experiment in this way, tell the agent that will rather impose different screening. This deserve to include an ext thorough checks, including pat-downs.


Ice packs or frozen gelatin packs you"re making use of to keep homemade baby food cool have the right to turn slushy. If this happens, the package count as liquids and also receive the same extr screening.

How lot breast milk have the right to you carry on a plane?

Like formula and juice because that babies, expressed breast milk is permitted on planes. You have the right to pack a reasonable quantity, which is as much as her baby will need throughout the flight.

Is applesauce thought about a liquid by the TSA?

Though you can not be able to pour applesauce, the TSA quiet counts it together a liquid. Applesauce is a tasty snack for a young baby, and also you can take it v you on your trip as a infant food. The TSA"s liquids rule additionally covers gels and also aerosols. Because you can smear or spread applesauce, the does autumn under the liquids rule.

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Can friend take infant bottles ~ above a plane?

Packing empty infant bottles in her carry-on baggage isn"t a problem. Baby bottles complete of breast milk, formula or juice are also fine to take v you. Similar to baby food, take only as much as her baby requirements for the flight, and tell the TSA certified dealer at the protection screening. The agent might take the full bottles and screen castle separately.