Recipients the Deferred action for Childhood come (DACA), likewise known as DREAMers, space typically people who entered the United says without inspection as children or who gone into the United states lawfully as children but remained in the us after their visa expired. If DACA provides avenues for DREAMers come live a common life, it does not give legal condition or offer a course to citizenship.

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DACA permits these people to apply for a driver’s license, a Social security card, and also temporary authorization to occupational lawfully in the U. S. Together DACA recipients flourish up in the U.S., it’s completely likely because that them come marry U.S. Citizens. As a result, part DACA beneficiaries may be eligible because that a environment-friendly card v marriage.

A couple holds hands at your wedding in front of one American flag. Countless DACA recipients have acquired green cards v marriage.

Getting a green Card with Marriage

A U.S. Citizen or long-term resident (also described as a environment-friendly card holder) may sponsor a foreign spouse for long-term residency. The procedure involves three steps.

Establish the Marriage

The an initial step to applying for a eco-friendly card is to create your marriage and also you must establish that the spouse petitioning because that a eco-friendly card is eligible. Submit type I-130, Petition because that Relative. This type and any kind of supporting records must be submitted to U.S. Citizenship and also Immigration services (USCIS), i m sorry is component of the U.S. Department of landscape Security.

Be certain to include copies of the following:

Wedding photosMarriage certificateDivorce papers for any kind of previous marriagesThe sponsor’s U.S. Birth certificate or environment-friendly cardJoint lease or joint financial institution account explanation

There is a $535 federal government filing fee come submit form I-130. USCIS will educate you by mail once they receive your application, typically within 2 weeks. If lock need more information, they will send friend a inquiry for evidence (RFE).

Establish Eligibility

After the marriage is established, you must create eligibility because that the DACA recipient. Suspect both spouses right now reside in the united States, the next step is to submit form I-485 (Application come Register long-term Residence or adjust Status) come USCIS. This entry requires duplicates of the following:

evidence of nationality, such as a foreign passport or bear certificateProof of lawful entry into the U.S.Medical check by a USCIS-approved doctorProof that the sponsoring spouse’s financial stability

There is a $1,225 government filing fee and an $85 fee because that biometrics. If the sponsoring spouse is a green card holder, these procedures must be perfect separately. U.S. Citizens sponsoring a spouse may combine these steps. USCIS usually processes this action within 11 months (this time duration can differ dramatically—consider deleting this sentence).

Green map Interview

The final step because that a marriage environment-friendly card is the interview. For U.S. Residents, both spouses to visit the interview. One interviewing officer will ask friend questions around your partnership to recognize the authenticity of the marriage.

If the interview go well, the interviewing officer may give your application on the spot. A green card will be mailed come the petitioner within 3 weeks after approval.

Complications for DACA Recipients

Most DACA recipients have grown increase in the united States, having been brought here by their parents in ~ a young age. They may have come into the country legally and remained after their visa expired. Or lock may have actually been brought into the country without inspection by your parents. To gain a eco-friendly card while in the United says (that is, to “adjust” status), you need to have gone into with one inspection.

DACA Recipients Who gone into the country With Inspection

Establishing eligibility for a environment-friendly card involves proving legitimate entry into the united States. DACA recipients who gone into the nation legally and became undocumented through overstaying a legit visa room eligible for a marriage green card and also can follow the traditional process.

DACA Recipients Who gone into the nation Without Inspection

Beneficiaries of DACA who entered the country without investigate will challenge complications. Castle must meet the legit entry necessity with a legit visa or a visa waiver. The only method they may apply for a marriage eco-friendly card is by leaving and also then re-entering the U.S. Through an inspection.

This requires traveling exterior of the U.S. And returning by legit entry. DACA recipients can travel abroad and also return come the United states legally with permission granted by advance parole or form I-131 (Application for take trip Document). In enhancement to the progressed parole, the adjustment will require using the solutions of an immigrant attorney.

It’s vital to note that you need to be a current DACA beneficiary and also be approved to travel before leaving the country. If her DACA application or your take trip permit is tho pending, you will be barred from re-entering the united States.

DACA Recipients that Cannot get a Marriage eco-friendly Card

U.S. Immigration regulation forbids anyone convicted of one aggravated felony from receiving a environment-friendly card. This contains crimes, such as:

taxes fraudDrug traffickingSexual abuse the a minorMurder

Additionally, anyone who illegally start the joined States much more than as soon as will no be default to use for a green card. You may be permanently banned from entering the country without exception.

DACA Recipients Married to environment-friendly Card Holders

DACA recipients may likewise be eligible to use for a eco-friendly card if they space married to existing green map holders. While the procedure is less complicated if the sponsoring spouse is a U.S. Citizen, there space two routes to consider:

Apply because that a eco-friendly Card While life Abroad

Green card holders life in the united States have the right to sponsor a spouse because that a eco-friendly card through marriage. However, the petitioning spouse need to live external of the United states unless the filing day for the F-2A group in the visa bulletin because that the month of filing is current.

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Living abroad may not be the ideal option for many recipients that DACA. Everyone considering this route must an initial be granted permission to travel(and use an immigrant attorney solutions to adjust) or risk losing their U.S. Benefits and also having an obstacle returning.

Become a U.S. Citizen before Sponsoring a Spouse

DACA recipients resident in the U.S. May use for a marriage eco-friendly card if your spouse is a U.S. Citizen. A environment-friendly card holder standard to apply for U.S. Citizenship can an initial apply for us Citizenship, end up being a citizen and also then petition because that a environment-friendly card for your spouse residing in the U.S. Depending upon the USCIS wait times that takes much longer waiting times because that spouses of eco-friendly card holders than spouses of U.S. Citizens.