It started as a regime wellness visit and ended increase dramatically changing the stays of Tugba Aksoy and also her 2-year-old rescue dog Lokum.

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RUTHERFORD, N.J. —A visit come the vet because that a program wellness visitchanged the livesof a new Jersey woman and also her dog.

Last November, Tugba Aksoy took she 2-year-old rescue dog Lokum tothe Rutherford pet Hospital, wherein the veterinarian recommended Lokum switch from the flea and tick protection collar he was wearing come Simparica, among a brand-new class that flea and also tick medications accessible by prescription only, WPIX reports.

Aksoy said Lokum was no having any type of problem through fleas or ticks, and she was happy v the collar, yet said “the collar to be expiring and also I discussed it come the vet. She said there is this medication, a tablet computer you can give him. The convenient, once a month, and it"s safe.”

Aksoy provided him one tablet of Simparica as soon as they gained to her new Jersey home. The night she was wakened by Lokum howling. It turned the end he was having a seizure and obviously in extreme pain. She rushed him come an animal hospital emergency room, where a different veterinarian said she’d watched it before and also told Aksoy it was probably led to by the new medication due to the fact that it is a well-known side effect of it.

Simparica, Nexgard, Bravecto and Credelio are component of a group referred to as Isoxazoline drugs. They every contain a potent perform of chemicals, including parasiticides, that acquire in the dog’s bloodstream and also attack the neurological equipment of biting fleas and also tickets, killing them. Sales the the drugs have actually skyrocketed in the 5 years or less they’re to be on the market.

Nexgard claimed it’s become the number one selling dog flea and tick drug in the U.S. However the troubling side impacts of these drugs are becoming much more widespread.

Under the freedom of information Act, WPIX derived hundreds the pages of reports sent out to the Food and Drug administration by vets and also pet owners complaining of side impacts of Simparica, Nexgard, Bravecto and also Credelio. Near the optimal of the list: seizures. Documents present 1315 seizures reported because that Nexgard in the 5 years due to the fact that it was authorized by the FDA as safe and also effective for the majority of dogs.

There room 720 report seizures because that Bravecto in 4 years, 557 for Simparica in three years, and also six seizures for Credelio in the first six month after is to be approved. The manufacturers states the threat of side impacts is really rare, less than one in 10,000 sheep sold.

Seizures had actually been stated as a feasible side result of Simparica and also the various other three drugs, but only in very little print, sometimes on the back of the boxes and in the lengthy product inserts inside the boxes. Because of the increasing number of reported seizures since the products have to be on the market, the FDA authorize an alert last September. It referred to as on the manufacturers to readjust the product labeling come “highlight the potential for neurologic events” on your packaging and also in the product inserts.

So far, only Nexgard has actually complied. The rather say the readjusted labeling will shortly appear. The FDA likewise instructed vets to use their expertise and also the dog’s medical background in assessing even if it is prescribing among these drugs is appropriate. Vets were additionally told to consult through pet owners about the possible risks.

Tugba Aksoy wishes her vet had told her about the risk, even if that is small.

“If you understand the side effects, why i will not ~ you just say that and leave that as much as me to watch if I desire to take that chance? I would certainly not take that chance also if it to be one in a million," she said.

Lokum has been hospitalized 4 times since he took Simparica seven months ago. That sometime has clusters that seizures, one ~ another, at some point as numerous as 11 in a row. “Every time he has actually three or more, he needs to be hospitalized since there’s a peril he can die," Aksoy said.

The risk from seizures involves a feasible heart attack.

“He gets yes, really high heat from it. The goes blind. He gets much better the next day, climate is anxious because that a week," she said.

Following 3 or 4 normal days, the seizures start again. Your frequency is now once every 10 job or so.

“It’s heartbreaking. Yes sir nothing I deserve to do," Aksoy said.

The medical treatment for Lokum has cost an ext than $10,000 therefore far. Zoetis, The manufacturer the Simparica has sent her $3,300.

“They’re telling me castle can’t execute this ongoing. However my expenses are ongoing," she said.

WPIX saw the new Jersey offices of Zoetis, an international Fortune 500 firm whose Simparica sales totaled $158 million dollars in 2018. No one at the Zoetis workplaces would speak ~ above camera.

However, following our visit, a company executive reached out come Aksoy and also urged she to submit documents of every Lokum’s medical costs for possible reimbursement.

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In April, Aksoy posted a video clip of Lokum having a seizures. It’s already been perceived by practically 22,000,000 people.

She claimed she post it on YouTube and Facebook because “I wanted to warn everyone, because anyone have the right to be in mine situation. I trusted the vet. I didn’t perform my very own research. Ns think we’re naive enough to think when we obtain it native the vet it’s perfectly safe uneven they say something.”

She has taken Lokum to many specialists. He takes three anti-seizure medication twice a day. Over there is no cure. “Other people have called me I should put him down since of what he is going through. I can’t even imagine that."