In 2015, Russian chairman Vladimir Putin signed a decree permitting any foreign citizens to sign up with the country’s equipped Forces.

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So, If you’re itching to begin running with a brand brand-new AK-12 in well known Ratnik-2 battle gear, here’s what you need to know and also what you should do.


Since 2015, you DON’T need a Russian passport to sign up with Russia’s armed forces - any type of citizenship will job-related for you.


In bespeak to become a soldier in Russia you have to be at least 18 and also not older 보다 30 year old.


The Russian armed Forces welcomes both men and also women. Yet, no woman will be running on a battlefield with an AK-12 in she hands. Every woman who"s willing to end up being a soldier is welcome, but only for job-related assigned to military headquarters or together a nurse.

It’s worth mentioning that the doesn"t matter what kind of jobs women come to be assigned to, castle will likewise have to pass all sorts of military training - consisting of running, shooting and learning battle tactics. Lock are, however, an easy courses, which every soldier requirements to know.


Vitaliy Nevar/TASS


If you wish to end up being a “badass” v an AK-12, you’ll have to train hard and follow her instructors’ every command.

In order to execute so, you need to speak Russian. You"ll have to pass a Russian language check to evaluate if the is feasible for you to offer in the Russian equipped Forces. They take this issue an extremely seriously, for this reason be conscious that you will need to seriously prepare because that yourRussian language test.

Legal Issues

This is another an extremely important issue for anyone wanting to join the military. The Russian equipped Forces doesn"t expropriate in that ranks former convicts and people associated in criminal or any kind of other jurisdictional investigations.

The bottom line is - only an excellent guys with great relations with their governments are welcomed into Russia’s military.

Russian citizenship

If you"re willing to end up being a Russian citizen, joining the military is likewise an option for you, since after 5 years that service, you room eligible to get the country"s passport.


Yuri Belinsky/TASS


Your first contract with the Russian armed Forces is signed for five years. So, for this period of life, you won’t have to worry about a job, money or medical care (yes, every soldier and HIS/HER family members in Russia has health insurance and is taken care of).

What rank can I reach?

Foreigners will serve on positions of privates, corporals, sergeants and also sergeant-majors. In all honesty, friend won’t become a general or one admiral in Russia.


The minimum fairy of a private is roughly 30,000 rubles ($480). Earnings usually rely on the type of your army unit and your an ar of service.

For example, people defending Russia in the north get an ext than those offer in the Moscow region.

A ar to live

As lengthy as you offer in the Russian equipped Forces, you and also your family members will be life in a armed forces town located close to her base. Girlfriend will receive an apartment, if you are bringing a family, or a room, if you’re single.

Getting your OWN place for living

After three years the service, you’re maybe to join a 20-year-long army mortgage program. Simply put - as long as you offer in the Russian armed Forces, the government will pay her mortgage and also in time you obtain yourself your own apartment in Russia.

Can I join the FSB?

No. However, can’t sign up with services involved with info of national importance, knowledge and mystery service issues.

Will i be fighting battles for Russia?

Yes, friend will.

There room no to exclude, for international soldiers in the Russian armed Forces in a case of war - these people WILL sign up with the ranks.

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How carry out I authorize up?

In stimulate to sign up because that the Russian equipped Forces, you have to go come an enlistment office in any type of Russian city. And if her documents and also paperwork are good and you have actually no legal issues earlier home, you’ll sign a contract, continue through a medical exam, pass emotional tests and will then be sent out to a military unit finest suited because that a human with your an abilities and qualifications.

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