We"re talking around visiting such sites via a browser. We"re no talking about downloading any kind of malicious apps.

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What day of the mainly is it?

In theory, no. Simply visiting a site will no infect you.

But together they say, the difference between Theory and Practice is the in concept there is no difference.

I practice, defects in the implementations of some contents of the internet browser are uncovered (sometimes in Javascript, occasionally in Java, sometimes in PDF renderers, sometimes also in font rendering) that permit malicious code (or data, because it"s sometimes difficult to call the difference) on a malicious website to infect even passersby. This is called a "drive-by" attack.

But that"s a major breach in znjke.com, and also such defects often tend to obtain patched an extremely quickly.

If you visit a website on a work after the malefactors have actually written password to exploit such a defect but before the work your browser gets patched, climate yes, friend can gain infected. The day prior to the malicious code is put on the website, or the job after your web browser is patched, you"re safe.

Like ns said: what work of the mainly is it?

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answered Dec 23 "14 at 4:11

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Yes. As soon as you visit a webpage on your iOS/Android an equipment JavaScript might be loaded. This is the most usual vector the attack.

Case: AndroidCase: iOS

(These two instances are simply the optimal hits top top Google, there are plenty of examples of comparable exploits/malicious cases)

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answer Dec 23 "14 in ~ 2:56

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A an easy visit to the most innocent website friend know, may trigger an attack that deserve to lead also to a complete control of her machine.

Drive-by download strikes that can manipulate the vulnerabilities of your browsers and also or their plugins and install without your consent or knowledge more or much less dangerous malware.

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edited Dec 23 "14 in ~ 12:37
answer Dec 23 "14 in ~ 12:32
HoneyBadger of course: it occurs without any user consent. The is the rule of such assaults
Dec 23 "14 at 23:17
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About two years back there was a website "jailbreakme" that allowed jailbreaking a machine just through visiting it; it exploited a vulnerability in Safari"s developed in PDF viewer and also then probably other vulnerabilities to gain root privileges and also modify the kernel to allow non-signed code to run.

Although this has been patched, this proves the a mobile machine is no various from a desktop computer computer and also malware can exploit vulnerabilities such as that one to execute arbitrary code as the user, and feasible using other vulnerabilities because that privilege escalation and thus full compromise.

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answered Dec 23 "14 at 13:15
HoneyBadger the function of that site wasn't malicious (and you had actually to explicitly click a button to jailbreak the device); a actual malicious site would compromise the maker as shortly as the loaded and have all feasible payloads to attempt to damage a wide range of various machines.
Dec 23 "14 in ~ 23:20
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