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We traveled to Phuket, Thailand, when baby was 7 month old and also unfortunately ~ above that pilgrimage I regulated to choose up food poisoning from a meal or water we ate or drank somewhere. Ns narrowed it down to two areas that ns ate at but, as is often the case, the was difficult to call for sure where exactly the poisoning came from. Having food poisoning while taking care of a 7 month old baby presented three main obstacles in regards to breastfeeding: 2 of which passed quickly and the other having actually seemingly slightly longer term implications.

Challenge #1:

The first challenge was finding out whether I could pass on the epidemic to the baby with the breast-milk. Some people in the know may think this sounds crazy but, for me, ns knew that so numerous other viruses and also substances the the mommy ingests (medicines, alcohol etc.) can be passed v breast-milk, and also so I wanted to be sure that i wouldn’t pass any kind of harmful epidemic on come the baby. In regards to food poisoning, the one thing worse than having actually horrible symptoms of your own, would be having to watch your baby experience through those terrible symptoms. It transforms out the breastfeeding after food poisoning is well in most cases. I uncovered this short article on kellymom about breastfeeding when sick to be helpful. Extr useful details from the CDC on breastfeeding with food-borne and also waterborne illnesses favor travelers diarrhea.

What the professionals say:

A nursing mom with diarrhea believed to have actually been caused by food or water sources need to be encouraged to boost the frequency that breastfeeding while significantly increasing her own liquid intake… The biology that reason travelers’ diarrhea perform not pass with breast milk. Use of dental rehydration salts by breastfeeding mothers and also their kids is fully compatible through breastfeeding. Breastfeeding mothers need to carefully check the labels of over-the-counter antidiarrheal medicines to prevent using bismuth subsalicylate compounds, which deserve to lead to the transport of salicylate to the son via chest milk… most experts consider the use of momentary azithromycin compatible with breastfeeding.

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Centers for disease Control and also Prevention

As lengthy as the symptoms room confined come the gastrointestinal tract (vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps), breastfeeding should continue without interruption as there is no hazard to the baby.


Challenge #2:

The second challenge was obtaining through the 2 – 3 days wherein I to be feeling really sick – the very first 24 hrs being the worst. Without gaining into too lot undesirable info here, I could barely do it to the bathroom, did no leave the hotel room because that at the very least 36 hours, was not able to drink very much and was able to eat just dry, level crackers.

Needless come say, taking treatment of a crying, pooping, hungry baby was not easy. I had barely any energy to lift a glass of water, never ever mind lift the infant to breastfeed her, and it to be so tough to it is in patient once she was crying. It is no fun trying to treatment for the baby when you deserve to barely even take treatment of yourself, however we did since there is no alternative! I carry out think she sensed that something to be wrong though, and also was calmer for us.


Challenge #3:

3. The third challenge was the ramifications on our breastfeeding quantity, which ns was not aware of till after it had actually happened. Normally, her most filling breastfeed was very first thing in the morning as soon as we would certainly wake up, and also then every feed later on in the day was a small smaller than. Top top the an initial morning after gift awake all night with the food poisoning symptoms, I could tell my breasts were not as full as they typically would it is in at that time in the morning, ~ not having actually fed she for about 9 hours or so.

I can barely elevator the baby and also I made decision not come breastfeed her the morning so i asked my companion to feed she the hard food breakfast previously than usual. Ns knew I had actually lost a lot of liquids with diarrhea and sweating, and also not gift able to keep up my usual water intake. And also I knew the dehydration could have a detrimental effect on breastfeeding.

I figured the by the following day I would be better hydrated and the milk supply would be ago to normal. Return I had been drinking some oral rehydration salts in my water, i unfortunately had not been able to consume as much liquids that very first daytime together I had hoped and also I was still very dehydrated.

On the second day after the food poisoning, ns woke increase again v my breasts no as complete as they commonly would be first thing in the morning. This time, ns was solid enough to hold the baby and I fed her, but I knew it would not be enough to fill her and so right after the I offered her part solids (whereas generally we would certainly wait an hour or two until ‘solid food breakfast’).

The very same thing occurred on the third morning. And by the fourth morning, I started to wonder if we had gotten in a ‘new normal’ in that my body was producing less in the morning now as standard, quite than because I was sick.

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After recovery…

Unfortunately, mine ‘normal’ milk supply and also full-feeling in my breasts never ever returned after that bout the food poisoning, also two months later on as I compose this.

Now, if the baby was still under 6 months old and exclusively breastfeeding this whole scenario would have been lot more challenging and stressful, yet we were fortunate in the timing since she was currently used to eat solid food and had been doing so for just over a month. That was because of this easy to supplement an ext of the solids come compensate for the decreased amount that breast-milk. Had we no been able come add much more of the solids, we would have struggled much more as she would have actually been hungry and crying more. In the scenario, that would have been great to be able to use some formerly expressed milk stored in a fridge or freezer, however, as soon as you’re traveling you may not have access to a pump or come a fridge or freezer or facilities to sterilize every the necessary tools for express milk.

Medical advice in this script is to rise the frequency the the breastfeeding sessions and also increase entry of liquids. However, having been in the position of being an extremely sick and also unable to also lift or barely host my baby, I’m not certain this will occupational in every situation. If your baby is not on solids however and/or is not supplied to drinking milk or formula from a bottle, food poisoning can potentially it is in a worry for girlfriend on your travels to think about how you would ensure baby gets enough to feeding on.

6 valuable tips ~ above breastfeeding once you have actually food poisoning…

try to avoid or minimize usage of foods that are well-known to boost the opportunities of contracting food poisoning (for example, covering fish, raw foods items like salads, unpasteurized dairy, ice cream cubes, meat not completely cooked) and also to eat at places that look liven and/or room well the review by many others;carry a supply of oral re-hydration salts with you when you travel to assist re-hydrate more quickly;wash your hands frequently – after going come the bathroom and before touching baby – come minimize risk of passing any type of germs; shot to consume as lot water together possible, also if girlfriend don’t feel prefer it and also it’s challenging to gulp down down: you need the liquids because that re-hydrating your very own body so the you have the right to keep producing milk because that baby;if you feel that your milk supply has actually decreased, together mine did, boost the frequency the the feedings so the your body it s okay the article to save producing more for infant (according come the body’s supply and also demand mechanisms of breast-milk production).

Wishing friend safe and also healthy travels with no food-borne or waterborne illnesses!