comparing Civilian and Military human body Armor

Body armor refers to all kinds of protective apparel that is designed to safeguard your body from penetration or affect caused by weapon attacks. In many instances, human body armor is provided to safeguard oneself versus attacks by bullets and crude weapons. Traditionally body armor has actually been a keep of armed forces personnel and law enforcement officers. However, human body armor is being offered by personal citizens and also private security to defend themselves nowadays.

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There is a huge difference in the threats challenged by army personnel and those confronted by any type of of the various other parties mentioned above. Also, there room regulations that govern the usage of body armor by exclusive citizens. These regulations, at times and also in part jurisdictions, go as much as determining the sort of body armor a exclusive citizen have the right to use.

Certain body armor types are preserved for the armed forces or legislation enforcement policemans in specific locations, and also cannot be used by personal citizens. Below, we discover the various differences in human body armor for civilians and also the military.

Are Civilians enabled to Wear human body Armor?

There room a many myths and also misconceptions around who is permitted by regulation to own and also wear human body armor. When the laws and also regulations can differ from one jurisdiction or state come another, civilians space legally able come buy and use human body armor. Bulletproof vests are some of the most typically used human body armor through civilians. In many states, you are unable to buy or use body armor if you have been convicted of a felony.

As a civilian, you may feel the must wear human body armor if you occupational or live in atmospheres that placed you in ~ the danger of attack. Examples of civilians who might feel the have to wear a bulletproof vest on day-to-day basis include; jewelry store owners, pawn shop owners, ATM repairman, couriers, judges and attorneys, politicians, ems, firefighters, and also many others.

The bottom heat is that civilians need accessibility to body armor when they feel their an individual safety is in ~ risk. Nevertheless of how much legislation enforcement officers might shot to reassure you of your safety. Your an individual safety is your responsibility. It is, therefore, just logical the you own and also wear a bulletproof vest whenever girlfriend feel prefer your security is in ~ risk.

Different species of human body armor administer different levels of protection. Together such, before you purchase any kind of body armor you should assess and understand the level of defense that you need. The national institute of righteousness (NIJ) has set world-class standards for the produce of body armor. You can use the NIJ standards to examine the level the protection available by the miscellaneous bulletproof vests easily accessible to you.

Body Armor protection Levels

Body armor defense levels and also standards are usually structured by the US national Institute of righteousness (NIJ) and the UK center for used Science and Technology. These two bodies have continually shared experimentation techniques and also developed requirements for human body armor. Threats are divided into three categories. They room ballistic, edged blades, and also spike threats. Over there are various tiers of defense under each of this categories.

Ballistic Threats

Ballistic threats describe all threats related to gunfire. Firearms selection from small handguns the shoot little bullets to huge machine guns that fire huge rounds that would kill in one instant. Bulletproof vests space designed to slow-moving down and also stop bullets as they effort to pierce v them. 


There are two types of bulletproof vests. Soft and also hard armor. Soft armor is provided to defend against tiny firearms, while difficult armor is used versus high caliber guns and large piercing rounds. Ballistic armors room classified in the following levels depending upon the level of security they have the right to offer.

Level IIA - Level IIA is the shortest level and also normally protects against 9mm rounds. Human body armor in this level has actually a thickness that 4mm and also area thickness of 3.5 kg/m.Level II - Level II armor is a bit an ext protective 보다 level IIA, although the still can not handle any type of rounds that are bigger than 9mm. The human body armor in this level has actually a thickness of 5mm and also an area thickness of 4.2 kg/m.Level IIIA - Level IIIA body armor will protect versus anything up to .44 magnum rounds and anything else below that. The armor has actually a thickness that 6 mm and also an area thickness of 5.9 kg/m.Level III - Level III is composed of high caliber body armor that have the right to protect against rounds as big as 7.62 mm shoot by NATO divide firearms. Body armor in this level is together thick as 15mm and also has one area thickness of as much as 25.9 kg/m. Level III armor is typically used by military personnel and law enforcement officers. This human body armor level is currently constantly hard and in the form of ballistic plates that deserve to be placed into vests or carriers. Level IV - Level IV armor provides the highest possible level that protection versus ballistic attacks and like level III, is hardened. Human body armor in this group is together thick as 20mm and also has an area thickness of 32.5 kg/m.

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Edged Blade and also Spike Threats

Many people tend to assume that if human body armor have the right to stop bullets, it can additionally protect versus a knife stab. The is no the instance though. However, it is feasible to have actually body armor that deserve to protect against both ballistic and edged tongue threats. Human body armor still needs to it is in classified follow to the level of protection it can offer against stab by edged blades.