Dogs room good, dogs room pure, and dogs deserve a pretty cold beer to aid their stomach issues. An excellent Boy Dog Beer, a non-alcoholic dog beer created by Megan and Steve Long, both offer a purpose and is ridiculously cute. Just take a look at at their brew names, native IPA A lot of In The garden to Mailman Malt Licker and Session...Squirrel!


The couple created the product once their nine-year-old pup, Rocky, started having actually digestive issues. "We essential to offer him the vitamins and proteins the he still essential in a fluid form," Megan defines in a video clip on their website (which is complete of good boys, extremely recommend you watch it).

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So, they began making Rocky homemade treats, and also that led to the dog beer they offer today. It comes in 4 flavors: There space chicken-based, pork-based, veggie-based, and also peanut-based drinks. They"re made through proteins and vitamins and also no alcohol and also are meant to aid dogs with digestive issues—though they"re also just a nice treat for your pup come enjoy once you"re drinking a beer. The Mailman Malt Licker, because that example, is made with chicken, turmeric, ginger, oranges, carrots, basil, cilantro, fennel, and also filtered H2O.

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"We always say, you"ll buy your buddy a beer, why no buy your best friend a beer?" Steve states in the video. "And have actually a beer v your ideal friend," Megan adds. (If any type of two civilization were precious bringing ago #couplegoals for, it"s them.)

Pup owners can discover the dog beers at local shops in the Houston, TX, area, consisting of Frontporch, Henderson Heights Pub, and Specs Wine, spirits & Finer Foods. If you"re no in Houston, you have the right to order the beers digital through an excellent Boy"s website.

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