Gorilla Glue is one of those things that come along whereby we wonder exactly how we live without that before. However, ns have frequently wondered even if it is it actually will work-related on any kind of surface. So, i looked into the matter and decided to share my findings with you.

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Gorilla Glue functions on virtually any properly all set surface. However, if the original formula is claimed to work-related on all surfaces, they have actually other assets with more specialized features and also purposes. That is ideal to acquisition the Gorilla adhesive product particularly designed for your specific job.

The rest of the post will cover just how Gorilla adhesive will job-related on surfaces and also answer usual questions that human being ask about the product.

What Gorilla Glue can Be used On


The original formula is a polyurethane (PUR) adhesive. The base for it is polyether or polyester, and also it falls into the category of expanding glues.

PUR glues have actually been the sector standard in woodworking and bookbinding because the 80s and are also used in body armor production today.

Why Is Gorilla adhesive Called expanding Glue?

Gorilla glue is called expanding blue since it bubbles up and also expands as it dries. This attribute is actually quite beneficial due to the fact that it permits the adhesive to spread right into crevices and create a much more stable bond.

On the other hand, this also method that it will certainly spill and bubble out, so gain ready to perform some sanding and touch-ups when you’re done. At the very same time, while Gorilla Glue cases that it have the right to bond on all surfaces, a quick inspect with her fingernail is great way to test this. If you deserve to scratch it off, the glue probably won’t have much of one effect.

Does Gorilla glue Really work On Anything?

Gorilla Glue works on anything. The initial formula is suitable for every surfaces, and also the brand likewise features devoted types of glue for every kinds the jobs. But keep in mind the the longevity and the performance of each bond will rely on the nature the the surface (smooth vs. Porous).

Can I use Gorilla adhesive on Plastic?

The initial Gorilla adhesive formula is not perfect for plastic, yet Gorilla 2 component Epoxy is particularly designed to job-related on most types of plastic.


Finding a an ideal glue for plastic is frequently straightforward. Look because that the triangle noting with the number inside. For numbers 1 and also 6, select epoxy glue. For numbers 2, 3, and also 5, you deserve to either select epoxy or supervisor glue. Plastics significant with 4 are really slippery, and glue is no recommended.

Recycled plastic is a tricky one due to the fact that it’s rarely as necessary marked, and you can’t understand what it’s exactly made from. It’s safe to assume the glue will not be suitable in most of these cases.

To usage the glue, wipe the surface clean that dirt and oil, then follow the instruction from the packet that the product you’ve chosen. There will certainly be no require for clamps in most cases, however some press (in the kind of weights) will be required.

Can I use Gorilla glue on Fabric?

Gorilla Glue deserve to be offered on fabric; just make certain you choose the clear glue or the cloth glue. The original formula might make the towel stick, yet it is no going to provide you a nice finish.

The Gorilla fabric Glue is offered the same method as any type of other fabric glues obtainable on the market. You deserve to use that to use patches or rhinestones, and create seams and hems. The clear glue is only perfect for appliques.


Though both often tend to it is in waterproof and also have a kind amount of heat tolerance, it’s much better to hand to wash treated items or top top a cold water bicycle in the washing machine. If the style uses a lot of rhinestones and other 3D objects, make certain to use a garment bag and turn the item inside out.

If the adhesive was provided for hemming or embroidered patches and appliques, you can tumble dry the item. But in the situation of stones and also pearls, dry the item by laying the flat across the dry rack.

Can I usage Gorilla adhesive on Glass?

Gorilla clear Glue is perfect for glass. That will carry out a solid hold while staying invisible. Yet if you’re planning to glue said glass come wood and possibly disclose it come elements, a silicone adhesive might be a much better choice.

The main benefit of Gorilla glue is the it dries clear and also is water-activated. It will not leaving behind a sticky residue favor silicone or epoxy will certainly do. You can likewise see the it doesn’t stain the glass, which means it’s perfect for surface safety and security if you arrangement on utilizing the glass for food or drinks.

