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Licking the spoon is the best component of baking cookies. Yet it"s a poor idea. Due to the fact that eating life cookie dough really can make friend sick, and not just due to the fact that it contains raw eggs.

In 2009, end 77 people throughout 30 states obtained food poisoning after eat prepackaged life cookie dough. Plenty of experienced vomiting and bloody diarrhea, and also some had actually severe kidney damage. In the end, Nestlé had actually to remind 3.6 million packages that its refrigerated cookie dough. And also in 2016, another group got sick after eat raw homemade cookie dough made from general Mills products.

But in spite of what you"d expect, the culprit wasn"t salmonella in the eggs. It to be a shiga toxin-producing E. Coli in the flour, the same type that periodically finds its method into romaine lettuce and also hamburger meat. In fact, the CDC approximates it"s responsible for 265,000 illnesses, 3,600 hospitalizations, and also 30 deaths in the United says every year.

Now, typically E. Coli likes come bunker down in moist places. That"s why researchers were surprised once it turned up in flour. And even today, it"s a mystery as to how the E. Coli obtained there in the an initial place, or just how it made it through in the flour"s dry environment. The difficulty is that the bacteria can have infiltrated the flour during any step the the production process. It might have snuck top top the wheat from pet poop, or jumped to the flour indigenous a contaminated handling equipment. There"s yes, really no means to understand for sure. Now, simply to it is in clear, back flour was the culprit in this case, life eggs deserve to still be just as dangerous. In fact, the FDA estimates that annually contaminated eggs cause 79,000 food-borne illnesses and 30 deaths in the joined States. V that in mind, the CDC warns versus eating any type of raw cookie dough.

But, there"s an excellent news. Although, yes, there"s a threat your cookie dough is contaminated, it"s a quite minimal one. Many bakers, because that example, taste test all the time, no worse because that wear. Plus, a study discovered that over fifty percent of college students ate unbaked cookie dough, and they live to call the tale.

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Even better, the risk is reduced today than ever before, at least when it involves store-bought varieties. Because, after the 2009 outbreak, companies prefer Nestlé and Pillsbury have started consisting of heat-treated flour and also pasteurized egg in your dough. By heating flour to 71 levels Celsius, you death off any kind of E. Coli. And the pasteurization process heats egg just sufficient to kill off bacteria without food preparation the egg. Heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs also explain why the kind of cookie dough you uncover in ice cream is harmless. Yet if you urge on do your chocolate chip cookie from scratch, there"s a DIY way to sterilize your very own ingredients: bake the cookie! It"ll tho taste good.