Medically the review by Meredith Wallis, MS, APRN, CNM, IBCLC — written by Beth Sissons on august 16, 2019

Yeast infections build due come an overgrowth the the yeast Candida. Everyone can gain one, however they commonly occur in the vagina and also vulva, and also they can cause some bleeding or spotting.

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These epidemic can construct in various areas throughout the body, consisting of the penis and also scrotum. In females, the medical term for a genital yeast infection is vulvovaginal candidiasis. Yeast epidemic in the mouth or neck are dubbed thrush.

Usually, the vagina has actually healthful level of yeast. However, changes in the setting of the vagina can reason an overgrowth the yeast, resulting in infection.

Infection and inflammation that the vagina have the right to sometimes cause a small amount the bleeding, and also discharge, itchiness, and soreness approximately the genital area.

In this article, us cover various other symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection. We likewise describe prevention techniques, treatment options, as soon as to view a doctor, and what else can cause genital bleeding.

Yeast epidemic symptoms

Share ~ above PinterestA yeast epidemic may reason soreness about the vulva and vagina.
A yeast infection deserve to sometimes cause a small amount that bleeding or spotting.

If a human experiences reoccurring or hefty bleeding, they should see a physician to determine whether the is a symptom that a yeast infection, a different form of infection, or one more underlying health and wellness condition.

When a yeast epidemic is present, a person may notification thick, white vaginal discharge. This might be watery or resemble head cheese. The does not frequently smell bad.

A yeast infection can also cause:

itching, burning, or soreness around the vulva and vaginaredness roughly the vulva and also vaginasores or broken skin approximately the genitalspain throughout sexpain or a burning sensation when urinating

If a human notices discharge v a fishy odor, they might have one more infection referred to as bacterial vaginosis. This have the right to require treatment through antibiotics.

Other causes of bleeding

Many various other health conditions can reason genital bleeding. We cover some of these in the sections below:

Chlamydia and also gonorrhea

Chlamydia and also gonorrhea are sexuallytransfer epidemic (STIs) that can both reason bleeding.

Some world with chlamydia or gonorrhea experience no symptoms. However, if symptoms execute occur, they deserve to include:

vaginal bleeding between periodsbleeding or discharge from the rectuma frequent need to urinateyellow discharge native the vaginapainful urination

If a human notices this symptoms, they must see a physician for antibiotic treatment.

Learn more about chlamydia and gonorrhea here.


Trichomoniasis is one STI that can cause light bleeding ~ sex. Symptoms usually existing in females, quite than males.

Other symptom of trichomoniasis include:

green-yellow dischargeitching or burning sensations about the vulva and also vaginaredness and swelling approximately the opening of the vaginapainful urination and also sexlower stomach pain

People v trichomoniasis and also any sex-related partners have the right to take oral antibiotics come treat the infection.


Share top top PinterestCommon symptom of a UTI are a fever and pain or a burning sensation while urinating.

A urinary tract infection (UTI) can cause blood to appear in the urine. Various other symptoms of a UTI include:

pain or a burn sensation when urinatingcloudy urine through a negative smella regular need come urinatefeeling tired or weak

A human should see a medical professional if they notification blood in their urine or any of the over symptoms. The doctor have the right to prescribe antibiotics come treat a UTI.

Kidney stones

Kidney stones can cause blood to show up in the urine.

Some kidney stones pass out of the human body without the human noticing. Larger kidney stones have the right to be painful, and also people may experience the adhering to symptoms:

an urgent need to urinatefrequent urinationa burning sensation while urinatingnausea and also vomitingpain in the reduced back, groin, and sides that the body

A human should view a physician if lock think they have a kidney stone. If the stone does not pass by itself, medication and shock wave therapy deserve to break up the rock and assist it pass more easily.

Also, some house remedies can assist relieve the pain connected with kidney stones.

Other factors

The following determinants can also an outcome in unexplained bleeding in the pelvic area:

long street running or any kind of too much or vigorous exercisecertain medications, such as blood thinners and some pains relief drugsan enlarged prostate (in males)

If a person notices blood in your urine or vaginal bleeding in between periods, they need to see a physician to discover out the cause.

Antifungal medication deserve to treat a yeast infection. Human being can take this medicine orally or as a topical cream or vaginal suppository.

Prescription and also over-the-counter antifungal medicines are available. A doctor might prescribe a solitary dose of one antifungal drug called fluconazole. If a human opts for over-the-counter medicine instead, they might need to take it it for roughly 1–7 days.

Before making use of an over-the-counter medication, it is important to have a doctor check that there yes, really is a yeast infection, rather than another kind of infection. Symptom of a yeast infection have the right to be similar to those of other infections, such together STIs.

Avoid having sex during treatment because sex have the right to slow down the healing process. Some yeast infection medications can additionally weaken condoms and also cause them come break.

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People v reoccurring yeast infections may need a longer course that antifungal medication, maybe for up to 6 months.