Image caption, Hillary Clinton is fostering a publication she co-wrote with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton (left)
Hillary Clinton has said she is "under substantial pressure" to an obstacle US chairman Donald trump in next year's White house election.

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The former autonomous presidential nominee refuse to dominion it out, informing the "Never to speak never."

Mrs Clinton, 72, claimed she think "all the time" around what sort of president she would have actually been if she had beaten mr Trump in 2016.

Speaking come Radio 5 Live's Emma Barnett if in the UK top top a book tour, granny Clinton to be asked whether she would run again.

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The former secretary the state, brand-new York senator and US an initial lady replied: "I think every the time around what sort of president ns would have been and also what ns would have actually done differently and also what i think that would have meant to our country and also the world.

"So that course i think around it, ns think around it all the time. Being able to execute that, and also look, anyone wins following time is walk to have actually a big task trying to fix everything that's been broken."

Pressed on even if it is she would throw her hat right into the ring in ~ the last minute, granny Clinton said: "I, together I say, never, never, never ever say never.

"I will certainly tell you, I'm under substantial pressure from many, many, many human being to think about it.