When making use of the clean glue, prepare the surface by wiping it clean and also then moisten with a little of water (the adhesive is water-activated), use some press for at the very least 1 hour, and leave because that a day come cure because that best and also long-lasting effects.

Gorilla Glue has other applications besides glass-to-glass! it can also attach glass to wood, plastic, and also metal. The Glue come in a tube with a handy applicator pointer that’s easy to apply and clean.

Pro Tip:You can use Gorilla adhesive on glass, but it’s not the finest idea to glue glass to wood for an outdoor project since the lumber will at some point deteriorate. If you desire to glue glass to wood, invest in one epoxy.

Some tips to obtain the ideal results with the Gorilla glue on glass:

Use a damp clean towel to remove any dirt or dust native the surface prior to gluing.To minimization air bubbles, carry out not spread out too lot glue in ~ one time.Can I use Gorilla glue on Metal?

Gorilla Glue can be used on metal, however the original formula may not be the best an option in every cases. The superglue and also epoxies will work better, but they will certainly not it is in waterproof. The epoxy glue is a should if you room gluing metal to glass.

If you space attaching steel to metal, friend will need to sand the surfaces a bit to create some texture (so there will be something for the glue to cling to).

Both the original and also clear formula will certainly work an excellent when you are using them through rubber and also wood, while girlfriend will require to figure out what type of plastic you’re functioning with before choosing her glue.

Can I use Gorilla glue on Wood?

Original Gorilla Glue can be provided on wood. However, the company offers specialty timber glue that is ideal if you specifically buy the to use on wood.


If you want to usage the original formula to fix splinters or timber that’s damaged in half, girlfriend will must start by clean the area thoroughly with a consistent (clean) paintbrush. Eliminate all dirt prior to you continue with glue application.

Once you’ve applied to glue, shot to save the clamps or load on for much longer than the early stage 1 hour – wood is very porous, and also there may be some concealed moisture inside that will impact drying time. Not to mention, this will certainly ensure a stronger organize in the end. As soon as the adhesive is cured, sand down the excess glue with sanding record and finish with paint or varnish together desired.

Can I usage Gorilla glue on Rubber?

The initial formula is no recommended because that any form of rubber through high oil or plasticizer content. If you require to, you can pick either the Gorilla superglue or a silicone-based formula.

Can I usage Gorilla glue on Ceramics?

Gorilla Glue deserve to be used on ceramics. In fact, almost every kind of Gorilla glue from the lineup will certainly be perfect because that the job, with the original Gorilla Glue leading the pack.

Expanding glues are perfect because that fixing damaged ceramics since they deserve to compensate because that those small particles that turn right into dust after ~ breakage. That method that friend can gain a perfect share in anything native roof tiles to pottery.

When gluing ceramics, take the end a center soft brush and also brush away any type of leftover dust and also debris. Don’t problem if the eats a bit at the surface since the glue will certainly fill the all back up. If you’re repairing pottery, work one ar at a time so girlfriend can use pressure an ext effectively.

When the glue is cured correctly, take a razor and shave off all the glue that leaked out. You can additionally use a melamine sponge instead of sanding file to smooth the surface.

Can ns Use initial Gorilla Glue for Kintsugi?

Original Gorilla Glue need to not be supplied for Kintsugi. Epoxy recipe are better suited for this job. However, you can fake it by paint over the seam and also exposed (sanded) glue through some gold paint.

Can I use Gorilla glue on Stone?

Gorilla glue will job-related on stone. The original formula is suitable for both minor repair of rock elements in your inner or garden, and gluing stones to various other surfaces. Just follow the exact same tips from the vault sections because that the best results.

Can I use Gorilla glue on Leather?

