Emotional Support pet Letters: experienced Advice ~ above the ESA Chicken Challenge

Posted ~ above June 30, 2019 by zaochamb

This week our guest article comes to united state from ESADoggy, a firm that focuses on helping world with their emotional support animals!

This is not a legit service. We are not lawyers, yet we market education, consulting, and documents that fulfill the demands of the law regarding emotional support animals. Us cannot and will not carry out legal advice. Us recommend that you always consult v a license is granted attorney.

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Awareness around the role of emotional support animals is growing, awakening come something we’ve known about here for years: A furry companion can be wickedly helpful for one’s emotional well-being.


Does mine furry friend always have to it is in furry?

For many, the emotional support comes from a dog or cat. This renders sense, together there are over 75 million pet dog in the united States. In theory, though, it might be any type of animal. Let’s no discriminate versus ferrets, snakes, alligators, horses … or also pot-bellied pigs.

Heck, how about an emotional support chicken? Or, in the situation of a customer of ours, how around six ESA chickens?

According to Psychology Today:

They have the right to make great therapy pets for world who live with a backyard due to the fact that they price much less than dogs. Care-taking is great for you as soon as it’s not overwhelming, and also a chicken can administer an “un-anxious instance of exactly how to live without worry.

What makes a an excellent emotional assistance chicken?

The silk chicken breed tends to be calm, not easily startled, and also enjoy connecting with people. Small, an extremely fuzzy, and also soft, Silkies cannot fly as result of the absence of flight feathers. Bred and also raised to be pets, your temperament is more friendly than other barnyard breeds.

Now the downside:

Unfortunately, gaining your chicken moved into your studio apartment isn’t choose qualifying for a usual ESA accommodation. Sure, an emotionally support pet letter is needed, but there’s a lot an ext legwork the goes into obtaining a non-dog/cat authorized by her landlord or the airline. Us know, as we’ve run afoul (pun!) on gaining a chicken (or six, in one situation of ours) approved.

In fact, we’d recommend if your ESA is of a an ext exotic species than the four-legged, furry variety, probably the last thing you want to execute is go ahead and secure one “ESA letter” readily discovered on the web. Acquiring Mr. Foghorn Leghorn and also his family members to happen muster with the rule-makers and also enforcers takes experience, expertise, and planning.

And that knowledge is most likely only discovered in one place.

Here, in ~ ESAD.

So, if you’re ready to traction the trigger, take a moment and ask you yourself this: Is that firm you discovered on the net really pushing for you to gain an emotional support animal letter? walk the therapist have any type of direct experience gaining a chicken approved together an ESA?

Pro-tip: We execute (and it no easy)! our team assisted a client get six chickens authorized to live in rental real estate as ESAs. It was so much much more than our bulletproof ESA letter.

The ESA chicken challenge

A few of the concerns you’re likely to challenge include:

Zoning for farm animals.Odor and noise complaints native neighbors.Health issues, consisting of disposal of waste and also concern about spreading disease.Potential to attract rats and also vermin.Justifying an ext than one.

Potbellied pigs

Pigs are exceptionally intelligent and also sensitive pets which can make them candidates for ESAs. They’re much cleaner than dogs and likewise don’t shed as much. So, deserve to a potbellied pig be considered an emotional assistance animal?

Er, maybe.

It every comes down to explaining why a client needs a pig, and also not a “traditional” animal species. Unfortunately, thanks to those people who shot to skirt local pet ordinances, a pig might not be thought about a “reasonable” accommodation. Pigs room generally thought about livestock and also are often denied accommodation as an ESA.

Says HUD, “nder the FHAct, one individual through a impairment may deserve to have an pet other than a dog in his or her residence if the animal qualifies as a ‘reasonable accommodation’ the is necessary to afford the individual equal possibility to use and enjoy a dwelling, assuming the the animal does not pose a straight threat.”

Here are some objections you can encounter do the efforts to qualify a potbellied pig together an ESA:

Zoning for farm animal applied to exclude pig.Concern about health of other residents particularly if pig is in ~ the pool area, club residence or other typically used areas.Justifying pig vs. Dog or cat.Concerns around size and safety the the animal.Apprehension about damage hooves could present to property.


Easy-going, highly social, and easily transportable, ferrets make an excellent emotional support animals since they gain burrowing near to your owners. Not bad, ferrets.

