Medically the evaluation by Alana Biggers, M.D., MPH — composed by Annamarya Scaccia — updated on September 28, 2018

Pain in the best side of your chest can take place for a variety of reasons, however most chest uncomfortable isn’t related to your heart. In fact, chest ache on your appropriate side typically isn’t the result of a love attack.

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Your chest is home to other organs and also tissues that might be inflamed or injured, leading to you to feel pain. Any type of aches you feel are many likely as result of muscle strain, infection, stress and anxiety or anxiety, or other problems unrelated to her heart.

Keep analysis to learn what that might be behind your symptoms and when you should see her doctor.

When to seek emergency medical attention

Chest ache on the left next is typically linked with a love attack. If girlfriend feel any type of pain ~ above your ideal side, it’s most most likely not concerned your heart.

But you have to still seek instant medical fist if you:

have unexplained and also unexpected severe chest painfeel pressure, squeezing, or fullness in your chesthave significant pain shooting through your arms, back, neck, jaw, or stomachbreak out into a cold sweatfeel weak, dizzy, or nauseoushave challenge breathing

Any of these symptoms might be caused by a significant or life-threatening condition, for this reason you must seek urgent care as soon as possible.

1. Anxiety or anxiety

An stress disorder or excessive stress can lug on panic attacks, which can feel very similar to a love attack. Panic assaults can take place out that the blue or be triggered by a traumatic or stressful event in her life.

Symptoms that anxiety and panic strikes can include:

shortness of breathchest painsweatingtrembling

Panic assaults can cause chest pain because when you hyperventilate (breathing rapidly or deeply), her chest wall muscles room spasming. Pain resulting from stress and anxiety or stress can occur on either next of the chest.

Deep breathing exercises can assist stop a panic attack. Learn much more about this and 10 other techniques to aid stop a panic strike in its tracks.

Because symptom of a panic strike can mimic those the a heart attack, you need to seek immediate medical care in bespeak to preeminence out any heart-related issues.

2. Muscle strain

Trauma or overuse can cause muscle strain, which is one of the most common reasons of ache on either side of her chest.

Muscle strain have the right to happen because of intense top body activity during sports or overexerting your muscles while paint a ceiling, chopping wood, or some other vigorous activity. Muscle pain may likewise come on progressively as a an outcome of stress or anxiety.

In many cases, acquisition over-the-counter ache relievers and also resting are sufficient to ease your symptoms. Learn much more about exactly how to treat strains.

3. Blunt trauma to the chest

Chest pains can also happen because of tears to the pectoralis muscle. Tears room usually caused by indirect trauma or a straight blow to the chest. Blunt trauma can also an outcome in rib fractures or potential rib displacement.

Symptoms of a chest injury or rib displacement include:

shortness of breathbruisingswellingtenderness

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, view your doctor. They deserve to determine whether your injury will be able to heal on its very own or if treatment is necessary.

4. Indigestion or heartburn

Heartburn refers to the burning sensation you feel in her chest after eating, bending over, working out, or also when lying down at night. The usually led to by acid reflux, which happens when your stomach mountain comes ago up to your esophagus.

In enhancement to chest pain, girlfriend may:

feel a burn sensation in her throathave difficulty swallowingfeel prefer food is grounding in the middle of your neck or chesthave an unexplained acidic, salty, or sour taste in the ago of her throat

Indigestion describes an upset stomach. Although indigestion normally doesn’t reason chest pain, the may take place alongside heartburn.

Symptoms of indigestion include:

early and uncomfortable fullness after eatingpain, discomfort, and burning in the upper abdomen

Here’s how to relieve your heartburn symptoms.

5. Mountain reflux

Acid reflux occurs as soon as stomach acid flows ago into your food pipe, or esophagus.

This deserve to cause:

heartburnstomach paina sour taste in your mouth

If you’re experiencing acid reflux an ext than double a week, you might have emerged gastroesophageal reflux (GERD).

In addition to chest pain, symptom of GERD include:

heartburnsore throat or hoarsenessa tart taste in her moutha lump-like emotion in her throatdry coughdifficulty swallowing

Although girlfriend may have the ability to find relief with home remedies, you need to see your physician for a diagnosis. Castle may be able to prescribe medicine to help treat or avoid symptoms.

6. Costochondritis

Chest pain is among the main symptoms the costochondritis. This condition happens as soon as your rib cage cartilage becomes inflamed. The pain deserve to be significant or mild. Back the pains is typically felt top top the left side of your chest, the may likewise occur top top the best side.

Other symptoms include pain in your earlier and abdomen and also pain that worsens once you cough or take a deep breath.

Chest pain led to by costochondritis may feel similar to a heart strike or various other heart-related conditions, therefore you should seek emergency care. Your doctor can ascendancy out any type of life-threatening conditions.

7. Cholecystitis

Gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis) happens as soon as there’s bile buildup in her gallbladder. In many cases, cholecystitis is led to by gallstones blocking the tube that leads the end of the organ. Your gallbladder may additionally become inflamed since of problems with her bile duct or tumors.

Cholecystitis doesn’t cause chest pain, although it might feel favor it. If her gallbladder is inflamed, you may feel extreme pain in your upper appropriate abdomen that have the right to shoot up to your appropriate — not left — shoulder or back.