Gorilla glue have the right to be used on leather, however the type of adhesive you choose will dictate how it will behave after (i.e., will it be pliable or stiff). The original Gorilla Glue will certainly work, however it will make the animal leather stiff. Choose superglue or the clear formula for a quick shoe or bag repair, yet fabric glue is a much better option because that leatherwork.

Don’t use the initial formula on anything significant as PU, leather, vegetable leather, etc.

Can I use Gorilla glue on a PVC Pipe?

While Gorilla Glue may actually host PVC pipe together, that is no recommended for any type of PVC product. However, the company offers a product called Gorilla glue PVC cement the is much better suited for that job.

Can I usage Gorilla glue on Styrofoam?

Gorilla Glue functions well on styrofoam. Styrofoam and also expanding glues space a match made in Heaven because they room both essentially foam. Think the it how both thread and fabric occupational well together since they are both make from fibers.

You deserve to pretty much use the glue straight without any type of special prepare – simply brush off any dirt or debris. However if you arrangement to use styrofoam sheets for heat or noise isolation, it’s far better to go for a construction adhesive.

Can I usage Gorilla glue on Vinyl?

It is no recommended that Gorilla adhesive be supplied on vinyl. Vinyl is the very same stuff together PVC, and also Original Gorilla adhesive is not an ideal for it. A silicone, epoxy, supervisor glue, or also the clear variation would it is in a much better choice.

Pro Tips because that Preparing Every surface ar for Glueing

If you have actually handled the object you desire to glue through your bare hands, you will certainly transfer some of the herbal skin oil onto it. Depending upon your skin kind (or how much hand cream friend use), you may transfer a significant amount of oil top top the surface, which may compromise the bond.

One native – acetone. The wipes away oil indigenous surfaces better than many specialty solutions. You deserve to pick up some for cheap at any type of drugstore, but just remember come skip the sophisticated stuff with added oils and vitamins.

How much Weight deserve to Gorilla glue Hold?

Gorilla Glue has been displayed to hold up to around 30lbs. This number will be influenced by the type of surface and also how it to be prepared before gluing.

The tapes resolve to 15lbs of weight when used properly, while you have the right to expect an mean performance from your non-heavy duty offerings.

How lengthy Does It take Clear Gorilla glue to Dry?

Gorilla Glue will dry after just 1 hour, yet it will take 24 hrs for it to cure and create a strong bond.

This essentially way that you can remove clamps or load from the glued surface ar or thing after 1 hour (which is quite helpful if you’re make the efforts to fix something the gets scratched or damaged easily). Still, friend will need to leave it for a whole day because that the best feasible results. However, you need to keep some press on because that the whole 24 hrs to ensure a smooth bond.

That gift said, some of the other products from the lineup might take only minutes, i.e., the cloth glue or the spray adhesive.

How can I acquire Gorilla adhesive to Dry out Faster?

You can’t do anything to adjust the quantity of time the takes because that Gorilla glue to produce a bond. If you’re in a large hurry, friend will have to pick one more product from their line or walk to another brand.

Generic super glue may help in an emergency and hold the ft just long sufficient until friend can uncover the time to fix the article correctly.

Does Heat influence Gorilla Glue?

Gorilla Glue deserve to handle warmth up come 200F, but prolonged exposure will threaten the bond.

Is clean Gorilla Glue warm Resistant?

Gorilla glue is somewhat heat resistant, but it has actually a lower warm resistance than plenty of other types of glue at 180F.

How to Remove initial Gorilla glue From a Surface

If you’ve do a mistake and also Gorilla adhesive is quiet runny, girlfriend can try wiping it through a dry towel or usage a paint thinner when it’s still tacky. If the adhesive is dry, friend will need to use sanding file to eliminate Gorilla adhesive altogether.

If you room trying to eliminate the adhesive from a an ext delicate surface, you have the right to switch to a melamine sponge because that the last part of the job.

Will ns Be yes if I gain Gorilla Glue almost everywhere Myself?

