There room a several methods you deserve to block undesirable calls and control i m sorry calls make it through to her house. These methods can assist you fend off telemarketers, robocalls, and other civilization whose phone call you execute not want to receive:

Here space some tools supplies to limit undesirable phone calls and also solicitations, including "robocalls" or computerized telemarketing calls and scams. Some calling attributes can it is in activated and managed by phone call the update Center. You have the right to press *78 or contact 888-(your area code)-8052 (except in locations noted below). 


In Minnesota,
 calling from area password 763 or 952: call 888-612-8052In Iowa, calling native area code 641: call 888-515-8052In Arizona, calling from area code 928: call 888-520-8052In Oregon, calling indigenous area password 971: call 888-503-8052In Oregon, calling from area code 458: call 888-541-8052

Note: The first time you call the update Center, you"re asked for a defense code. Girlfriend can enter the temporary security code 1-2-3-4. Then, follow the taped instructions to collection up her own an individual code.

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You have the right to use the same security code to regulate many the the calling features on her account. Simply be sure to psychic your an individual security code.

The No Solicitation feature blocks calls and functions like a screening service. One automatic article asks solicitors to cave up and tells consistent callers to press 1 to finish the call. This attribute relies top top the honesty of the phone call party, trusting that they will hang up if they"re trying to solicit her business. But in fact, anyone deserve to press 1 and also be associated through to your home phone. If you"re trying come block a harassing caller, this attribute is i can not qualify to it is in effective. That is most effective for solicitation calls.

You can collection up a privileged caller list the will permit callers you select to bypass the No Solicitation greeting. There are three methods to set privileged callers:

MethodExampleWhat happens
By area code303-000-0000Incoming calls native the area code you"ve selected won"t hear the No Solicitation message.
By area code and prefix303-555-0000Incoming calls through the area code and prefix you"ve selected won"t listen the No Solicitation message.
By 10-digit number303-555-0102Incoming calls indigenous the particular number(s) you"ve selected won"t hear the No Solicitation message. (You have the right to have up to 25 number on your list.)

Security Screen also blocks calls and works choose a screening service by requiring that callers one of two people share their phone number or it is in disconnected. Human being calling from blocked, unidentified, toll-free and also long-distance number hear a message saying the you perform not accept unidentified calls. They space then offered the alternative to enter their 10-digit phone call number or cave up.

For much more information and further instructions, girlfriend can download the Security display user guide.

Caller ID with the Privacy+ function intercepts calls the don"t show Caller ID information. Callers have the right to record your names, then you decision which calls to expropriate or reject. You should an alert a palliation in the variety of calls girlfriend receive, because most telemarketers will hang up there is no recording a name. 

For much more information and also instructions on utilizing this feature, girlfriend can download the Caller ID through Privacy+ user guide.

With contact Curfew, you can block ALL incoming and also outgoing calls. Contact Curfew is preset to block calls native 10 p.m. To 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 p.m. To 7 a.m. Friday and Saturday. You likewise have the alternative to set your own hours. The just calls that get through during those hours are calls friend authorize, and calls to 911.

Call Curfew is no designed to block specific numbers, but since it blocks all incoming calls it deserve to still be helpful if you"re receiving unwanted calls throughout a specific time that day.

Contact us to include this function to your account. To manage this feature, dial *78 from the line it"s set up on. Note that this function requires a six-digit accessibility code when you call the update Center, fairly than a four-digit code. The initial password is 1-2-3-4-5-6. Download the contact Curfew user guide.

Dial Lock permits you come block certain varieties of outgoing calls such as long distance, local, toll free, operator assisted, magazine assistance and 900 numbers.

Contact us to add this feature to your account. To manage this feature, dial *78 from the line it"s installed on. Download the Dial Lock user guide.

Use Anonymous speak to Rejection come block unwanted calls indigenous anonymous and also private numbers. For instance, if a sales human calls you from a blocked number, lock hear: 

"The party you room calling does no accept clogged calls. If you room calling indigenous a clogged number, you re welcome hang up, choose up the receiver, push *87 and also redial the call number. When you execute this, your name and number will appear for this speak to only."

In numerous areas, Anonymous call Rejection comes with Caller ID. In some areas, you have to order it separately. One of two people way, once it"s very first installed, it"s turned off, for this reason you should turn it on. Carry out this by pressing *77 on your phone. You"ll hear two beeps once it"s on.

This calling function only stops anonymous and private calls. Other varieties of phone call that lack the information needed because that Caller ID, such as out the area, unavailable, unknown, or not provided, can not be blocked v this feature. 

