In the year after 9/11, and also especially after ~ an event on Northwest Airlines trip 253 in 2009, the TSA began introducing “backscatter” screening equipments made by Rapiscan. They to be the very first scanners in i m sorry you emptied your pockets, stood between two big boxes, raised your hands over her arms, placed your feet ~ above the painted feet on the floor, didn’t move, and had X-rays shoot at your body to check out what girlfriend may have under your clothes. By December 2010, the TSA had about 500 of lock in U.S. Airports.

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Besides the concerns about how lot radiation her body was being subjected to (it was claimed to be much much less than a medical X-ray, however still, radiation is radiation, y’know?), there was additionally the privacy concerns, since of what TSA workers could see. Stuff choose this:


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The image above has in reality been edited a bit. Based upon my research, it shows up that TSA officers could actually view hazy however recognizable photos of nipples, backsides and male genitalia (Click below for an example – image is mildly NSFW).

In 2012, the TSA announced lock would begin removing the Rapiscan “backscatter” scanners, because of privacy concerns and the fact that Rapiscan couldn’t upgrade the software program fast sufficient in order to be able to avoid those intimate details (and hopefully due to the fact that of the radiation issue, together well).

Since climate (well, 2016ish), they’ve started using AIT (Advanced Imaging Technology) scanners. They usage electromagnetic waves, which are claimed to be harmless.

From a privacy suggest of watch though, they’re also better. A monitor shows a generic cookie-cutter-like outline of a person and highlights any type of potential threats. The image is the same, regardless of gender, height, or human body type. The scanner software recognizes metallic and non-metallic items hiding under clothing and then processes picture using yellow box to suggest out any areas that might need additional screening. If there’s nothing to be came to with, a green “OK” appears on the screen.



Best of all, came to travelers deserve to see the over image when they departure the scanner, so they know no one is see anything they shouldn’t.

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Both machines have you stand in the same position while the photo taking moves about you, for this reason if you to be an infrequent traveler, you’d never understand the difference and also might think they’re quiet looking in ~ the “naked” body scanners.

They’re not.