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Ever wonder what it"s choose traveling in the hermit kingdom of north Korea? from local laws to crime, here"s what you need to know to stay safe if you travel to phibìc Korea.


Tours to north Korea have been rely until more notice. Check with your take trip provider to check out what this method for you.

There is a serious absence of reliable information on the COVID-19 situation in north Korea, and also it is virtually impossible to prove or disprove any claims.

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Editor"s note: We’re all around adventurous, independent, off-the-beaten-track travel, but unfortunately human being Nomads travel insurance policies cannot cover take trip to or in north Korea.

The korean war finished in 1953, and also since then the korean Peninsula has actually been divided by a demilitarized ar (DMZ), separating the democratic People"s Republic the Korea (North Korea) and also the Republic the Korea (South Korea).

Forget any independent travel in phibìc Korea, you"ll be on an authorized tour. Anything rather is considered espionage.

Curiosity will probably get the cat eliminated in north Korea– perhapseven your tour guide – and you may be expelled indigenous the country if girlfriend probe to many questions or step out the line. Still, phibìc Korea is a fascinating and also totally distinct country, and you might be curious to experiencethe place for yourself. First,you must discover to follow all the rule to the letter.

Here"s everything you need to know about an individual safety and also local custom-mades in the country.

1. The political instance in phibìc Korea

While peace is maintained under one armistice agreement, the two Koreas space still technically in ~ war and also inter-Korean connections are very tense. The security instance on the oriental Peninsula could deteriorate with tiny warning.

North Korea is a communist state; it"s for sure to assume that you will certainly be under monitoring at every times. Phibìc Korean government security personnel closely monitor the activities and conversations that foreigners. Hotel rooms, telephones, and fax machines may be monitored, and an individual possessions in hotel rooms might be searched.

North Korea is a closed culture with little, if any, details available around internal politics developments. Although accessibility to global satellite TV channels is accessible in hotels offered by foreigners, such access may it is in curtailed in a crisis. Polite unrest, interior instability and/or one escalation of emphasize on the korean Peninsula could arise rapidly and also you may get tiny or no information about this native the local media or authorities.

2. Travel in phibìc Korea

This is a country in which full obedience to the state is the norm. There is no "dissension" in phibìc Korea and travelers should abide by this or just not travel there. Curiosity might well acquire you or your overview killed in north Korea, it"s as straightforward as that.

Tourism in north Korea is unlike anything friend will have experienced anywhere else in the world. Her every activity is controlled, watched and also carefully plan by the Government. Most, if no all tours, are at some point run through the Korean global Travel agency and it will certainly be their guides who display you around.

Forget any kind of notions that independent, adventure or solo travel, it just doesn"t occupational that method in phibìc Korea.

Travel throughout the nation is only possible as component of a guided tour. Independent take trip is not permitted, you must not leave your hotel without a guide, you will not be enabled to take trip on the public transport mechanism at all, and also both you and also your overview will it is in punished if friend infringe the rules.

If you are not prepared to expropriate severe limitations on her movements and also behavior, you need to not walk to phibìc Korea.

Kim Il-Sung Square, Pyongyang. Photograph credit: iStock/alexkuehni

3. Entry borders to north Korea

There room some nationalities that space not also permitted entry to north Korea. South Koreans are not allowed entry and also there have actually been reports that difficulties concerning Israeli, American, British and Japanese nationals. However, in January 2010, phibìc Korea lifted the limitations on American citizen who room now free to visit at any kind of time that the year. If you space a U.S. Passport holder, be mindful you must have actually special validation for travel to north Korea indigenous the department of State. A professional North korean travel company can aid you type out the complicated and ever-changing regulations.

4. Complete control

When you arrive in phibìc Korea, your guide will take your passport and also keep it because that "security reasons". Make certain your passport watch decent and also doesn"t different from the most usual passports from your country.

Also, DPRK border officials regularly confiscate visitors" cabinet phones top top arrival, return the phone only upon departure.

You will certainly not have accessibility to anyone or anything that is not component of her authorized tour. You will certainly not get any insight into how local north Korean world live. Her tour will be very choreographed to visit only authorized sites, shop in approved stores, and also speak only to official guides.

Do not break any of the rules of the tour; doing so will place your guide at risk. He/she will certainly be based on imprisonment and even torture, for assisting her "espionage". Carry out what the travel guide do, praise every prevent on her tour, and also remember the rule, "If you have actually nothing great to say, don"t say it in ~ all."

Soldiers payment respect come Kim Il-sung in north Korea. Picture credit: iStock/narvikk

5. Respect the leader

Most, if not all, tour groups are asked to solemnly bow and lay flowers on one or 2 occasions in front of statues of Kim Il Sung once visiting monuments of national importance. Constantly act in a respectful manner around images North korean leaders.

If you don"t think you can follow the rules, act respectfully and keep any negative thoughts or opinions to yourself you have to reconsider travel to north Korea.

It is a criminal plot in north Korea to display disrespect come the country"s current and also former leaders, Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-Sung. Persons violating the regulations of north Korea, even unknowingly, might be expelled, arrested, or imprisoned.

6. Local regulations you must know

Any unauthorized tasks can and also will be seen as an effort at espionage. If you travel unescorted without explicit official authorization, or any type of attempt to talk to a North korean citizen authorities will see these actions together attempted espionage. Constantly stay with a guide and never do anything to draw attention to you yourself from local authorities.

North oriental authorities may fine or arrest you for unauthorized currency transactions, or because that shopping in ~ stores not designated for foreigners.

Do no take images unless you room told friend can; north Korean federal government authorities might view taking unauthorized images as espionage, confiscate cameras and also film and/or detain the photographer. Photographing scene of poor or other things the may reason a an adverse impression the the DPRK may also result in confiscation. You must ask permission before taking photographs in the DPRK, consisting of of officials, soldiers or various other people. DPRK guides can carry out permission to take it photographs.

7. Crime in phibìc Korea

You will certainly not be impacted by any serious crime in north Korea. Your visit will certainly be therefore tightly controlled that girlfriend will simply not be in a place to it is in the victim that crime. The worst you have the right to expect is petty theft, specifically at Pyongyang airport and also in public markets. As constantly you must exercise care, be alert to her surroundings and also ensure an individual belongings are secure. Just since your movements are strict choreographed you must not acquire too complacent.

8. Health and wellness in phibìc Korea

Your visit will certainly be for this reason tightly regulated that there must be no real threats to your wellness in north Korea.

However,Malaria is a risk an especially in the south of the country, and Japanese encephalitis is not uncommon.

Water-borne, food-borne, and other contagious diseases (including tuberculosis, typhoid, hepatitis, measles, cholera and also rabies) happen with more serious outbreaks arising from time come time. However, her meals will certainly be tightly controlled and also you will not have access to street food.

Hand, Foot and Mouth an illness is usual with more serious outbreaks arising from time to time. Indigenous March to May, yellow dust, which is lugged to the oriental Peninsula by solid winds fromMongolia and China, can cause eye, nose, mouth and throat irritations and also may exacerbate respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

You should think about the following vaccinations before traveling to north Korea:

Hepatitis AHepatitis BTyphoidEnsure her tetanus-diphtheria, measles, mumps and also rubella space up to date.

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