Taking a imperial Caribbean cruise is a good family vacation for every ages, including infants. The an essential to a effective cruise with an child is to be prepared and find the best sailing for her family.

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How old does my infant must be to go on a royal Caribbean cruise?

Royal Caribbean requires babies be at least 6 months old together of the first day the the cruise to be able to go ~ above a royal Caribbean cruise. 

For transatlantic, transpacific, Hawaii, choose South American and other selected cruises, your infant should be at the very least 12 month old together of the very first day that the cruise.

In addition, any cruise that has 3 or much more days consecutive at sea will require infants to be 12 month old ~ above the very first day of the cruise.

Any children younger 보다 the infant policy will be denied boarding.

Does royal Caribbean charge babies a cruise fare?

Yes, babies are charged a cruise fare, just like everyone else onboard.

If your infant is the 3rd or 4th passenger, lock will usually pay a reduced rate.

Does mine infant need a passport?

Ideally you will certainly travel with a passport for your infant due to the fact that it greatly simplifies the procedure of travel by airplane, need to an unexpected event occur that reasons your family members to miss out on the cruise ship.

United states citizens deserve to travel through a birth certificate in lieu that a passport, however having a passport has tremendous benefits and also most travel specialists advise investing in a passport once traveling overseas.

For non-United claims residents, you will require a valid passport and in part cases, a visa.

What to look for in a ship

Royal Caribbean has 23 ships in that is fleet and also each ship offers something different, so the is necessary to research what each ship has in state of facilities for your infant and also which infrastructure you absolutely need and also which you carry out not.



Select royal Caribbean ships have actually an infant pool well-known as the infant Splash Zone, where children who undertake a swimming diaper have the right to go into. Ordinarily, children that wear diapers room prohibited indigenous going into pools onboard the ship, however some of the newer cruise ships now offer an infant pool.

If her cruise has a couple of sea days, having access to an child pool have the right to be important, vice versa, if you room taking a port extensive itinerary, it may not it is in a factor.

There are Baby Splash area on flexibility of the Seas, Liberty the the Seas, self-reliance of the Seas, Oasis that the Seas, Allure the the Seas, Quantum that the Seas and Anthem of the Seas.



On many Royal Caribbean pearls is the royal Babies and also Tots Nursery, wherein parents deserve to drop off infants and toddlers who room too young because that the Adventure s program.

The imperial Babies and also Tots Nursery is for children in between the age of 6 and also 36 month old. For a little charge per hour ($8 every hour at the moment of this blog post), your child will be looked after by trained professionals.

Keep in mind that the nursery has limited space, so girlfriend will want to walk there ~ above your an initial day to reserve times.

Most royal Caribbean ships now offer a nursery yet you should verify the ship you are cruising on does in truth have one.


Picking the perfect stateroom is always a big part the the decision to book a cruise, but when you include an infant right into the mix, that adds one more layer of complexity.

Royal Caribbean will administer a crib for your kid to sleep cost-free of charge, but you will desire to likewise consider the stateroom size and how much room the crib will take up and there being enough space for your child to crawl roughly in.

Keep in mind many staterooms that are not suites will certainly not have actually a bathtub tub, so once it concerns bath time, your child will either have to be okay with a shower head or friend should think about packing an inflatable tub.

You should likewise look because that staterooms that have actually a room-dividing curtain or wall surface so that when your child is sleeping, you can still have actually the lamp on or watch television or read.

Dreamworks Experience


Select imperial Caribbean ships market the DreamWorks Experience, whereby there room DreamWorks characters to meet, such as Shrek, Alex the lion, the penguins, Fiona and also more.

There are likewise DreamWorks activities onboard, such together DreamWorks character breakfast, parades, movie in your stateroom and also more.

Bring many of supplies

One important facet of planning because that a cruise v an child is having plenty that everything.

