In researching my wife's family members from 19th century Malta i have discovered that she g grandfather;

married Maria (his 2nd wife) in 1847, the daughter that Salvatore and also Rosina.

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married Emilia (his third wife) in 1875, the daughter of William and also Lucrezia (who to be the daughter the Salvatore and Rosina).

So Giuseppe married his very own niece after ~ the fatality of Maria. However, Emilia was not a blood relative. I understand that close familial marital relationship was not unusual in the 19th century (especially cousin marriages). However were uncle/niece marital relationships common and also what to be the legal position? i imagine the legal position in Malta would derive native a combination of English law and also Catholic canon law.


She's not a blood family member -- she's unrelated to him genetically, as well as in the eye of the law or the church. It would be viewed the very same as a widowed woman marrying the brother of her deceased husband.

My husband's brother has a daughter. She's my husband's niece, however my niece-in-law, choose her dad is my brother-in-law. If mine husband and I to be no longer married, she'd legitimate no longer be my niece-in-law, due to the fact that her father would certainly legally no longer be mine brother-in-law.

Oddly, I have actually just uncovered out that the ban of a marriage in between uncle-in-law and also niece in English law was just removed by the 1931 marital relationship Act. So ns assume Maltese legislation did no follow English legislation in this respect.

Happened a few times in my tree. They to be of European descent in colonial Brazil and didn’t desire to mix v non white people.

Found info that a 3 times an excellent uncle in Europe married his nephew seemingly after ~ his brother died. If he to be looking to provide for her, Why he couldn’t just adopt her ns am no sure.

this would certainly be an example of a 'Non-Consanguineous Avunculate marriage' & It would certainly not be uncommon.

it to be a relatively regular occurrence for marital relationships to be viewed as not a marriage of individuals however a marriage of families and if the wife passed away a younger bride indigenous the very same family can be married to the widower.

Interesting. Giuseppe (the uncle) was formerly a very senior diplomat and also moved in society circles (he to be a girlfriend of Verdi). Ns would have actually expected this wide circle to mitigate the probability of such a marriage, but perhaps the tie the the 3rd wife to one more prominent Maltese family members (as well together Salvatore) made that even an ext attractive as a proposition. Thank you for the reply.

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In my nation (Chile) cousins marriage is no that common but nobody would bat an eye. However i dont think many human being know the present law also enables you come marry your uncle/aunt. That's too weird for our times.