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Longing because that long, lush lashes? Eyelash extensions may be just the ticket, however it’s important to take into consideration eyelash expansion risks and overall eye safety before making one appointment.

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Lash expansions are popular, specifically among specific age groups. Follow to the 2016 professional Lash & Brow Artists market Survey, 50 percent of eyelash extension clients are between 18 and also 34 year old, and 98 percent that those clients room women. And also most lash and brow artist charge between $61 and also $180 because that a complete set.

If you Dash because that Lashes

Lash expansions aren’t the same as the lashes that you apply at home and peel turn off later. Her technician will use semipermanent glue to use a brand-new lash onto among your genuine lashes, one lash at a time. Expect to spend an hour and a fifty percent to two hours throughout your early stage appointment. According to Today, most world will need 80 come 150 lash extensions per eye.

The expansions may it is in made native an assortment of materials, such as silk, mink and synthetic fibers. So if you get lash extensions, you’ll desire to avoid humidity and also conditions the encourage moisture. Sweat is additionally discouraged, and you’ll should clean your lashes fastidiously every day, usually through a spoolie brush. Protect against oily products. And also don’t obstacle your eyes.

While you’re setting yourself complimentary from mascara, you’re also setting yourself up for return fill-in appointments every couple of weeks. These visits generally take one hour, and also you’ll be committing come this program for as lengthy as you store the extensions. Lash expansions recycle every six to eight weeks, and your natural lashes shed in addition to them.

Be Informed about Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions aren’t at this time regulated through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. So to store eyelash extension dangers at a minimum, specialists recommend utilizing a certified stylist, or also better, a licensed professional. (Not every state needs stylists to bring licenses; Massachusetts does, as does brand-new Hampshire.)

Salons have to sterilize their tweezers and readjust pillow instances after each customer. And your lash pro should wash your hands and wear a mask.

Ophthalmologist Naveen K. Rao, MD, of Lahey Hospital & Medical facility in Burlington, states that there space five typical health risks associated with attract eyelash expansions — most of which need to do through wearing makeup.

1. Extensions can Irritate your Eyes

“Individual eyelash expansions are attached by tweezers making use of a fabricated glue,” Dr. Rao said. “This might be made v a derivative that the chemistry formaldehyde and can reason irritation the in turn reasons chemical conjunctivitis (pink eye). Exposure come an irritant can occur within hours or job of having actually lash extensions applied.”

Dr. Rao included that allergy conjunctivitis could occur if other types of pet hair — such together cat hair — are provided for lash extensions. Truthfully, no one can be fully sure whereby hair because that lash extensions really comes from, including this to the perform of eyelash expansion risks.

2. Not correct Lash Length have the right to Be Problematic

In a current study, the journal of Optometry reiterates that eyelashes are meant “to protect and also maintain the health and wellness of the lid margin,” which is positioned in ~ the leaf of her eyelid. It’s whereby the conjunctiva — the clear tissue over her eyeball and on the inside of her eyelid — meets the skin.

“Every types has suitable eyelash-to-eyelid length,” Dr. Rao said. “If you compromise the size — if lashes are either too quick or too lengthy — eyelashes can’t deflect natural debris the way they’re claimed to. It create a wind-tunnel effect, making the even an ext likely because that the wind to punch debris right right into the eye.”

3. Mascara and structure Can Creep right into Your Eyes

Dr. Rao likewise cautions the wearing eye makeup can ultimately lead to wake up if girlfriend wear eyelash extensions.

He has seen patients v brown spots in their conjunctival fornix — the pink pocket between the eyelid, especially the reduced lid, and also the eyeball. Dr. Rao additionally emphasized the threats of wearing mascara.

“Granules that mascara fall off that the lashes and end increase in the fornix, wherein they cause chronic irritation,” that said.

Dr. Rao states that newer mascaras the contain fibers to lengthen lashes are specifically problematic.

“If friend think small fibers might be falling into your eye,” the said, “they more than likely are.”

Applying foundation and flesh-colored concealer in ~ the inner edge of your eye is a popular thing come do, yet Dr. Rao states that can pose some threats for your eyes as well.

“Waterproof commodities get choose up by the eye’s tear film, wash over the eye, and also stick to everything they can find, also the cornea — the eye’s outermost layer,” he said. “This deserve to make your vision blurry and cause a filmy quality to her vision.”

4. Eyeliner Pencils deserve to Do more Than Color

Frequent usage of waxy eyeliner pencil in ~ the leaf of your eyelid can cause a buildup and also block the Meibomian glands the line the eyelid edges, Dr. Rao says. These glands develop a organic oil the gets secreted right into tears and also lubricates her eye’s surface. If those glands get blocked up, a sty or chalazion can occur — and also with it come pain, redness and a lump in ~ the edge of the eyelid, that says.

5. Eye shadow Is quickly Transferable

Swipe your brush or foam applicator across your eye shadow palette, use to her eyelid with vast strokes — and teeny corpuscle inevitably loss into your eye. And, prefer those stray mascara clumps, they eventually end up in your fornix. Dr. Rao says that glittery shadow is particularly troublesome and can bring about eye irritation.

A great thing to remember as soon as it pertains to eye safety and eyelash extensions — what go on one eyelid can conveniently go into an eye. And be sure to speak v your Lahey wellness provider if you have actually any added questions about eyelash extensions.

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