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founding father and also former president James Madison thought "senatorial trust" occurred with age.(Supplied: White House historic Association)

It may have been come avoid developing family dynasties

One of the major reasons Americans wanted to cut their ties with great Britain was to eliminate the monarchy.

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The presidential period minimum may as such have been an effort to avoid creating a monarch-like sequence of strength from parental to child.

Back in the 18th century, it was very unlikely a president's youngsters would have turned 35 by the time he left office after ~ one or 2 terms.

US politics

"In the food of nature, very couple of fathers leaving a son who has arrived to the age," detailed founding father James Monroe.

It may have worked: when there have been four instances where one family produced multiple presidents, there has never to be a father who son immediately replaced him together the succeeding president.

Has the rule ever to be challenged?

There have actually been a few senators and House representatives over the years who sneaked in slightly prior to reaching the requisite age, seemingly there is no consequences.

Parties have attempted to gain out of age rules in miscellaneous ways. In 1934, 29-year-old senator-elect rush Holt was compelled to wait six months, until his 30th birthday, before being sworn in as a senator.

In 2012, 27-year-old Californian Peta Lindsay ran as a presidential candidate because that a minor party, yet was subsequently removed from the certified perform of candidates.

She challenged the decision, saying while she i agreeed she wasn't constitutionally standard to it is in president, it to be a violation of her constitutional civil liberties to stop her from running for the office in ~ all.

A commonwealth appeals court rubbish this, arguing to do otherwise would typical "anyone, nevertheless of age, citizenship or any type of other constitution ineligibility would be licensed has been granted to clutter and confuse ours electoral ballot".


Could the US change the rule?

Constitutional revised in the us is a huge deal. It requires both the House and the Senate to pass the amendment's wording in ~ a two-thirds majority, and also then three-quarters of the states to ratify it.

Changing the constitution because of this requires a huge groundswell of public pressure and political advocacy before it's even contemplated.

chairman Donald Trump and also Democratic presidential candidate previous Vice chairman Joe Biden speak throughout the very first presidential debate. Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, at situation Western University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio.(AP: Morry Gash, Pool)

It's clear that in 2020, voters have actually other compelling priorities to deal with, and also there's no actual public push to execute anything about the age minimums.

Perhaps this will change if a hugely popular underage candidate increase in the future.

In fact, given this year's suite of enlarge candidates, some space wondering whether there should be one upper age cap top top candidacy — avoiding people who room 'too old' native running.


What room the other rules?

The other demands in the constitution space that the candidate should be:

A natural born citizen, andA US resident for at the very least 14 years

US courts have generally interpreted the "natural born" wording to typical a chairman must have actually been born in the united States, but have never directly heard a difficulty to a presidential candidate's eligibility.

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