Most date rape drugs space tasteless, texture-less, odorless and colorless, make them basically undetectable. Photo provided by Max Patzig via Flickr.

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Upcoming holiday festivities are filling the wait with changing leaves, football tailgates, cocktail parties and also various occasions likely involving a exciting amount of alcohol. Therefore what happens when you, or a friend, wake up up one morning through no recollection that the night prior to – a blackout the a couple of glasses of spirits was unlikely responsible for?

“According to reports, rape is the most common violent crime ~ above American university campuses this day … alcohol shows up to pat a large role in acquaintance rape, although it is not the cause. Research shows that in over 3 – soldier of university rapes, the offender, the victim, or both had been drinking.”

- B. R. Sharma, room of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, India.

As college students – specifically females – we have most most likely been lectured ~ above the risks of drinking and partying, warned to never ever leave drinks unattended or let strangers serve us drinks there is no watching them gift mixed and poured. However, we have likewise learned that the an initial thing affected by alcohol is our judgement—which could turn various strangers in bar and club atmospheres into friendly encounters that wouldn’t dare have ominous agendas.

However, it only takes a few seconds at many to on slide various develops of intoxicants right into a drink; store your head turned towards a friend and away from her glass because that one sentence as well long and you operation the threat of sipping on a double dose of Rohypnol, commonly known together the day rape drug, instead of two-for-one margaritas.

Date rapists are also finding more creative ways to slip the medicine (and medicine with similar effects) into drinks. According to an post on IOL News,

“It’s cheap, easily easily accessible and, when mixed with alcohol, can cause drowsiness, nausea and amnesia. Eye drops, called the new Rohypnol, space being provided to spike victims’ drink in nightclubs and also at parties, make them easy targets because that robbers and rapists. And while police refuse it’s a significant problem, nightclub owner tell a different story. While being cautious around admitting, there is a problem in your clubs, they all say lock refuse to permit eye drops to be lugged onto your premises.”

The concern remains: what have the right to be done to further deter date rape attacks?


Drink for sure Technology, among other companies, to produce coasters and also various test strips the detect the chemistry GHB and also ketamine, typical forms the “club drugs.” follow to san Jose Mercury News,

“A drop of a drink have to be inserted on both test spots in one corner. If either spot changes color, a feasible date rape drug has actually been detected. Every coaster deserve to be used to test two drinks. The company also makes much more discreet test strips, which have the right to be slipped right into drinks. “

Labeled best Invention by Time newspaper when first produced, the coasters in particular are strong date rape deterrents.

“If we get these the end there, probably that human being will be less likely to placed a drug in your drink once they check out the coaster sitting right there, and know the you can test for it.”

- Shannon Fletcher of the YWCA of Santa Clara Valley, Calif., for abc NEWS terminal KGO-TV of san Francisco.

Drink Safe an innovation also produce plastic party top films that deserve to be put on unattended drinks called alcotops.

Team Up

It’s a tried and true principle: the buddy device works well in club situations, since friends can take turns watching over drinks and also make certain whoever come together stays together. Groups are also much more intimidating than singletons – over there are more eyes to avert in order come spike a drink in a group situation.

It is additionally useful to not only never leave the bar or club with an acquaintance, but to likewise go through a girlfriend to the bathroom, or all over else that may isolate girlfriend for, albeit the short duration of time.

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Although nifty gadgets are being developed as deterrents to date rape, experts are still will that the basics—never leaving drinks unattended, and remain in a group and never leaving v strangers—is the ultimate for sure guard against a potentially deadly cocktail.