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Do you have any type of pet-friendly hotels?

Yes. As component of this new pilot program, four out of our 26 resorts, have actually designated dog-friendly rooms. The four incorporate Disney’s Yacht society Resort, Disney port Orleans resort – Riverside and also Disney’s art of computer animation Resort and the Cabins in ~ Disney’s fort Wilderness resort & Campground. The offering contains Pluto’s Welcome amenity, which gives dogs and also their owners a arsenal of dog-friendly items. Specific floors or sections of a hotel room designated as dog-friendly, when the bulk of areas remain canine-free come accommodate guests v allergies or various other needs.

Can you insurance my room will certainly be dog-free?

Can you guarantee my room will certainly be dog-free?We deserve to guarantee your request to stay outside of the designated dog-friendly areas at among these four resorts. The overwhelming variety of hotels and hotel rooms at Walt Disney world Resort are not component of this pilot program, i m sorry affects approximately 250 rooms the end of a total hotel inventory of 28,000. If you like to remain at a hotel that is no dog-friendly, there room several various other Walt Disney people resort many hotels to select from.

Is over there a charge for visiting with my dogs?

Yes. If girlfriend are continuing to be at Disney’s arts of animation Resort, Disney’s port Orleans will – Riverside or the Cabins at Disney’s ft Wilderness will & Campground, a $50 per night charge will be applied to the room account. If friend are remaining at Disney’s Yacht club Resort, a $75 every night charge will certainly be applied to the room account.

Will I have the ability to bring my pet dogs to the design template Parks or Disney Springs?

No. Just service pets are permitted in the template Parks and Disney Springs.

Do I require to provide veterinary documentation because that my dog?

You have to be may be to carry out documentation that your dog’s vaccinations and also inoculations room up come date, upon request.

Will I be able to take benefit of Disney’s Magical to express or onsite Disney Transportation with my dog?

Dogs may travel ~ above Disney’s wonder Express when in a pets carrier, provided by the owner. Onsite, dogs may travel by internal buses at Disney’s fort Wilderness resort & Campground and Disney’s Port orleans Resort. Dogs are likewise welcome to travel v their owner throughout Walt Disney people Resort via Minnie valve service. Just service pets are allowed on Disney transport motor coaches, monorails or watercraft.

Will over there be designated pet relief locations at the resort?

Yes. Environment-friendly spaces have been established as pet relief areas. Please keep in mind these areas are not under cover. As the owner, you will certainly be responsible for cleaning up after her pet. Together a reminder, dogs are not allowed in windy areas roughly the resort, and are meant to it is in on leash between your guest room and the out relief area.

If a member of my party is afraid of dogs or has allergies, what will you perform to accommodate us?

As part of this pilot program, specific floors or part of four hotels (out of our 26 Walt Disney people Resort hotels) space designated together dog-friendly, when a bulk of locations remain canine-free come accommodate guests with allergies or various other needs. This method approximately 250 rooms out of a complete room list of 28,000 rooms space designated together dog-friendly. In addition, we have a thorough cleaning process for our rooms and also will work to accommodate your individual needs.

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