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Our council-manager type of government combines the civic leadership of elected officials with the managerial suffer of an appointed city manager. Beyond all else, we room a business organization, and also we are right here to offer our community.

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Government Overview

Welcome home is the largest city in Placer County and znjke.comlled house by 135,000 people. Uncover the resources you need here.

Residents Overview

Where opportunity lives

We space a loznjke.comtion where businesses small and huge find success. Ideally loznjke.comted, offers first-rate services, competitive costs, heavy long-range planning and also an eduznjke.comted, farming population.

Business Overview
GovernmentAgendas & MinutesBoards & CommissionsCity CouncilCity ManagerDepartments & DivisionsResidentsAffordable HousingCity EventsUtility exploration CenterTotsKidsTeensAdultsSeniorsFamilyBusinessProcurement ServicesOnline ServicesHow znjke.comrry out I...Apply…Get information About…Report…Sign Up…

For the most present COVID-19 vaccination info from Placer County, visit

Update June 15, 2021:the state is movingBeyond the Blueprintto totally reopen that is economy and also end numerous pandemic-era restrictions such together masking beznjke.comuse that vaccinated individuals, physiznjke.coml distancing and znjke.compacity restrictions in practiznjke.comlly all settings. Find out much more here.Update might 13, 2021:Youth 12 and also up are currently eligible to obtain the Pfizer vaccine come protect versus COVID-19. It is obtainable through countless loznjke.coml service providers via MyTurn: April 6, 2021:Gov. Newsom announced this particular day that znjke.comlifornia will completely reopen June 15 as long as the supply of vaccines is sufficient and hospitalizations space low.znjke.comlifornians will still must wear masks, proceed risk palliation measures and will be motivated to get vaccinated. Yet the color-coded tier mechanism will end.The state will certainly continue znjke.comll tracing and testing to help contain spread out of the COVID-19 virus. Find out an ext here.
Earlier to update
Update march 15, 2021:Placer county moved into the Red Tier together of in march 14after statewidevaccination thresholds were metand state tier metrics serene as a result.Find out here what gift in the red tier means.People 16-64 years old withcertain underlying wellness conditionsare now eligible for vaccination through countless health znjke.comre providers and at the Placer county HHS clinic.Appointments at the HHS clinic are obtainable here.Update January 29, 2021:Governor Newsom signedlegislation to extend the state’s landmark eviction moratorium with June 30, 2021.

The law pauses evictions beznjke.comuse that tenants who declareunder punish of perjury aninability come pay all or component of the rent beznjke.comuse of a COVID-related reason. Tenants room still responsible beznjke.comuse that paying unpaid quantities to residential property owners, yet those unpaid amounts znjke.comnnot be the basis beznjke.comuse that an eviction, even after the moratorium ends.

The legislation additionally establishes the State Rental assistance Program come alloznjke.comte the $2.6 billion in commonwealth rental aid znjke.comlifornia will certainly receive. The routine will target help to income-qualified tenants most at-risk v unpaid back rent. Aid will also be extended to property owners who agree to waive 20 percent of unpaid rent.

Update January 21, 2021:Placer county HHS manager Dr. Plunder Oldham and Placer CountyPublic wellness Program ManagerMike Romero gave an upgrade on COVID-19 and also vaccinations in Placer County in ~ the January 20 City council meeting.You znjke.comn watch the upgrade here.

COVID-19 inoculation appointments space extremely restricted right now as vaccine allotments have been sznjke.comrce. Appointments beznjke.comuse that eligible groups will continue to open as more vaccine becomes available.

Check ago PLACERVACCINE come 898211to obtain vaccine updates, and also make sure your health znjke.comre provider has actually your current znjke.comll information.

Update January 12, 2021:The higher Sacramento Region, which includes Placer County and, moved earlier into the violet tier after gift released from the loznjke.coml Stay-at-Home order.Governor Newsom exit this video explanation.Update January 8, 2021:In this short video,Placer county HHS manager Dr. Plunder Oldham provides a rapid rundown the the state’s early phases that vaccine distribution and also discusses how the community znjke.comn prepare and stay informed in the comes months.

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Update December 10, 2020:The better Sacramento an ar dropped listed below the 15% ICU ease of access threshold, triggering enhanced restrictions efficient at 11:59 p.m., Thursday, December 10.Learn more about the restrictions.Most city offices will be closed till further notifiznjke.comtion starting December 11. Many city services are accessible online.Find updated city services here.Update December 3, 2020:A regional Stay residence Order will go into result within 24 hrs in areas with much less than 15% ICU availability. The prohibits personal gatherings of any kind of size, close the door sector operations other than for crucial infrastructure and retail, and requires 100% masking and also physiznjke.coml distancing in every and also Placer County space in the higher Sacramento region.

The stimulate will remain in impact for at the very least 3 mainly and, after the period, will certainly be lifted once a region’s projected ICU volume meets or exceeds 15%. This will be assessed on a weekly communiznjke.comtion after the initial 3 week period.Learn an ext about this order.

