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Plastic surgery is a huge investment in oneself that calls for some development financial plan in many instances. Flexible Spending account (FSA’s) space benefits offered by plenty of employers to enable their employee to offset details medical costs by setting aside pre-tax dollars from employees’ salaries. For example, one employee that earns $75,000 every year might elect to collection aside $1,000 per month to his/her FSA thereby reducing his/her taxable revenue to $63,000 per year. This way that only the $63,000 is topic to FICA and Medicare taxes. A inquiry we frequently receive from patient at The Eisemann Plastic Surgery center is whether they might use your FSA’s to counter the expense of a plastic surgical treatment procedure such together liposuction or a tummy tuck. Unfortunately, the price is no. The interior Revenue business makes a distinction between a cosmetic procedure and one the is median necessary. Follow to IRS regulations about FSA’s, the patient might use funds because that a plastic surgical treatment procedure just to exactly a congenital defect, exactly the results of a disease, or for medical reconstruction adhering to an accident. Because that example, a patient might not use her FSA monies for chest augmentation, yet could usage the monies to rebuild her nose complying with injury in a motor car accident. However, if a patient is spring to counter the expense of plastic surgical procedure through his/her FSA, every is no lost. It might be feasible to balance out the cost of compression clothes or prescription pain medication using FSA funds. Patient should also be conscious that they can qualify for financing plastic surgical procedure through treatment Credit or one more lender. Some applicants might qualify because that no attention financing if the procedure if payment in complete within the time duration set by an available promotion.

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