While just having Gorilla adhesive on her skin will likely not cause any type of permanent harm, you need to not let it set anywhere on her skin. Usage gloves as soon as handling, and in case that it end up on her skin anyway, eliminate with a damp fabric while it’s still runny or tacky.

Always usage glue in a well-ventilated area, and some eye defense will no hurt. In instance that her eyes or mouth come in contact with the glue, call 1-800-420-7186 to reach the company’s product security team or contact your healthcare provider.

Is Gorilla Super adhesive Waterproof?

Gorilla adhesive is waterproof, but in the same method that her watch is waterproof. Together in, you can expose it to water, however you can’t walk diving v it.

Several Gorilla adhesive items are marked as 100% waterproof, yet that only means that the bond will endure in the rain or situation of a spill. Bonds should be able to endure constant outdoors aspects as various other moderately humid problems (i.e., restroom counters).

Is Gorilla super Glue for sure for Aquariums?

Gorilla Glue need to do fine for quick and temporary repair on aquariums or items that are not going come be put under a many stress (i.e., DIY decorations). But, lengthy exposure to water will certainly eventually break down the bond.

Original Gorilla adhesive performs better than most of the competitors, but if you should repair something favor the damaged glass, girlfriend will have to take it come the shop.

What Is the finest Waterproof Glue?

The best waterproof glues are Loctite maritime Epoxy and MarineWeld glue. These brands are well known and usually the persons pros go for.


In the Gorilla collection, it’s the initial formula. However if you’re do the efforts to glue something underwater, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Can You use Gorilla glue Outside?

Original Gorilla glue is outdoor-friendly, whereas Gorilla Superglue is not.

What’s the Difference in between the Super and also Original Gorilla glue Formulas?

The original Gorilla adhesive formula is a an excellent all-rounder, and, unequal the Gorilla Superglue, it can handle any environment. But, the super formula create a more powerful bond that is an ext impact-resistant.

If you are trying to make a fast decision, the superglue is better for resolving tools or shoes, if the initial formula is better for furniture and also other home repair jobs.

Are Gorilla hot Glue Sticks and also Gorilla college Glue much better Than your Generic Counterparts?

Gorilla Glue hot Sticks and also Gorilla institution Glue space not much better than the share versions. In this case, the seems choose you are just paying because that the branding. The institution glue might be about the exact same price as Elmer’s, however none the them carry out that much far better than every other.


They are made from the same thing no matter who girlfriend buy lock from, so it’s much better to buy lock in bulk and without a brand name attached.

Their hot glue total is quite reliable and also safe, though.

Is initial Gorilla glue a good Substitute For every Other devoted Types that Glue?

Original Gorilla adhesive is a an excellent substitute for all other devoted types that glue but only approximately a specific point. You may not must stock a separate product for leather or wood, but you’ll need something an ext substantial for building purposes.

Also, this ingredient is no something girlfriend would want to provide to your kids when they room playing through glitter or making Christmas cards. And also since it’s an broadening glue, it’s not an ideal for it is registered embellishments to clothes.

How to effectively Store Gorilla Glue

To correctly store Gorilla Glue, store it far from heat and open flame, ideally in a cool, dry, and also dark area.

Wipe the opening and also the lid to stop them from difficult to every other. If you’re managing a 4-ounce or larger bottle, shot to expel as much excess air together possible. Constantly check if the lid is firmly closed to stop the glue from dry out.

How lengthy Will Gorilla adhesive Keep before Drying out or shedding Effectiveness?

For ideal results, usage Gorilla Glue in ~ 12 months after breaking the seal. As long as the glue doesn’t dried out, it’s still great to go. If save on computer properly, it have the right to stay good for several years.

Bottom Line

As you deserve to see, Gorilla Glue truly does work on just around anything. When there are a couple of specialty and plumbing tasks you should save because that a more devoted type of glue, the Gorilla is finest for virtually any type of of her normal day-to-day projects.

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