Service Academy graduates have had a long background of do both your military and also NFL careers work.

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West suggest graduate Alejandro Villanueva, #78, of the Baltimore Ravens look at on during training camp in ~ M&T financial institution Stadium. Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty pictures
together college football season begins, it"s only right we highlight several of the organization Academy football player that have actually gone on native their corresponding schools to play in the large leagues. That not simple feat.

For nearly every year the these players have actually broached the NFL, there have been changing rules the make that unclear what lies ahead because that a more permanent plan on these players obtaining the chance to effort careers in pro sports. Yet while rules might change, these players made a commitment come stay prepared for both methods — playing sphere while additionally serving your country.

Alejandro Villanueva

Army (2011) — Baltimore Ravens

Alejandro Villanueva has had a pretty stable football career because his time at West allude ended. The two-time agree Bowler invested the past six periods with the Pittsburg Steelers. However in a current deal, he inked a $14 million contract v the Baltimore Ravens, wherein he’s expected to start at ideal tackle. He’ll have actually to confront his old team members at the very least twice a year in AFC north play.

Alejandro Villanueva that the Baltimore Ravens looks on throughout the first half that the preseason game against the Washington soccer Team on respectable 28, 2021. Photograph by Scott Taetsch/Getty pictures

Garrett Griffin

Air pressure (2016) — New olions SaintsThis Saints tight finish has had a quiet job thus much in new Orleans. Griffin, who graduated in 2016, has been on and also off the the practice squad through the Saints, but has play in seven continual season and two postseason contests because 2017. Let’s not forget his significant TD catch from attracted Brees in 2019. Griffin make the 53-man energetic roster this season.

new Orleans Saints chop end, Garrett Griffin, on the sideline throughout the Preseason nationwide Football league game versus the brand-new York jets on respectable 24, 2019. Photo by rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty pictures

Brett Toth

Army (2018) — Philadelphia Eagles

Following a 2018 policy adjust that allowed Service Academy grads the opportunity to defer their active duty commitment come play sports professionally, Brett Toth was an initial taken on through the Arizona Cardinals. After ~ being reduced following the final roster release, Toth later signed through the Philadelphia Eagles throughout their 2019 training camp as an offensive tackle. Toth played in six games last season, starting in one.

Brett Toth the the Philadelphia Eagles on the sideline throughout a preseason game against the new York jets on august 27, 2021. Picture by Dustin Satloff/Getty pictures

Elijah Riley

Army (2020) — Philadelphia Eagles

Do the Eagles have a liking because that West suggest alums? Maybe! Elijah Riley, a defensive back during his time at Army, declared for the NFL draft in 2020 and also went undrafted, however later signed a free-agent transaction in philly as a safety. Riley showed up in 5 games as a rookie.

Elijah Riley the the Philadelphia Eagles in ~ a preseason game versus the new York jet at MetLife stadion on respectable 27, 2021. Picture by Dustin Satloff/Getty images

Joe Cardona

Navy (2015) — brand-new England Patriots

Joe Cardona’s NFL career began at the fifth round of the 2015 draft. Since then, he’s earned 2 Super key rings and had one admirable career as a lengthy snapper for the brand-new England Patriots. Recent reports in-depth that the previous Navy player experienced an “undisclosed injury” during preseason practice, for this reason it’s unclear how countless games he’ll acquire to appear in 2021, but the Patriots did maintain him on their energetic roster.

Joe Cardona of the brand-new England Patriots arrives at the field for cultivate Camp in ~ Gillette stadium on July 30, 2021. Picture by Maddie Malhotra/Getty pictures

Malcolm Perry

Navy (2020) — brand-new England Patriots

Selected in the 7th ring by the Miami dolphins in the spring of 2020, Malcolm Perry is the latest Navy fan favorite to head to the NFL. The former quarterback set major records throughout his job in Annapolis. Miami provided him critical season and this preseason together a running back and receiver, however the Dolphins cut him this week. Much less than a day later, Perry to be scooped up invoice Belichick and also the Pats, that will most likely find an imaginative ways to make use of him. The Pats have had actually much success with other quarterback-turned-skill position players in the past.

Malcolm Perry that the Miami dolphin in action against the Atlanta Falcons throughout a preseason video game at hard Rock stadion on august 21, 2021. Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty photos Also...

Jon Rhattigan

Army (2021) — Seattle SeahawksThe former army linebacker walk undrafted in May yet was later on picked up by the Seattle Seahawks. A hamstring injury left Rhattigan nearly entirely the end of the preseason. He played just one game versus the Los Angeles Chargers however registered a total of 5 tackles and a tackle for a loss. A couple of reports had him together a quiet favorite to do the last roster, yet Rhattigan was reduced on Tuesday. Still, its meant that he’ll spend a most time in Seattle this season.

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Strongly suppose LB Jon Rhattigan to clear waivers and be ~ above the #Seahawks practice squad. Lock really prefer him, he impression in the preseason finale, and also it"s a position of require for them. #GoArmy

Jon Rhattigan that the Seattle Seahawks watch on in the second quarter throughout the NFL preseason game against the Los Angeles Chargers in ~ Lumen field on august 28, 2021. Picture by Abbie Parr/Getty photos

Now, while these business academy grads are right now tied to teams, there space a variety of other alums who have had recent stints in the continual NFL season, on practice squads, are currently complimentary agents, or were newly waived. That group includes: Ben Garland, Austin Cutting, Keenan Reynolds, young name Laufenberg, George Silvanic, Cole Christiansen and Connor Slomka. Additionally, New York Jets placed previous Air pressure defensive ago Zane Lewis top top the IR freshly after the tore his patella tendon and suffered a sprained MCL. The Jets likewise have previous Air pressure offensive lineman Parker Ferguson on IR.