Learn how to earlier up and sync messages in the cloud, download messages to your brand-new phone, and text from your tablet.

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Activate at&t Messages back-up & Sync on a smartphoneOn sustained smartphones, the message app also includes at&t Messages back-up & Sync. When you very first open the messaging app on a supported smartphone, you’ll acquire the choice to usage AT&T Messages back-up & Sync.You can additionally opt in anytime native the message app. Simply pick Settings, then AT&T Messages backup & Sync.Get bill details for messaging and data usageThere’s no monthly recurring fee to use AT&T Messages backup & Sync:Your messaging arrangement rates use for all messages girlfriend send and also receive. Yes no extra per-message charge for message backup.If you opt in, we’ll automatically copy every messages friend send or obtain to the cloud at no extra cost.Data dues may use when friend sync your messages come the cloud, including:The an initial time friend sync messages in between your smartphone and the cloudOngoing syncing of read and delete status in between your phone and also the cloudWhen messages are ceded to her smartphone from a tabletYou i will not ~ incur data charges because that messages synced when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.Connect internationally with at & t Messages backup & SyncYou can use at & t Messages backup & Sync once you travel abroad. International message and data arrangement rates apply. Go to znjke.com/global come learn more about global options.
Send and also receive messages from your tabletYou have the right to view, send, or receive messages making use of your mobile number. Simply download the at & t Messages for tablet computer app for Android tablets.Recover message after you change smartphones You can recover message if at&t Messages Backup and Sync was energetic on your previous smartphone. Just make sure your new or upgraded smartphone supports at&t Messages backup & Sync. Come download message stored in the at&t cloud: from AT&T Messages backup & Sync, choose Settings, climate AT&T Messages backup & Sync to sync messages to your new smartphone.If you delete messages from her device, they’ll also be deleted from the cloud. You can"t recuperate deleted messages using AT&T Messages backup & Sync.

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Received ineligible account notificationIf you gain a message stating you"re no eligible to use AT&T Messages backup & Sync, it might be because:AT&T PREPAIDSM is ineligible.You have a past due balance. Once you salary it, you deserve to start making use of AT&T Messages back-up & Sync.You may have actually message blocking energetic on your account.Your employer pays her account. If so, you may not be able to use at&t Messages.