Other symptoms include:

nauseafeversweatingappetite losstenderness when touching your abdomen

If you’re experiencing any type of of these symptoms, view your medical professional for diagnosis.

8. Pancreatitis

Inflammation the the kidnize (pancreatitis) happens as soon as your cradle enzymes start working when they’re quiet in her pancreas. The enzymes irritate your pancreas’ cells, leading to the organ to become inflamed. Pancreatitis can take place for a variety of reasons, consisting of alcoholism or gallstones.

Chest pain no a symptom the pancreatitis, however you might experience pains in your top abdomen. This ache can likewise radiate to her back, adding to the uncomfortable you feel in her chest.

Other symptoms of acute pancreatitis include:

pain in her abdomen the becomes worse after ~ eatingfeverrapid pulsenauseavomitingtenderness as soon as touching her abdomen

If pancreatitis becomes chronic, friend may have oily stool and also abnormal load loss.

9. Shingles

Shingles is one infection resulted in by the varicella-zoster virus, which also causes chickenpox.

Shingles doesn’t cause chest pain, however it might feel prefer you’re having troubles with her heart or lungs depending upon the location of the viral infection.

In addition to a rash, your symptoms may include:

painburningtingling or numbnesssensitivity come touchfluid-filled blisters that crack and crust overitching

Although girlfriend may have the ability to find relief with house remedies, you have to see your physician for a diagnosis. They’ll prescribe medication to aid clear the infection.

10. Pleurisy

Pleurisy occurs once the membrane lining the inner side of her chest cavity, recognized as the pleura, becomes inflamed. This can reason pain on either next of your chest when you breath in and out, as well as pain in her shoulders and back.

Symptoms include:

chest pain that gets worse through coughing, sneezing, or laughingshortness that breath if you trying to minimize breathing in and outfever or sneeze if the cause of the pleurisy is a lung infection

If you’re experiencing any kind of of these symptoms, see your physician for diagnosis.

11. Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an epidemic in one or both of her lungs. Pneumonia will certainly make you cough, occasionally with phlegm, which can cause pain on either next of her chest. You may additionally feel chest pain once you breathe.

Other symptom of pneumonia include:

difficulty breathingfeversweatingshakingnauseavomiting

Although residence remedies deserve to relieve your symptoms, it’s necessary that you watch your physician for diagnosis and treatment. If the infection itself is left untreated, pneumonia can end up being fatal.

12. Pneumothorax

Sudden, spicy chest pain is the key symptom of pneumothorax, or a collapsed lung. This can happen on one of two people the appropriate or left side of her chest, and also is typically the an outcome of injury.

It may also result from lung disease, ruptured air blisters, or ventilator use.

Other symptom include:

shortness of breathfeeling of tightness in the chestrapid heart ratecough

If you suspect that you have actually a broke down lung, look for emergency clinical care.

13. Cardiac inflammation

There space two types of cardiac inflammation the can cause chest pain: myocarditis and pericarditis. Myocarditis happens when your love muscle i do not care inflamed. Pericarditis refers to inflammation in the two layers the sac-like organization (pericardium) the surrounds your heart.

Both problems are generally caused by a kind of infection, and can lead to mild to serious chest pain.

Myocarditis and pericarditis share numerous of the same symptoms. These include:

feverweaknessdifficulty breathingcoughingheart palpitationsfatigueswelling of your legs, ankles, feet, or stomach

With pericarditis, the uncomfortable in your chest have the right to be so intense that it feels choose you’re having actually a heart attack. If you’re experiencing major chest pain, look for emergency treatment to rule out any type of life-threatening causes.

14. Pulmonary hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension describes high blood pressure in the heart-to-lung system. This can reason your heart to work-related harder, top you to feel pain throughout her chest.

Other symptoms include:

shortness that breath during constant activityfeeling light-headed, especially throughout physical activityfatigueracing heartbeatpain in upper appropriate side of abdomendecreased appetitefaintingswelling in the ankles or legs

If she experiencing any of this symptoms, check out your physician for diagnosis. They deserve to prescribe medicine or other therapies to aid relieve your symptoms and prevent future complications.

15. Pulmonary embolism

A pulmonary embolism occurs as soon as a blood clot travels indigenous a vein in her leg to her lungs. This sudden arterial block avoids blood from flow to your lung tissue, leading to chest pain.

The pain may likewise spread throughout her arm, jaw, shoulder, and neck.

Pulmonary embolism can be deadly if left untreated, so look for emergency medical care if you’re suffering these symptoms.

When to watch your doctor

If she worried around the pain in the best side of your chest, and also it’s lasted more than a few days, climate it’s time to check out your doctor. Back the aches and discomfort might be caused by other mild, choose acid reflux, there’s additionally a possibility that they’re result from something an ext serious, like pulmonary hypertension.

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Once you know what’s going on, you and also your medical professional can construct a arrangement to treat your chest pain and its basic cause. If your chest pain persists after treatment, you must see your doctor and also discuss extr treatment options.

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critical medically reviewed on September 28, 2018


Medically reviewed by Alana Biggers, M.D., MPH — composed by Annamarya Scaccia — to update on September 28, 2018

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