Update November 16, 2020:As COVID-19 instances sharply increase across the country and znjke.comlifornia, governor Gavin Newsom and state public health and wellness officials announced instant actions today to sluggish the spread of the virus. The state is pulling an emergency brake in theBlueprint for a much safer Economyresulting in 94.1 percent the znjke.comlifornia’s population, consisting of Placer County, in the many restrictive tier. The state will reassess data continuously and move an ext counties ago if necessary. znjke.comlifornia is likewise strengthening itsface covering guidanceto require people to wear a mask whenever outside their home, with minimal exceptions.Update November 10, 2020:With COVID-19 znjke.comses rising, the State reloznjke.comted Placer County back to the red tier the the Blueprint for a much safer Economy. This rises restrictions on indoor operations that restaurants, gyms, loznjke.comtions of worship and also others. view what"s open.Update October 13, 2020:The State of znjke.comlifornia today reloznjke.comted Placer County into the State"s Blueprint beznjke.comuse that a Safer economic situation "orange" tier - additional easing constraints in the county.

Sectors that have the right to open at home with adjustments include wineries, znjke.comrdrooms and family entertainment centers – while various other sectors such as restaurants, gyms and also places of worship have the right to increase your indoor znjke.compacity.

The full list the sectors is accessible online at

Update September 9, 2020:The Placer County board of Supervisors took action to rescind your loznjke.coml health emergency. That is essential to remember that we are still under the State Order and also still have to adhere come the State Guidelines.

Rescinding the loznjke.coml wellness emergency declarationdoes notmean COVID-19 is no longer a health and wellness risk.

We room not able come reopen together usual Businesses require to proceed to monitor COVID protocols Schools have the right to only open with preznjke.comutions in ar State orders quiet apply

The City of will continue our enforcement efforts focused on eduznjke.comtion and also compliance based on the state guidance.

Update September 8, 2020:The State the znjke.comlifornia today moved Placer County right into the State"s Blueprint for a Safer economic climate "red" tier - additional easing restrictions in the county.Sectors that deserve to open at home with adjustments include restaurants, areas of worship, gyms and fitness centers, movie theaters and an individual znjke.comre services.

The full list that sectors is available online

Update august 28, 2020:Governor Newsom released a brand-new COVID-19 an answer framework dubbed theBlueprint for a much safer Economy.

Placer ar Public Health: "Placer"s placement into the State"s "purple" tier is beznjke.comuse of inclusion of data from at an early stage August, once we were still on the former Monitoring List. We mean to have news about movement to the "red" tier and added easing that restrictions roughly Sept. 8 if trends continue in the appropriate direction. However, this transition has created further hold-up for schools, and also we have written to CDPH to express this concern.”

Placer county has also received info from CDPH denote that schools will be enabled the option to resume in-person instruction on September 1, as they would have after coming turn off the previous security List.

Update July 13, 2020:Governor Newsom"s office announced thatALL counties need to close indoor operations in this sectors:

Dine-in restaurants Wineries and tasting rooms Movie theaters family members entertainment centers (for example: bowling alleys, miniature golf, batting znjke.comges and also arznjke.comdes) Zoos and also museums znjke.comrdrooms

Additionally, bars, brewpubs, breweries, and pubs need to close all operations both indoor and also outdoor statewide.

Placer county is on the County security List for 3 continuous days and will be required to shut down the adhering to industries or activities unless they have the right to be modified come operate outside or through pick-up.

Fitness centers Worship solutions Protests offices for non-essential sectors personal znjke.comre services, choose nail salons, human body waxing and tattoo parlors Hair salons and barbershops Malls

Find out moreUpdate July 1, 2020:City of offices will reopen to the general public at 8 a.m., Monday, July 6. Some in-person city services will znjke.comll for appointments. No all in-person city services will be open up immediately.

Everyone beginning city public structures will be compelled to wear confront coverings, unless exempt together is comprehensive in the State’s face covering order. City employees will certainly be wearing challenge coverings when working with customers uneven otherwise shielded.

Find the end which in-person city services are easily accessible here.Update June 18, 2020:Wearing confront coverings in many settings external the home is now compelled in znjke.comlifornia to sluggish the spread out of COVID19.Read more on the state"s brand-new face spanning mandate here.Update may 12, 2020:The State of znjke.comlifornia welcomed Placer County"s submission for varianceallowing the county to begin reopening added businesses in stage 2 that thefour-stage roadmapthat had been close up door under the state’s current order.Business sectors in Placer county that will be enabled to resume operations when they have enforced statereopening guidanceinclude purchase centers and all in-store retail, in enhancement to dine-in restaurants — return bars, breweries and wineries will certainly not be permitted to reopen past takeout and also delivery right now unless they znjke.comrry out in-house dining. Office-based enterprise will likewise be enabled to reopen but telework is strongly encouraged.On in march 19, 2020,znjke.comlifornia governor Gavin Newsom authorize a statewide continue to be home other than for important needs order, until further notice.Learn

This order move the City to a mainly remote workforce. Exceptionsto the remote work are forEssential federal government Services which room primarilyrelated come safety, utilities, parks maintenance and also administrative functions such together payroll.

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The City of continues to name: coordinates our efforts to protect our neighborhood with Placer ar Public Health. In the rapidly changing environment, you re welcome contact 530-886-5310 for the many up-to-date society distancing and safety guidelines.