If you uncover it a problem to placed down your credit or debit card details every time you do a payment when buying anything native Amazon, climate gift cards have gained your back.These gift cards, pre-loaded through a specific amount that money, function somewhat like credit or debit cards yet with extra benefits.

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You have the right to purchase gift cards up to $10000 and also redeem your Amazon gift map for absolutely anything on Amazon.One of the finest ways to use your gift cards is to accomplish the movie lover in you with Amazon element Video. You deserve to send this Amazon gift cards as presents to the lucky someone together with the referral of the Amazon element Videos that you think they’d like to present into. Using gift cards is yes, really an efficient method to salary for your Amazon Prime video Subscriptions or stimulate movies obtainable on the Amazon element platform.For any kind of video, you great to stream, Amazon an initial uses up the Gift map balance invited onto your account and also then proceeds come your primary payment method.If you already have one, examine if over there is sufficient balance in your gift card. If over there is not enough balance, you can simply reload her gift card balance together per her needs. Digital transactions can instantly be made through your gift card balance.
How to Pay prime Membership through Amazon Gift card BalanceMaking certain your Gift map has sufficient Balance:How come Buy The ‘Gift that Prime’:How To usage The Gift the PrimeAvoiding your credit transaction or Debit cards from gift charged:FAQS | frequently Asked Questions

How to Pay prime Membership by Amazon Gift card Balance

Although a little disappointing as it might sound, however Amazon does not permit you to directly use Gift Cards to pay for her Amazon prime membership.Of course, it would be such a rubbish if us can’t use our gift cards to access the various benefits and also services Amazon Prime has to offer.After all, Gift Cards commonly have enough balance to cover because that one’s element Membership for a lengthy duration. So here’s a little roundabout way to placed these Gift Cards into action.

Making sure your Gift card has enough Balance:

Since Amazon automatically prioritizes Gift Cards over credit or debit cards during transactions, you’d favor to inspect if her gift card has sufficient balance before you proceed to pay for your Prime membership.To inspect your gift map balance, log right into your account and either in the account & perform section, click on ‘Your Account’ if on pc or madness ‘Your Account’ ~ tapping the three parallel present on the height left of the screen if on a mobile device.Click on ‘Gift Cards’ box for PC. In the case of mobiles, tap ‘Manage gift map balance’ under the Amazon Wallet section.You will certainly be re-directed to a web page where you can view your gift map balance.

How To Buy The ‘Gift the Prime’:

Log right into your Amazon account and also go come the Amazon prime pageGo come ‘Give the gift the Prime’ page.You will get two options: 3- month and also 12-month plans. Choose any one of lock you wish to go for as per your gift map balance.Select the ‘Add prime to Cart’ optionYou will certainly be command to an additional page. Pick the ‘Proceed to Checkout optionIn the recipient’s email box, type in her Amazon element Membership login email ID. Check that the delivery date is according to your very own preferences. It is said to collection the delivery date 1 or 2 days before your member or psychological ends. Act so, saves you from any hold-up or disturbances in her membership that might occur as soon as you get the ‘Gift of Prime’ email and also redeem her gift map late. Click ‘Save gift options’ ~ above the right side of your page.Select the ‘Use this address’ button.In ‘Place Order’ section make sure you testimonial your order before you choose ‘Place her order’ button.Place her order to continue.Amazon automatically uses her gift card balance to pay because that it. However, if the price that Gift of element is more than your Gift card balance, then the remaining payment will certainly be paid through your credit card or debit card, i.e come whichever her gift card is enclosed to.So make certain your gift card balance is loaded sufficient to accomplish the needs for the transaction if you perform not great to pay for Prime Membership through your very own money.You will certainly receive an email once you space done placing her order within a few minutes. 

How To usage The Gift of Prime

You would’ve currently received the ‘Gift the Prime’ email. Open it to check the details on just how you can redeem her Amazon prime gift card. Select ‘Start enjoying Prime’ and also sign in to her account.Verify your account info by clicking on ‘Continue’, and you are all collection to usage the Gift of element you’ve for this reason gifted yourself. 

Avoiding your credit or Debit cards from gift charged:

Amazon Prime will be charging your credit or debit card once your membership ends. In bespeak to stop that from happening, friend would desire to cancel your membership altogether.Go come ‘Manage element Membership’ pageClick on ‘End membership’. Follow the on-screen instructions to cancel her membership, and also you will obtain a confirmation email on your cancellation.

FAQS | generally Asked Questions

Do Amazon Prime video clip Gift Cards expire?Yes, Amazon Gift Cards might expire one year native their date of issuance unless you redeem them in ~ this duration.
Is there any kind of limit come the lot of gift cards that I can load onto mine Amazon account?No, there is no limit to the quantity of gift cards you desire to add to her Amazon account.
Can we usage Amazon Prime video clip Gift Cards to buy various other Gift Cards?No, Gift Cards cannot be offered to purchase other gift cards. Gift Cards cannot be resold.

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How come gift someone an Amazon Prime video clip gift map online?Some that the ways which you can gift someone Amazon gift cards are through email, message message, print at Home, or mail gift cards ~ above Amazon.
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