While symptom of all 3 infections overlap, over there are an important differences and steps you deserve to take to safeguard yourself.

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COVID-19 symptoms can additionally mimic signs that the flu, i beg your pardon is especially concerning as flu season approaches and distinguishing in between the two illnesses i do not care vital.

While the flu barely made an appearance critical year, many thanks to COVID-19 precautions favor mandatory masking and social distancing, physicians are anticipating a significant uptick in flu situations this fall and winter as human being return to offices and classrooms.

“The flu normally hits through a fever, muscle aches, and also a emotion of being rundown, all of which deserve to be present in COVID-19,” Dr. Chida says.

If you start to feel unwell and don’t recognize why, the most essential thing you can do — in enhancement to staying home and also isolating you yourself — is call your medical care provider to describe your symptoms. “Talking to your physician around your symptoms and also whether to get tested is the best very first step,” says Chida.

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Top Cold Symptoms

“We’ve all had colds, for this reason we tend to understand what the symptoms room — and also they are frequently less serious than those that COVID-19 or the flu,” states Dr. Loria.

Cold symptoms deserve to include:

A runny noseCongestionMalaiseBody achesHeadache

Top Flu Symptoms

“Flu symptoms are apt come come on really abruptly, versus symptoms that COVID-19 or a cold,” says Loria. This symptoms have the right to include:

A high heat lasting number of days — “One the the hallmarks that the flu is a greater fever than you’d obtain with COVID-19, which typically tends to be in the 100.5 range,” Loria says.Malaise, fatigue, and weaknessMuscle achesChillsHeadache

Unlike COVID-19, the flu is seasonal, mainly arising in fall and also winter. ”We recognize it’s comes every year,” says Priya Nori, MD, an transmittable diseases specialist at Montefiore health and wellness System in brand-new York City. As for COVID-19, she says, “you can get it in warmth weather or cold, in spring, summer, winter, and fall.”