The Presidential Inaugural Committee asks that Americans continue to be home and celebrate this year"s inauguration virtually. District the Columbia market Muriel Bowser authorize an order the pauses museum operations and indoor dining till Friday, Jan. 22, 2021 in ~ 5 a.m. Also for those tasks that are not paused through order, the mayor strongly encourages residents and visitors to it is in cautious and also to limit your exposure come other civilization so regarding limit the spread out of COVID-19. Note the recent travel safety and security information before planning any visit to DC.

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Witness background from house as the United claims of America welcomes a new commander-in-chief ~ above Jan. 20. If you looking for much more information around celebrating the presidential inauguration, then check out these generally asked questions.

Where deserve to I see the swearing-in ceremony?

Tune in to the Biden Inaugural Committee YouTube channel come watch main Presidential Inauguration events. Live events include:

When and where is the swearing-in ceremony?

The 46th president of the United states will be sworn in on Wednesday, Jan. 20 ~ above the West Lawn that the U.S. Capitol. Both the angry president-elect and president-elect will take Oaths the Office, which normally takes location at noon, followed by one inaugural address. In-person attendance is limited to Congress as result of safety protocols.

Instead that a traditional inaugural parade, the Bidens will arrive at the White home with a presidential escort consist of of representatives from every branch that the military.

A “virtual parade” showcasing communities across the nation will it is in televised.A virtual lighting ceremony honoring American resides lost because of COVID-19 will certainly take place on Jan. 19 in ~ 5:30 p.m. At the Lincoln Memorial showing Pool. Communities across the nation are invited to join by lighting buildings and also ringing church bells. There will be a primetime television program hosted by Tom Hanks in ~ 8:30 p.m. ~ above Jan. 20 titled “Celebrating America” rather of traditional inaugural balls. Participating artists encompass Ant Clemons, Jon Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato and Justin Timberlake.More information deserve to be uncovered via the Presidential Inaugural Committee. Market Bowser"s office also has a dedicated website because that the event.


How have the right to I view the brand-new president’s parade route?

Plan to watch the procession from residence this year. After gift sworn in, the president frequently goes on a ceremonial parade down Pennsylvania Avenue indigenous the U.S. Capitol to the White House. In the past, the parade has begun at approximately 3 p.m. On Inauguration Day. This year, the Bidens will certainly arrive in ~ the White home with a presidential escort consists of to represent from every branch the the military. A “virtual parade” showcasing communities throughout the country will be televised. The parade will start at about 3 p.m. On Inauguration Day. Visit the website of the Presidential Inauguration Committee for more information.

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Now that you recognize the ins and outs the the presidential inauguration, inspect out more Presidential Inauguration content such together what"s open, points to do this winter and also more.