Here space some objections you can encounter do the efforts to qualified a ferret as one ESA:

Misunderstanding what that is.Concern around size and safety the the animal.May wake up odor complaints.

Miniature pony

Many human being who room blind usage miniature horses as your guides instead of dogs. Naturally cautious, mild-mannered, and also sharp-eyed, miniature horses can live for as much as 30 years. It is a heck of a lot much longer than your typical dog.

Here room some objections you might encounter trying to qualified a miniature pony as an ESA:

The size of the pet may arouse suspicion that the unit/dwelling/property is large enough to manage it there is no damage.Accommodating would impose one undue financial and administrative burden on the real estate provider or would need the an essential alteration of the provider’s operations.Apprehension around potential damage.


More and much more people prefer to adopt a rabbit due to the fact that of their mild disposition and also furry coat. Unequal dogs, rabbits nothing require everyday walks and plenty of stimuli and also exercise. That provides ideal for world who need to leave residence for hrs every day.

Here space some objections you might encounter trying to qualify a rabbit as an ESA:

May wake up odor complaints.


Last, however not the very least let’s think about alligators and snakes.

Most world don’t think that reptiles that deserve to kill human beings as particularly snuggly or calming, yet a Pennsylvania man is an altering that perception.

Joie Henney the Strinestown, Pennsylvania keeps a 4-foot, 6-inch alligator named Wally as an emotional support and also brings that to schools and an elderly centers to entertain and comfort kids and also the elderly.

Here space some objections you might encounter make the efforts to qualified an alligator or a snake as an ESA:

Typically presents a safety and security issueNo history to support need for these types of animalsPotential brand-new diseases not uncovered in dogs, cats or birds and also not as easily dealt with.Skepticism as to whether alligators and snakes carry out emotional support.

So, why need to you select ESAD?

ESAD’s consulting services provide critical role in achieving fair housing goals. Our mission is to improve compliance with fair housing law and expand access to equal housing opportunities.

We understand the fair real estate complaint process better than anyone available on the sector today. With our initiatives, members of our team have:

Successfully filed numerous fair real estate complaints, compelling settlements causing millions the dollars the damages.With near-perfect success, our fair housing complaint strategy has actually resulted in numerous dollars in damages and additional costs for the nature to absorb.

Your boutique problem requires a boutique agency

If she trying to number out how to qualify those nine chickens, your Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, or any kind of of the above, you’re walking to require a well-thought-out video game plan.

At this point, you likely don’t need an emotional support pet letter. Oh, no doubt, you’ll most likely need a perfectly created emotional support pet letter, but that’s most likely down the road. In the meantime, you will do be finest to avoid purchasing “fake paperwork” and also bogus IDs indigenous those commonly pervasive cheat registry sites.

Pro-tip: We’ve got great success v Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs – they’re clean and far better behaved than many dogs.

When facing a Sisyphean task, don’t do the boulder any kind of bigger.

That doesn’t average we can’t aid you, though.

Right now, you will do probably advantage from an skilled team the ESA experts who can provide guidance, education, and direction. You need someone who’s been there before, who’s done well with this outlying cases, that are professionals in a quite esoteric field.

It’s no as simple as I have “a chicken.” Is the a single chicken or eight? carry out you live in a studio apartment or maybe on a house with an acre of land? it’s a house, because that sure, however is it in ~ an HOA or privately owned?

So, you’ve identified you require some advantageous advice, yet where execute you revolve to?

The Advice only Consultation (AOC)

AOC occurred from discussions through clients who necessary our expert assistance. So, for just $399 (was $499), you’ll spend an hour top top the phone with our team that will review your situation, documents, and also make particular recommendations.

Topics include:

Vetting your situationAnticipating the housing provider difficulties to your exotic animal accommodation requestHelping friend prepare responses, defenses, paperwork, documents, and also narrativeProviding a success forecast, gauging the reasonability of your accommodation request

You’ll also received an activity summary report that can be used to develop a finely-tuned emotionally support pet letter.

For details around our Advice just Consultation, please click here.

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This is no a legitimate service. We space not lawyers, however we offer education, consulting, and also documents that meet the needs of the law concerning emotional support animals. Us cannot and also will not administer legal advice. We recommend the you constantly consult with a licensed attorney.