Use call Rejection or enhanced Call Rejection come block details phone numbers from reaching you. To carry out this, go into a perform of phone numbers the you want to reject. Then anyone calling from a number on your list will not be able to get through.

How does call Rejection help you block undesirable phone calls?

To block calls, produce a "rejection list" and include the phone number you want to the list. Numbers on your call rejection list room not able to speak to your home.When an undesirable caller tries to with you, he/she hears a pre-recorded message saying you"re not accepting calls.This feature works with most numbers.


The contact Rejection attribute has to be ordered and added to her account. Once it"s an initial installed, it"s turned off; turn it on through pressing *60. To revolve it off, press *80.

This attribute lets you block up come 10 undesirable phone numbers. If you want to block additional numbers (up come 25), intensified Call denial is accessible in part areas.

If friend don"t understand a caller"s number, you deserve to activate speak to Rejection instantly after you acquire a speak to from that person. To perform this, hang up, then choose up the receiver and also press *60 and monitor the recorded instructions.

Do not Disturb is very comparable to call Curfew. That blocks every incoming calls indigenous 10 p.m. Come 6 a.m. 7 days a week. You have the right to customize the hours it"s energetic and also add numbers the you carry out want to permit through. 

Do no Disturb is not designed to block details numbers, but due to the fact that it blocks every incoming calls, it have the right to still be helpful if you"re receiving undesirable calls during a certain time the the day.

Contact us to add this attribute to your account. To manage this feature, dial *78 from the line it"s installed on. Download the do Not annoy user guide. partners with Nomorobo for Digital residence Phone customers. This 3rd party application blocks robocalls for VoIP (Voice over net Protocol) numbers and also mobile phones. 

Digital residence Phone client only, follow this steps:

Choose the “landlines” alternatives where it says “sign increase now!” top top the following screen, choose “internet landline” and also then one of two people input her phone number or pick Digital residence Phone from the transport list.You will get an email from Nomorobo with instructions to complete the setup.


More information around robocalls is available on the USTelecom website. Friend can also visit the FCC web page for stopping unwanted calls, texts, and also faxes.

The National perform Not call Registry (often described as the "Do no Call" list) is regulated by the Federal trade Commission and gives civilization a means to stop unwanted calls from phone solicitors and also telemarketers.


If you would like to block undesirable calls to your residence or cabinet phone, you can include your number(s) come the execute Not speak to list. It"s a complimentary service, and once your number has actually been top top the perform for 31 days, telemarketers must stop phone call you. If lock don"t, friend can file a complaint. 


The federal government recognizes the some service calls room legitimate, so also if her number is ~ above the list, you might occasionally tho receive calls you don"t want. Because that example, friend may acquire calls from politics organizations, charities and also telephone surveyors.


You may additionally receive phone call from providers that you"ve to buy from in ~ the last 18 months, or from service providers you"ve provided written permission to contact you. Be mindful to review the fine print whenever you authorize an agreement, together you might be providing that reality permission to contact you.


Did you know? If friend ask a agency to ar your phone number ~ above its inner do-not-call list, they must honor her request. It"s constantly a great idea to save a document of the day you do the request, simply in instance they fail to monitor through and you require to record a complaint.

You can also block robocalls with the V5000 contact Blocker, a machine that provides it easy to watch the last 20 callers and block any kind of call on the spot. The comes pre-programmed with 5000 numbers the have currently been established as nuisance callers, and you have the right to block as much as 1,500 extr numbers. You have the right to order a V5000 top top the equipment Marketplace.

Limiting where and how your telephone number is published deserve to make a difference. There room several methods for friend to control just how your name and also number space shared. You deserve to see more details around these alternatives on our page around directory listing options.


Non-listed (semi-private) listing: Your name and phone number aren"t contained in the published telephone directory, but are available through directory Assistance.  Non-published (private) listing: Your name, attend to and phone call number don"t appear in the printed telephone brochure and are not available through directory Assistance. have actually your surname removed, at no charge, from lists that we may administer to other companies for marketing purposes. Non-listed and non-published numbers are automatically excluded from this lists.

Telephone harassment is a crime. If you get threatening or obscene call calls, friend can trace who"s phone call you. If girlfriend feel endangered or the your security is at risk, contact your neighborhood police.

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Call map is accessible in many areas, and also is currently installed on her line. Girlfriend don"t need to order the or have actually it installed, and also you will just be charged if girlfriend successfully complete a trace. 

After three effective traces, call the Annoyance call Bureau in ~ 800-582-0655 for aid stopping the unwanted calls.

If you have actually questions or would favor to add calling functions to her account, contact us. We"re here to help!