When you start experiencing hair loss, it’s basic to panic and jump to conclusions. Is it her shampoo? Is it your diet, or just how tightly girlfriend wear her ponytail? that knows! Although all of these things can definitely contribute come hair loss, is the reasonable come think the an oily scalp might be the culprit? us think it can be! The state of her scalp can make a huge difference in the health and wellness of her hair, and also it’s necessary to take treatment of it. Here’s why!

What causes Oily Hair?

Your scalp, favor the skin on the remainder of your body, contains tiny oil and also wax-producing glands referred to as sebaceous glands. The oil developed from these glands is referred to as sebum! In enhancement to maintaining your skin moisturized, this glands are responsible for her hair’s hydration, too! once your glands are producing too lot oil, this can cause your hair and also scalp to be too many greasy. Although this appears harmless, overfill oil have the right to clog pores on your scalp which have the right to prevent your hair follicles from growing normally! and as a result, you may experience quick hair loss.

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What causes sebaceous glands to over-produce oil?

There room lots of components that add to oil production of this glands, however the most famous is fluctuating hormones. (“Ew, gross!” ns know. It’s okay.) stress and anxiety can likewise be a variable for BOTH genders, as tension can reason an imbalance in hormones for men and also women! (Stress is the ultimate negative guy. Let’s blame everything on it.)

In enhancement to keeping your anxiety levels low, you deserve to prevent an oily scalp by preventing shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that contain hefty oils and resins. Over there are additionally dermatological (skin-related) problems like psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis in her scalp that can cause skin cell accumulation and enhanced oil manufacturing in sebaceous glands.

Can one Oily Scalp reason Hair Loss?

The quick answer is correct! The contempt less brief answer is the an oily scalp certainly contributes to hair loss but is regularly not the sole reason of it. Excess quantities of oils deserve to trap and also attract dirt, dandruff, and also product build up, which clogs pores and also prevents new hair growth. In enhancement to this, among the leading reasons of hair lose in men over 50 has actually been connected to the hormone DHT, i m sorry shrinks the hair follicle and causes an oily scalp.


How can I prevent an Oily Scalp?

There’s no should panic if you struggle with an oily scalp or greasy hair! In fact, there room super easy methods to avoid hair lose via oiliness! drinking plenty of water, striving for a healthy diet, and reducing everyday stress have the right to all be awesome procedures towards balancing hormone that reason excess oil production. You deserve to also try shampooing every other day, and also using a clarifying shampoo choose Solu shampoo when a week. If require be, you can wash much more frequently or daily, but shot using a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and also conditioner, choose Minu shampoo and also conditioner!

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Another helpful step to avoiding an oily scalp is using a scalp treatment! A scalp treatment can aid you exfoliate, invigorate, and also gently cleanse buildup from her scalp. As with we exfoliate ours skin, our scalp needs love too! We carry the great Energizing Superactive, which helps stimulate hair development after hormone hair loss. It is among our most popular commodities due come it’s performance in preventing further hair loss and permitting thinning hair come recover and also regrow.

Thank you for reading!

We hope us were maybe to assist shed some light top top oily scalps and help you prevent hair loss! as hair professionals, we recognize that hair loss deserve to be a blow to your me confidence, and we desire you to recognize that you’re no alone. There are several steps we can take to reverse hair loss, and it’s all around finding what works for you! If you’re in the Chandler, Arizona area and also would prefer a consultation v a hair professional, click the button listed below to schedule your consult today!