Aside indigenous yeast infections simply making me feel “ick,” ns can’t say the they have actually ever impacted my cycle. However I recognize everyone is different, so ns can’t say it would be the very same for me as it might be because that you. This is a great question for our wellness expert, Michelle -- see what she has to say!


If you"ve never had one before, a yeast infection can be a little bit tricky come spot. The typical symptoms such together itching, discharge and also irritation can additionally be resulted in by various other things. So, if you think you might have a yeast infection, go see your medical care provider because that confirmation. The great news is yeast infections are quickly treatable. As far as a missed period goes, I"ve never ever heard that together a symptom of yeast infections. There are countless reasons you could miss a period. Simple things such as anxiety or exercising too much can cause a missed duration and numerous girls room irregular throughout the first few years of menstruating. But if you"ve let go a few periods, be certain to check out your health care provider.

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The 2 can, in a round-about way, be related. Any type of stressor, emotionally or physical (even a yeast infection) can alter your cycle. The inquiry is, what led to the yeast infection? hormonal changes, or acquisition antibiotics can reason a yeast epidemic and additionally mess up her cycle. In any case, if your period is at an early stage or so late while girlfriend are also experiencing a yeast infection, i doubt there is any cause because that worry. However, if you have actually truly gone 2 months without a period, you should take one over-the-counter pregnancy test and also contact your medical care provider to inspection further.

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After my duration I often tend to gain bacterial vaginosis since the blood messes up my pH. What have the right to I do??

Peer Answer: While bacterial vaginosis (BV) is no uncommon, i’ve never had an experience with it. However I wanted to provide you some type of direction to finding response so ns did a small research because that you. First,...

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Can getting a Pap smear a couple of days prior to your duration affect your duration when it comes on?

Peer Answer: I’ve had actually quite a few Pap smears, every at different points in mine cycle. Though, I like to plan ahead and also schedule my appointments ~ my duration is done. I’m honestly not sure how or even if the might...

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This is no intended to be clinical advice. Everyone is various so please make sure to top your physician if you"re having actually issues. Perform not delay or refrain from seeking professional medical advice from her physician due to the fact that of miscellaneous you have read on this site.

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