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Tums seem relatively harmless. This antacids gained me through rather a few bouts that heartburn. It makes sense the they could help a tiny one with an uncomfortable stomach, too.

However, ~ above calling the medical professional for my little one about this subject, I discovered that Tums aren’t constantly the answer.

It’s vital to address other feasible causes and also learn what age is safe to give kids Tums to make certain that friend don’t do more harm than good.

Table the Contents

1 Tums2 have the right to 5-Year-Olds have actually Tums?4 home Remedies4.3 Swallowing Air4.4 Constipation4.5 Lactose Intolerance5 Gas5.3 mountain Reflux


Tums job-related exceptionally well to provide relief native acid. This has a small amount that indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and also gas. They perform not occupational like all-in-one stomach medicines, such as Pepto Bismol.

Tums won’t help with diarrhea or vomiting. They aren’t constantly recommended to attend to chronic conditions.

My pediatrician is a big fan the addressing basic causes. That’s why you view that stated in so plenty of of my blogs. I’ve personally uncovered that this works much better for a lengthy term systems too.


Can 6-Year-Olds have Tums?

Yes! six is the magical period that children are allowed to have Tums follow to the pediatrician. It’s vital to store in mind that how many Tums you offer your little one will count on your weight.

If you’re unsure, asking your medical professional or regional pharmacy. If you’re wonder if 7, 8, 9, or 10-year-olds can have Tums, it’s the very same answer.

These period groups have the right to enjoy the relief that Tums provides for a selection of ailments. The same company makes Tums for youngsters as well, and most children enjoy these.

Home Remedies

Although medicine interactions aren’t common and also serious side impacts are exceptionally rare, some of you could not feel comfortable offering your small one Tums or her child can be as well young.

If your children are under six, there room plenty of home remedies obtainable to carry out relief in the meantime.


Heartburn is usually a smaller version of acid reflux. Once heartburn is a constant problem, it’s typically diagnosed as acid Reflux.

The occasional bout the heartburn is not thought about acid reflux, though. This are few of the most typical home remedies for heartburn:

Aloe juiceSugar-free gumBananasDiet changes (avoid foods with a high mountain content, such as tomatoes)Oatmeal

These will administer temporary relief because that heartburn. Many recommend drink milk to protect against heartburn in that tracks, but the fat content in milk deserve to actually make heartburn worse in the lengthy run.

Instead, opt for oatmeal with sliced bananas and some aloe juice come drink.


Bloating is a common cause of stomach aches in children. Most kids don’t recognize what bloating is, for this reason instead, they complain the their stomach hurts.

In bespeak to assist your little one through bloating, you require to find the cause behind the bloating.

Swallowing Air

Swallowing waiting can occur when kids breathe as well fast, like once they are anxious about something. Children that are scared will likewise breathe faster. Youngsters that chew gum space also much more likely come swallow air than other kids.

The Solution

Teach your children breathing methods to use as soon as they space stressed, nervous, or emotion scared. If your small one chews gum, it’s time to eliminate it. Gum is poor for your teeth, anyway.



Constipation can easily reason bloating or an uncomfortable stomach. It deserve to be an overwhelming for parents to call if their child is constipated when they start using the bathroom on your own.

To identify if your little one is backed up, have actually a conversation through them. Explain how healthy bowel motions work and tell them the you require to understand if they haven’t pooped in a while.

This is a pretty conversation to have, but most younger children won’t remember to tell you. Just to it is in safe, questioning your kid if castle pooped every night to double-check.

The Solution

The systems to constipation regularly lies in diet changes. End the respond to medication, such as laxatives, can help on a quick term basis. However, it’s necessary to implement dietary transforms to make sure that the doesn’t turn into chronic constipation.

The main alters that most civilization make that help constipation are increasing the fiber and also water intake. Mild dehydration can result in constipation as deserve to a negative diet.

Make certain to encompass plenty of irpari greens, prefer salad or spinach in her kid’s diet. Fruits and water room perfect because that keeping youngsters both hydrated and also healthy.

