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Cruise lines, no surprisingly, make revenue from you from selling drinks – and also with the expected note up. So a many newbie cruisers gain curious if lock can carry their very own alcohol onboard. The answer different by cruise line, but in most cases is both yes, and no.

If the cruise line enables alcohol, i m sorry in the instance of mainstream lines is mostly only wine or Champagne, over there will likely be limits and also rules – such together you need to existing your permitted bottles in your carry-on bags together you plank ship. This can reason some confusion if you are flying come a port. Prior to you board, friend will should remove your bottles from your confirm baggage (based ~ above TSA accuse for transporting liquids, airlines call for bottles it is in in confirm luggage) and also transfer the booze to your carry-on to get through delivery security.

Once on the ship, you may be fee a corkage fee, especially if you consume your from-home beverage in a dining room or various other public area. Yes, girlfriend paid for your party of wine but you will certainly pay again, corkage fees generally running $10 come $25.

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On deluxe ships, friend may have the ability to bring as plenty of bottles of booze together you like, and also replenish her supplies, too, at the ports of call. Don’t miss out on buying Bordeaux in Bordeaux!

The booze-bringing rules use to period 21 and up, generally. The bottles have to be unopened and also sealed.

If you have actually the idea the it would certainly be basic to sneak your own alcohol onboard a delivery – in a flask, mouthwash bottle, water party or various other container – you would be wrong. Cruise lines recognize the tricks. If you gain caught, the container will be take away away and discarded.

Any extra party you fess up to, on the other hand, will certainly be stored for you and returned in ~ the finish of her sailing. The very same goes for anything potable purchased in the ship’s duty-free shop (you will obtain your party at the finish of the cruise).

With all that in mind, right here is a line-by-line outline of cruise line plans for bringing alcohol onboard ships.


You can lug your own liquor, beer or wine for consumption in your Azamara suite or stateroom in ~ no charge. If you want to drink your very own bottle in a dining meet or bar there’s a $10 corkage fee. The very same rule applies for alcohol purchase in ports. If friend buy a party at the duty-free shop it will certainly be stored until the end of your cruise.

Carnival Cruise Line

(Photo through Rhona Wise/AFP/Getty Images)

At embarkation on Carnival Cruise line ships, each adult guest (age 21 and also up) may carry onboard one 750ml party of wine or Champagne (sealed and also unopened) per person packed in their carry-on luggage, to present at defense screening. There is a corkage fees of $15 if you drink her bottle exterior of your cabin. The rum you purchased in port will certainly be preserved for you till the critical night of your cruise, exact same with any type of duty-free purchase – you collect your purchases in a designated lounge.

Celebrity Cruises

You can lug onboard 2 bottles of wine or Champagne (maximum 750ml) at embarkation, per stateroom, ~ above Celebrity Cruises ships. No beer or spirits allowed. There is a corkage fee of $25 in restaurants or bars. Something you purchase at port or at the duty-free shop is organized until the last day of your sailing.

Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises doesn’t allow you to bring alcohol ~ above board. Bottles purchased ashore or at the duty-free shop will be hosted until the end of the cruise.

Crystal Cruises

Adults are permitted to lug wine and liquor for onboard consumption and also purchase additional bottles at ports, without limitation. There is no corkage fee. You have the right to consume the alcohol in her stateroom or windy areas. Duty-free purchase are dispersed at the end of the cruise.

Cunard Line

The carry-on allowance is one party of wine or champagne every adult. No beer or liquor. Over there is a $20 corkage dues if friend drink your wine or champagne in a dining venue. Any alcohol purchased at ports is organized in the ship’s duty-free and returned the critical night of the cruise.

Disney Cruise Line

You are allowed to bring beer ~ above Disney and also wine or champagne top top embarkation day. The border is two bottles of wine or champagne (up come 750ml) or 6 beers (up to 12 ounces each) in your carry-on, every adult. The alcohol can not be spend in any type of lounge or other public area but you can lug your party to the dining rooms, through a $25 corkage fee charged. Any type of excess amounts you try to lug on and port purchases will certainly be stored until the end of the cruise,

Holland America Line

(Photo by Ivan Pisarenko/AFP/Getty Images)

Holland America Line enables each adult (age 21 and also up) to bring one bottle of alcohol or champagne in their carry-on, with no corkage fees if you consume the party in her stateroom (there is one $18 dues if consumed in a restaurant or other public area). Girlfriend may also bring extr bottles, but these come with an $18 corkage fees (even if her drink lock in her cabin). No beer, liquor or boxed wine is allowed. The line says specifically on its website, “Holland America heat reserves the appropriate to remove all alcoholic beverages from any guest luggage that violates this policy.” you can bring wine onboard native ports, but any kind of other liquor purchases will be maintained until the end of the cruise.

MSC Cruises

No alcohol is permitted to be carried onboard in ~ embarkation and also anything to buy in port or in ~ the duty-free shop will certainly be held until the finish of the cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line

You may carry a party of wine of champagne onboard, consisting of magnum size, and there is no border on the number of bottles. Corkage fees are based upon size, and range from $15 come $30, and also apply only when your bottles space consumed external of your stateroom. No liquor or beer or boxed wine is allowed to be spend onboard (these bottles in addition to duty-free purchases will be held until the final night of the cruise).

Oceania Cruises

You may bring onboard increase to 6 bottles of wine or champagne per stateroom (60 bottles for human being cruises). Over there is a corkage dues of $25 per bottle if friend consume her bottles in windy areas. Beer or liquor brought onboard or purchase in port will certainly be hosted until the end of the cruise, and the same uses to purchases past the permitted six bottles.

Princess Cruises

You might not bring onboard beer or liquor, yet each adult passenger is allowed one bottle of alcohol or champagne (750ml) the is not subject to a corkage fee if spend in her cabin ($15 if in a restaurant or lounge). Extr bottles may be carried onboard but are topic to a $15 corkage fee no matter where they are consumed. Port purchases are organized in the duty-free shop till the finish of the cruise.

Regent 7 Seas Cruises

Adults are enabled to lug on alcohol there is no restrictions. There room no corkage fees.

Royal Caribbean

(Photo courtesy of imperial Caribbean)

Guests are enabled to bring, in carry-on, a maximum of 2 bottles (750ml) of alcohol or champagne per cabin. You space not allowed to carry your very own beer or liquor. There is a $25 corkage fees if friend consume your party in a dining room. If you explain you have added bottles or make purchases in port or in ~ duty-free shops theses will be stored till the end of the cruise. Royal Caribbean has actually strict rules about people violating the line’s policy or trying come sneak booze onboard – including possible denied boarding.


You are totally free to lug spirits, wine and champagne onboard. There room no corkage fees or limits.

Silversea Cruises

You are allowed to bring onboard wine and liquor for your personal consumption, both ~ above embarkation day and also at harbor of call. No limits. No corkage fees.


There is no border or corkage fees and also you are enabled to lug champagne, beer or liquor onboard.

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Windstar Cruises

No beer or liquor is allowed to be carried onboard. Girlfriend may carry up to two bottles of wine or champagne (750ml) ~ above embarkation job (three party if your sailing is for more than a week) and also when purchased in ~ a harbor of call. Over there is a $15 corkage fees if consumed outside your cabin. Alcohol purchase in ports it s okay stored until the finish of the cruise.