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Twin brothers recently visited our farm yard to look in ~ a horse; your stop-over influenced my grandson to questioning if horses have the right to have twins or triplets. I’ve never owned a broodmare that yielded multiple foals, for this reason I chose to research the topic.

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Horses deserve to have twins, yet it’s rare, and typically one or both space lost during pregnancy. There room instances of horses conceiving and delivering triplets, but live births space extraordinarily uncommon, about 1 in every 300,000 births.

Horse breeders desire their mare to have actually healthy foals, and also the more, the better. Yet learning your mare is in foal to twins or triplets isn’t generally well received.

Healthy twins space rare in horses.

A mare conceiving pair isn’t exceedingly rare, however, delivering healthy and balanced twin foals is.Approximately 1 in 10,000 steed births space twins,compared to 3 in every 100 for humans.

There are numerous reasons because that the scarcity of steed twins. First and foremost is that the mare commonly miscarries one of two people one or both babies within the very first six mainly of pregnancy.


Spontaneous abortions and reabsorptions occur due to the fact that there isn’t room for both foals, and also they don’t get enough nutrition. An horse embryo needs space to position itself come gain valuable oxygen and nutrients, and two embryos just don’t have sufficient room.

The embryos room in a mare’s uterus, and they move around between the uterine horns. Over there is limited space in the uterus horns for both embryos. Due to the fact that of the poor area, one or both that the babies in the placenta die from starvation.

If the embryo passes in ~ the first six weeks of pregnancy, voluntarily resorption is likely. Embryos that survive previous this point are still very likely to be lost before birth. Late-term miscarriages space dangerous because that the mother and also can leaving her barren.

Successfully born twins typically survived by traveling to a safe area in the womb to develop, however they still completed with their siblings because that nutrition. Scarce nutrients space a primary reason pair foals are born smaller sized than solitary foals.

Horse owner typically examine their mares quickly after breeding to confirm conception and also find out if they space carrying lot of babies. They perform this so they deserve to terminate among the embryos before it gets too huge and damages either the mare or that twin.

There space high dangers in delivering twins.

When a mare does deliver twins, foaling troubles often occur, and she is at hazard of death. Ideally, the foals come the end one after ~ the other, yet that’s not always the case.

sometimes both foals try to leave the womb simultaneously, as you have the right to imagine, this creates severe problems. ~ the shipment of twins, plenty of maresretain your placenta,which is a serious condition and also can it is in fatal.

So, not just are the foals at risk, but the mother is together well. Another issue is the pair are typically born unhealthy and smaller than single birthed foals.


Then the concern of parenting arises; if you don’t have actually a nurse mare to put one of the foals on, you might need to supplement the babies. This isn’t generally a big problem, however it is an issue to consider.

In the finest scenario, the twins are born healthy, and also the mare lives, yet she will have a lengthy recovery and need a break before breeding for the following season.

An ultrasound is supplied to detect twins.

Mobile Ultrasound Devices

Most equine owners have actually their veterinarian inspect their pregnant mare about two weeks after breeding and also again after ~ one month. The check is not only to confirm conception but likewise to finding twins.

Don’t wait as well long prior to having her mare examined; pair are much harder come verify after ~ 60 days. A mobile ultrasound is component of most equine veterinarians’ equipment.

It is small affordable, and also easily portable. And because the the developments to cell phone ultrasounds, castle have almost a 100 percent detection rate.

It’s vital to discover out if your mare is delivering twins as soon as possible. If twins are detected in ~ the very first two to 3 weeks, one can be aborted to offer the other embryo a chance to be carried to ax normally.

Most twins not aborted are born premature, typically between five and also seven months, and neither fetus typically survives. However, some horses buck the trend.

Interesting twins: Mr. Ping and also Mr. Pong space Thoroughbred twins the thrived. Lock not only were born healthy but beat the odds even further and also made it come the racetrack.

They weren’t successful on the track, however to be solid enough to contend is a wonderful story. The pair to be retired to the polo areas where pair brothers journey them.

Horses can have triplets.

In 1986 a buckskin mare in California provided birth come triplets, two fillies, and one colt. It seems the bear took location naturally in a field, and also the family members was quickly ushered to UC Davis institution of medicine.

The family members was doing good upon the last report. The foals weighed in between 35 and also 28 pounds at birth, i m sorry is small but no terribly so. A typical foal weighs around 50 pounds.

The opportunities of a mare transferring triplets are 1-300,000,even having three embryos is exceptionally rare. Some approximates are that one out of 75-80 horse has actually two eggs fertile during its pregnancy, having actually three fertile eggs throughout a solitary gestation duration is for this reason rare i couldn’t uncover a figure.

Some steed breeds are an ext likely to have twins.

Certain steed breeds ovulate more than other breeds, which in turn results in an ext twin pregnancies. Three varieties that have actually the highest chances that twinning are Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, and Warmbloods.

These horse breeds tend to have actually multiple ovulation, causing the fertilization of more than one egg. As soon as this happens, the mare tote twins.

In some of these breeds, twinning occurs in thirty percent of their pregnancies are twins. This rate is particularly high when compared to many other horses.

Besides the type of horse, other factors result in lot of ovulations, such as whether the mare is lactating. Mares not nursing a foal at the time of reproduction has a higher likelihood of double ovulating.

Horses that have lugged twins in the previous are also more prone to have actually multiple ovulations.

How countless foals deserve to a horse have?

Mares are productive at around two years old have the right to reproduce right into their so late twenties. Your gestation duration is eleven months, however they require a pair of month after delivery between breedings.

You have the right to expect a mare to produce a foal around every eighteen months. But in many cases, a broodmare has its an initial baby as a five-year-old and also continues to supply foals until she will 23 years old.

Mares room at their peak fertility at about six year old. When they reach fifteen years old, your fertility begins to decline, and also they space more daunting to gain in foal and also are an ext likely to shed their baby.

After a mare will twenty-three, I take into consideration her to be done as a broodmare. It’s not impossible for many to continue to conceive, and it’s just that the threats to the horse and foal are too far-ranging to proceed breeding.

If every goes well and she has actually standard breaks, you have the right to expect she to have actually 13 foals over her lifetime. Many registered breeds use January 1 as the date of birth for every foals born throughout the year.

As friend know, mares can deliver a foal approximately every eighteen months, which way each proceeding foal is born later in the year. A breeder wants their foals born in the spring, for this reason they regularly give a mare a break once her foaling duration approaches summer.

The mare likely needs a break anyway. If a broodmare is as necessary taken care of, she will continue to be healthy and have no adverse effects from having plenty of foals over she lifetime.

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I suppose a mare to have actually her critical foal around 23 years old; ~ this age, horses’ fertility levels are low, and also risks space high.