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is a common reason for bloating, stomach pain, and also diarrhea. If youngsters experience stomach pain once drinking milk or consuming commodities that have actually lactose in them, it might be as result of lactose intolerance.

Sometimes, the symptom don’t appear until several hours after a boy drinks milk, though. This is why it’s valuable to contact your pediatrician. Part offices can do a breath test to determine if a kid is lactose intolerant.

The Solution

Eliminate lactose from your diet if possible. Most milk has lactose in it, but there room lactose-free choices available. Opt for soy milk or almond milk instead.

Start analysis the ingredient on dairy assets while in ~ the store. There are a many yogurt commodities that do not have actually lactose in them. Most world that are slightly lactose intolerant have the right to still consume cheese too!


Children acquire gas as with adults do. However, they regularly do the exact same thing the they perform with other things. Merely say the their stomach hurts.

There are rather a few things that can reason gas in children. In bespeak to stop gas, it’s vital to discover what is resulting in the gas.

Medical Conditions

If her child has chronic gas, it can be because of an underlying clinical condition. Common conditions that reason gas include:

IBSConstipationLactose intoleranceSide impacts from antibioticsCeliac diseaseGastrointestinal diseases

If your child seems to be constantly experiencing from gas, it deserve to be a an excellent idea to check with her pediatrician for underlying medical conditions.



If there space no underlying medical conditions, you deserve to usually trust that chronic gas is due to a child’s diet. Sometimes kids are more sensitive to foods than we are, so we don’t always realize the we can be contributing come the gas problem.

These foodstuffs are recognized to cause gas:

Too much fiberFoods that space high in fiber, such as beansCarbonated drinks, favor soda or carbonated waterBroccoliBrussel sproutsApplesBananasPeachesPearsOrangesDried fruit

If your kid eats a the majority of these foods and also they have actually gas, this can be the reason. Shot eliminating crucial foods from their diet to find out which one is the cause of the gas.

Do this v one food at a time for 3-5 days. It can be time-consuming and also requires patience, yet is well worth that in the long run.

Most parents uncover it advantageous to keep medication the can administer relief ~ above hand if they identify the basic cause.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is led to by acid in the stomach. This is the main reason the parents wonder if a five-year-old can have Tums.

If that’s not an option and also you choose not to give your small one more medicine 보다 is necessary, take into consideration these feasible causes and solutions to acid reflux.

Possible Causes

To recognize a natural way to resolve acid reflux, it’s crucial to recognize that mountain reflux is often the exact same thing together heartburn. However, acid reflux happens more often than as soon as in a while.

It’s the indistinguishable of chronic heartburn. Over there are several underlying things that can cause acid reflux:

StressAnxietyObesitySome OTC medications, such as Ibuprofen and also TylenolSleeping directly after eat or laying down after mealsLarge meals

In this situations, the solution would be to settle the basic condition. For stress, children can exercise yoga. Cognitive-behavioral treatment can help children learn to deal with anxiety.

Sitting up because that an hour or for this reason after meals can assist drastically reduce symptoms of mountain reflux.



Diet deserve to play a huge role in acid reflux. There room a many of foods that contain large amounts the acid, such together tomatoes. If her child has a diet pack with any type of of these foods, that could be the reason behind them having acid reflux:

Raw onionsGarlicSpicy foodsChocolateCitrus fruits, such together orangesCaffeinePeppermintCoffeePeppermint

If your child consumes a many these foods, try an elimination diet to watch if the helps.


While fixing the underlying problem is frequently the finest long term solution, it’s a good idea to have something on hand for children so that they aren’t experiencing while you identify that underlying cause.

Children under 6 years old shouldn’t have Tums, but Pepto Bismol does make a product the is designed particularly for children.

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This is a good alternative and happens to be the one the I have actually in mine cabinet due to the fact that my six-year-old quiet likes those for this reason we’ve never ever made the move to Tums.


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