Q: We will soon have actually a brand-new president and, clearly, the will seek to cancel at the very least some the what president Donald Trump has actually done. Deserve to President-elect Joe Biden simply finish Trump’s executive orders?

-M.O., Tustin

Ron Sokol

A: executive, management orders space directives approve by the president v regard come operations of the federal government. They carry out not carry the same weight together an action of congress enacted into law. Because that example, The Dreamers regimen (formally well-known as Deferred action for Childhood Arrivals and abbreviated DACA) to be instituted by previous President Barack Obama as an executive order, which Trump consequently reversed. In turn, as soon as Biden officially is president, he deserve to end, modify or turning back executive orders issued by Trump. This go not average the transforms necessarily room immediate; regulations already in place based on the prior executive, management order(s) may need to be modified and also the impact of Biden’s action will, in at the very least some instances, no doubt take it time to come to be a reality.

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Q: as soon as out of office, go Trump get secret service and also any salary as an ex-president?

-M.T., Hermosa Beach

A: it is amazing to keep in mind that before 1958, the federal federal government did not administer pensions or various other retirement services to previous presidents. The previous Presidents act (of 1958) to be enacted in ~ a time once there to be two former living presidents, Herbert Hoover and also Harry S. Truman, yet it to be Dwight D. Eisenhower who became the an initial president to have coverage under the act once he left office. Previous presidents room entitled to an enig service defense for your lifetime. A previous president is also paid a taxable pension (as of 2020, the was $219,200 every year). A previous president’s spouse may likewise receive a lifetime yearly pension of $20,000, if the spouse relinquishes any type of other statutory pension. Shift funding because that the costs of leave office is accessible for 7 months, and also includes office space, staff compensation, communications services, and postage and also printing that is component of the transition. Personal office staff and also related resources is detailed by the administrator the the general Services Administration, v a best allotment that varies over time. In addition, a previous president is licensed has been granted to clinical treatment in armed forces hospitals, at interagency rates created by the Office that Management and also Budget. Two-term presidents space entitled come purchase wellness insurance under the federal Employees Health advantage Program.

Ron Sokol is a Manhattan beach attorney with more than 35 years of experience. His column, which shows up in publish on Wednesdays, gift a summary of the law and also should no be construed as legitimate advice.

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