by Nicole Johnson, Founder and also Lead Sleep Consultant in Sleep maintain — critical Updated: July 10, 2020

RECALL NOTICE: The Rock-N-Play to be recalled in April 2019. Since 2009, end 30 infant deaths occurred due to a boy rolling while unrestrained. Please constantly use restraints top top any maker that has them and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, that is encourage to avoid using part items as soon as your child have the right to roll.

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The Graco Rock-N-Play has actually been a great tool because that a parent’s toolbox, but what happens as soon as your baby will only sleep in the Rock-N-Play? right here are 5 tips to help:

Sleep on the crib sheets – her scent moved to a crib sheet deserve to possibly give your baby comfort in transitioning to a brand-new sleep space. Her baby’s odor can likewise help, so friend can try to have actually playtime on the crib sheets during non-sleep time a few days before trying the crib. It may not it is in a cure-all, however anything can help with an convey period.

Transition gradually* – one more thing to consider is working your way up to every naps or all night in the brand-new sleep space like the crib. What might start as just 30 minutes have the right to rapidly boost as her baby gets more and much more accustomed to a new bed or mattress. Take into consideration that right currently the crib feels favor a international place lot like adults don’t choose to sleep in a hotel bed. But, with an ext time ~ above the new mattress, this can come to be your baby’s brand-new “normal.” begin with 30 minute to one hour, then include an hour every night or three hrs each night, whatever feels comfortable. Her baby might just surprise you and include on hours without any effort together he or she grows an ext and an ext accustomed come the new bed.

Be persistent – i can’t tell you how plenty of parents phone call me something “didn’t work” ~ trying something one time. The takes a most repetition for some things to “stick” when it comes to children. I can’t count how numerous times I had actually to repeat my kids to speak “please” and also “thank you.” even if the doesn’t work-related the first time, stay persistent and also follow-through. As I stated above, you have the right to make steady changes and also work your means up, if that works best for your baby and/or because that you.

Sometimes her baby won’t sleep in a bedside bassinet. And, sometimes, her baby will certainly only sleep in a Rock-N-Play or other bassinet and you want him or her in the crib. The number of potential sleep difficulties in the very first year alone is enough to drive brand-new parents bonkers. Hopefully, these advice will have actually your baby sleeping in no time!

* please note: The Rock-N-Play technically does not adhere to safe sleep guidelines i beg your pardon state her baby have to sleep ~ above a firm, flat surface. But, in our experience, many families usage it together a sleep device, since let’s face it, once your baby is no sleeping, girlfriend will do just around anything to obtain some extra zzz’s. To adhere to for sure sleep guidelines, you would must stop using the Rock-N-Play immediately. If you perform keep utilizing it, you should always usage the restraints and also once her baby have the right to roll, you should stop utilizing this product immediately. Be sure to review the manufacturer’s instructions an extremely carefully.

How did you acquire your infant to prevent sleeping in the Rock-N-Play?

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