Infants have the right to go with wipes, diapers, formula and even clothing faster 보다 you can anticipate, so that is vital to have as lot extra together possible, especially since you cannot go to the store to get an ext supplies top top a cruise ship.

Estimate just how much offers your infant will go through for the expression of your cruise and also then pad that number by 25% to provide yourself some cushion. 

A an excellent tip is to acquisition the provides close to the port rather of paying the airline for extra package or cramming much more stuff in your car for the ride to the port. If you rental a car, protect against by a pharmacy near the port. If you space taking a taxi, negotiate a stop into the fare.

Royal Caribbean does sell a program referred to as Babies on The Go, i m sorry is a partnership with Huggies and also Gerber to carry out supplies on your ship. If carrying a many diapers, infant food and also other provides is not feasible, take into consideration ordering gives in advancement that will be ceded to her stateroom upon your arrival.

Stroller or no stroller?

Yes, friend should bring a stroller but leave the jogging stroller in ~ home since it will just take up also much an are in your stateroom.

Consider bringing instead an umbrella stroller or also just a infant carrier. They might not it is in that beneficial onboard the ship however when you go to ports, having a method of carrying your infant other than you transferring them will be fairly helpful.

In-room babysitting

If your royal Caribbean delivery does not have a nursery or your son does not want to go, there is in-room babysitting as one more option.

Babysitting will expense you more than the nursery ($19 every hour, last us checked) yet it enables your kid to remain in your stateroom if being supervised by royal Caribbean crew members.

The an essential to obtaining a avestor is you should speak through Guest Services about getting one. At that point, they will ask what day and time girlfriend would like the babysitter and also then Guest solutions will watch if there are any type of crew members ready to assist.

In-room babysitting is no a regular service, for this reason what wake up is crew members volunteer to take a change if they have actually time and also are willing.

I"ve had an excellent luck with acquiring a infant sitter yet keep in psychic it"s ~ above a first-come, first served basis and also there are limited baby sitters.

Can I acquire milk for my infant?

There will always be somewhere onboard to get milk throughout your imperial Caribbean cruise. During meal hours, the Windjammer is regularly the simplest method to gain a carton or two of milk.

There is practically always whole milk available, and also low fat (2%) milk.

When every else fails, room company can provide milk and also deliver it to her stateroom 24 hours a day. Store in mind the a late night organization charge the $3.95 applies if you order an extremely late.

You can also "stock pile" milk in her stateroom mini-fridge. Ask your stateroom attendant to empty the mini-fridge and also then you can constantly grab extra cartons of milk to store in there because that later.



You are more than welcome to carry your child to the main dining room because that dinner each evening.

Royal Caribbean will administer high chairs because that infants and there is even a special kids menu, if your child is old enough to eat heavy foods.

How perform I to wash bottles and also clothing?

You should be able to wash bottles in the stateroom restroom sink. Be certain to bring the suitable supplies to clean bottles.

For clean your infants clothing, you have actually two options. First, you deserve to use the sink to to wash clothing. Friend can bring onboard solitary use laundry detergent powder packets the you deserve to hand wash in the sink and also then air dry in her shower or balcony.

If you have to clean a lot of clothes, royal Caribbean provides dry cleaning services for a fee every item. For a far better value, look because that the "fill a bag" laundry transaction that is often easily accessible for a level fee.

Don"t disregard naps


This probably falls under an easy parenting, however just due to the fact that you are on a cruise go not mean you must forget around nap time.

In my experience, the closer you have the right to keep kids to their nap schedule, the much better time overall everyone will certainly have. The nurseries have actually cribs for napping but often going back to her stateroom is the finest idea because that a nap.

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On embarkation day, your stateroom might not be ready until later on in the work (usually approximately 1pm), so it is in prepared how to take care of a nap if her room is no available. Some an excellent ideas space to hold-up arrival to the ship until the afternoon or shot for a nap in the stroller.

Have friend taken an child on a royal Caribbean cruise? Share your tips in the comments below!